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Erik, 27 years old, started racing BMX last year after a ten year hiatus. In approx. 6 weeks, Erik climbed through the Novice class to start battling heads with the 19-27 Intermediates. Since his start in early August of this year, he has 16 top three finishes including:

  • 2nd place at the Gold Cup qualifier East
  • 1st place at the NY State Championships
  • 2nd place at the NJ State Championships
  • 2nd place at the U.S. Open at York, PA
  • Two 2nds at the Empire Nationals at Kingston, NY
  • and a handful of local wins

Erik will be limiting his off season to approx. 2 weeks and will start his 1999 season at either the Silver Dollar Nationals at Reno, Nevada or the Volunteer Nationals at Memphis, TN in January. Prior to starting the 1999 season, Erik has plans of training under the wings of legendary Greg Hill of Redline's super team and also Dingo's ( AA Pro Jeff Dein.

To add to his quick accomplishments, Erik has even picked-up a factory ride with Dingo BMX and a co-sponsorship with EVS (Extreme Velocity Sports), manufacturers of sports protection and gear.

Look for him tearing up the Nationals this year and next. With his quick progression, dedicated training regimen, and overall athletic ability, he is now feared on the bmx scene.

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