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Less Than 1000 Words About One Day at the XGames 2001. by Hans Kaspersetz

New Zealand National Championships, by Jason Donnell

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GT-Panasonic/Shockwave KOD: Invastion NYC

SPECIALIZED BICYCLES 2001 Product Launch: Camp Woodward, PA (86 action photos!)

MAKING THE VIDEO: by Don Hampton

gOrk's Top 90 BMXers of the 90s

Interbike East 1999, by Hans Kaspersetz

Makspeeks! by Brian Makse

To Squat or Not to Squat -- by David Comport

Greg Hill's Home Camp -- A Review, by Grant Hansen

Live to Win, by Grant Hansen


We are proud to present the works of Patrick J. Cohn, PhD, who will be writing a series of articles on Sports Psychology and how they can help you in BMX. Stop by Dr. Cohn's web site at

How to Stay Focused Under Pressure
—June 2001

Keep Focused on the Process
—February 2001

Finding the Right Level of Motivation
—February 2001

Finding the Zone More Often —January 2001

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Thought Control -- Intro, by Grant Hansen
Goal Setting, by Grant Hansen

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