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Name: Adam Mattis
Age: 16
Residence: Guys Mills, PA but, I ride Titusville
Hair color: Light Brown; whatever it wants to do
Eyes: brown
Status: very taken; currently wondering about his place in the universe
Job Title: "He pulled what?!?!?!" 'What I usually say when frog or justin tells me what Kris Bennett pulled the day before at water works.'
Job Description: to scare the hell out of anyone who watches him ride
Code Name: Nutter
Pets: A hermit crab named spike that chases his dog lily
Favorite Wheelie: "dude, i ride titusville! We dont do wheelies!"
Rides: Parks, Trails, Street and Race
Can never: do a TRADDTIONAL no hander
Website: Cranked Online
Likes: email, snowboarding and jet skiing
Dislikes: posers, those dumb asses that play girls, huffys', liars, clipless pedals
Once: Was normal, then he got into BMX
Still has: A scar from the infamous face plant
Plays: Tic tac toe and connect four
Is: Paranoid!
Often: Goes from bummed to stoked in 2 minutes flat
Never: Loses his temper unless has recently crashed and given himself a concussion
Can't: Seem to learn patience when fixing his bike
Rider for: S&M, Primo, PLAY, Puma, Alicia and his parents
Who he would ride for if you could have conflicting sponsors: UGP, Standard, Adidas, H*B, PUSH
Formally known as: The Kid to his fellow riders and a weirdo to his fellow high school piers
Props goes out to: " uh, the Water Works crew. Anyone who I have ever riden with. Everyone who has ever supported me in my riding. The kid at South Park that first took me to PUSH in an attempt to get me out of the racing scene. That one special person that is my total know who you are!"
Music: Anything but that country crap!
Competes: dirt, street and against injury
Will always: Keep it real!

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