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Grant Hansen, your devoted webmaster, has often said, "If I spent as much time riding my bike as I do on this damn computer, I'd be AA by now." Although he's not a AA Pro, Grant does race expert class and gets killed at the giant nationals. During his free time, when not riding his bike, Grant can be found at the gym, cutting the rug at various Latino dance clubs, or reflecting on why cash registers only work best when keys are inserted by assistant managers; wondering why he can't successfully take a shower without dropping the soap; strategizing new ways to effectively remember who people are....

Hans Kaspersetz has been riding a bicycle for most of his life. Whether it's on the BMX track, on top of rocks and benches doing trials, or across Europe, Hans doesn't long as he's on his bike. He'll often skip work and meals just so he can thrash around in the woods on two wheels, and if his shoulder pops out in the process, no worries: it pops right back in. Hans is also a web-design wizard and a master when it comes to bicycle mechanics, or any other type of mechanics for that matter.

GREG HILL, ABA HALL OF FAME: By far, one of the top-three Greatest BMXers of All-Time. Greg turned pro at age 13, and has raced nonstop since 1977. Has raced for Redline, Mongoose and GT during his lifelong career, and has even toyed with his own companies--GHP, Greg Hill Speed Seminars and Dope BMX Products, as well as trying his hand at Track Operating. Nice to have him as our resident pro!

Grant and Hans has designed a bunch of bicycle-related web sites including:
Academy Cycle
Bulldog Bikes
Dope BMX Products
Double A Marketing
Hyper Bicycles
Iron Horse Bicycles
Specialized BMX

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