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Invasion NYC, South Street Sea Port, June 17-18, 2000

Story and Photos by Grant Hansen

You may wonder: how can someone hold a dirt jumping competition in the concrete jungle? The answer is simple: truck in $7,000 worth of dirt and the steel city then plays host to one of the coolest bike comps ever.

Brian Gass put together a great set up that was guaranteed to have a high-volume, charged up NYC crowd screaming from the top of its lungs (well, if not, the 12 year old Ní SYNC fans would be screeching for Cory Nastazio). The two sets of doubles were perfectly shaped with incredible east coast dirt.

As practice went on and the riders were going bigger, the Sea Port crowd grew and went nuts anytime one of the riders got inverted. Although on a pier next to the Hudson River, there was zero wind, and the conditions were perfect. T.J. Lavin and Nastazio were the two front runners, and it seemed as if they would do battle for the overall win on Saturday. Unfortunately for Lavin, he suffered from mechanical problems resulting from a hard landing, and it screwed him up for the rest of the finals. Nasty, however, was on his game and with each round the screeches from the little girls echoed louder. It was evident he would be the winner.

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6/17/00 - Amateur KOD
1st Brian Shoemaker - Fueler Frame set (and a Panasonic Shock Wave)
2nd Daniel Antontoniou - GT OverDrive Cranks
3rd Ruel Smith - GT OverDrive Cranks
4th Todd Camofari - GT OverDrive Cranks
5th Brian Defina - 48H Wheelset
6th Darryl Nau - 48H Wheelset
7th Brad Simms - Platform Pedals / Lo65 Bars
8th Superfly - Platform Pedals / Lo65 Bars
9th John Pinho - Lo65 Bars
10th Chris Havalik - Platform Pedals

6/17/00 - Pro KOD (Round 2)
1st Cory Nastazio/Huffy $1500 (and a Panasonic Shock Wave)
2nd Todd Walkowiak/Mongoose $800 (and a Panasonic Shock Wave)
3rd Scott Wirch/GT-Panasonic Shockwave $600 (and a Panasonic Shock Wave)
4th Ronnie Chalk/Diamond Back $450
5th Adam Munoz/Powerlite $400 (Gravity Games Qualifier)
6th Fuzzy Hall/Mongoose $350
7th Mark Kiehl/Diamond Back $300
8th TJ Lavin/Specialized $250
9th Andre Ellison/Haro $200
10th Steve McKay/Specialized $150 (Broken Collarbone)

6/18/00 - Pro KOD (Round 3)
1st Cory Nastazio/Huffy $1500 (and a Panasonic Shock Wave)
2nd Chris Duncan/Free Agent $800 (and a Panasonic Shock Wave)
3rd Mike Aitken/Mosh $600 (and a Panasonic Shock Wave)(Gravity Games Qualifier)
4th Andre Ellison/Haro $450
5th Scott Wirch/GT-Panasonic Shockwave $400
6th Todd Walkowiak/Mongoose $350
7th Ronnie Chalk/Diamond Back $300
8th Mark Kiehl/Diamond Back $250
9th TJ Lavin/Specialized $200
10th Fuzzy Hall/Mongoose $150

6/18/00 - Sick Trick Contest
Cory Nastazio - Huffy - Winner $2000 / Panasonic Mini System

Panasonic Shockwave Overall Standings (After Round 3)
1. Scott Wirch/GT-Panasonic Shockwave 48 pts.
2. TJ Lavin/Specialized 44 pts.
3. Todd Walkowiak/Mongoose 44 pts.
4. Mike Aitken/Mosh 43 pts.
5. Cory Nastazio/Huffy 40 pts.
6. Andre Ellison/Haro 39 pts.
7. Chris Duncan/Free Agent 39 pts.
8. Fuzzy Hall/Mongoose 37 pts.
9. Mark Kiehl/Diamond Back 37 pts.
10. Adam Munoz/Powerlite 36 pts.

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