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Chat session held on November 17, 1998.

The topic is: BMX
avocado> wow, people are early!!
[nmbmx] trails help a lot too
[Sonny4BMX] I am trying that Wade but, I don't clear the jump
[nmbmx] your late HA HA
avocado> so what are you all talking about?
[Sonny4BMX] What's up Grant
avocado> Hey there!
ELFking has joined channel #BMXChat
[TrekBMXPro] remember speed is the key to get over the jump not as much as height
[ELFking] Ok, who is who in here, I just logged in!
avocado> And try to pump the landing to accelerate.
avocado> Welcome ElfKing.
avocado> Hey PAPA A!
[ELFking] thanks avocado
[nmbmx] hey ELF
[Sonny4BMX] Oh, I can pump around a track. I practice that all the time
avocado> who's going to the grands???
[ELFking] Ok, who is everybody in here?
[Sonny4BMX] That takes more out of me than an actual race
avocado> I'm Cousin Avocado, your host.
[TrekBMXPro] me wade
avocado> Tell me about it. Especially down the last straight.
[nmbmx] ME
[PapaA] Me
avocado> Wade, I'm glad you made it.
[ELFking] hey, is anybody going to the May race in Bithlo, FL at East Orange BMX, that's where I go
avocado> not sure about FL. I'm from NJ.
[TrekBMXPro] thanks buddy
avocado> Wade, how's your hand healing?
[Sonny4BMX] I'm going to St. Cloud ELF
[TrekBMXPro] I may have to leave early, BMX was last on the agenda
[ELFking] When is that race?>
[TrekBMXPro] At the council meeting
[Sonny4BMX] Uh, in Feb I think
avocado> Hope you get your roof, Wade.
[TrekBMXPro] I have not gone yet
[ELFking] Oh, it will be in the bmx magazine I get every month, the one u get free from NBL, they have every race
- up coming within 2-4 months ahead
[TrekBMXPro] Cast comes off Friday, It feels ok \, when mountain bike rib\ding today
>> rad1 has joined channel #BMXChat
avocado> Cool. I guess you won't have to use duct tape on the hand!!
avocado> Welcome rad1
[TrekBMXPro] I hope not
avocado> Who's going to the Grands??
[nmbmx] we are
avocado> What class do you all race?
[Sonny4BMX] not this year
>> erik has joined channel #BMXChat
avocado> Serial Killer...welcome!
[erik] what's up all!
[nmbmx] 7i I'm not racing this time
avocado> everyone got here early except me!
[erik] Any heads for me to take?!?!
[Sonny4BMX] 30-34 Cruiser here
avocado> ha ha ha. Where's Antonio>
avocado> 19-27 inter, then expert the day after grands (sand bagger)
[erik] wrestling sucked tonite.
avocado> sorry to hear that. Vent with sprints later.
[PapaA] Avocado, you're the boss and he's always on time
avocado> Wade, do you think you'll be able to go all out next weekend?
[erik] are you coming to sprint tonite?
avocado> no sprints tonight. Legs sore from squats.
avocado> Papa A, I'll finally have your maze for you at the Grands...
[erik] Who's here anyway?
[TrekBMXPro] I hope so, been doing the best I can with one hand
avocado> A bunch of us, and some squirrly rider named Wade Bootes.
[PapaA] Avocado, Thanks
avocado> Wade, is it your braking hand that's bad?
[nmbmx] mind over matter
avocado> yup. I guy at Gold Cup almost beat me with a newly broken hand.
[erik] "The" Wade Bootes?
[TrekBMXPro] no it is the left so I am lucky in some way
avocado> That's good. So you just have to hold on then.
[erik] Where's Charles? Is he here?
[TrekBMXPro] yeah you can so that again
avocado> Charles said he may or may not come, depending on his schedule.
avocado> Wade, I hear Thomas Allier is scorching up the AA class...
[TrekBMXPro] Boob bars for charles
avocado> ha ha ha ha
[TrekBMXPro] He is fast and has on the laast 4 races
avocado> The deli girl he likes here is out of a job. The deli shut down.
avocado> I think I'm going to drink bottled water from France.
[TrekBMXPro] Oh
avocado> I still can't get over how much you guys eat.
[TrekBMXPro] or something esle from france
avocado> For those of you who don't know, AA Pros like Wade and Charles Townsend can eat MASSIVE amounts of grub.
avocado> Yeah.....
avocado> Papa A, how are Richie's clinics going?
[erik] that well huh?
[TrekBMXPro] Richie what is the secret of going fast, and dont tell me I am lazy
[PapaA] Very good, He come to the Grands RICH, and he owes me
avocado> good. Some pay back will be nice, right?
avocado> He should do a clinic before the Grands...
[erik] it would be packed
>> rad1 has left channel #BMXChat
avocado> People wouls sign on for the added practice time alone...
[erik] who was rad1?
avocado> Don't know...
[PapaA] Going fast is in the mind and it is all what you are willing to put your self through
[erik] he left
avocado> Exactly. That's why my legs are shaking right now from today's workout.
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[Sonny4BMX] Rad was a 28 novice from Indiana
[erik] Hey Wade...
avocado> Cool. Everyone seems to be silent. Let's talk!!!
[TrekBMXPro] hey
[erik] are you riding your new signature model yet?
[PapaA] He won't be there untill the 25th
[TrekBMXPro] yes
avocado> That's one day earlier than me.
[erik] How do you like it (be honest, it's off the record)
avocado> Your new frame rules. My friend rides it.
avocado> Off the record! Ha! I'm transcribing the chat!!!
[erik] figures
[TrekBMXPro] I like it as it is a .5 degree steeper head angle
avocado> quicker turns...
[TrekBMXPro] thanks
avocado> ALthough I must admit, I like the blue color shceme better.
[TrekBMXPro] yes
[TrekBMXPro] I do too
[TrekBMXPro] I may have a custom job next year because we are sponsored by VW
[erik] W, did you birthdy pass yet?  How was the pizza party?
avocado> Cool!! Do you get a car too?
avocado> I think the pizza party is if he wins the Golden Crank award, right?
[TrekBMXPro] 05 30 74  No Party as I did not win I finished 8 in the snap and I am not sure in the BMXer yet
avocado> Anyone want to start a topic for discussion?
[erik] yes
[erik] i'll go 1st
[erik] ready cousin
>> nmbmx has left channel #BMXChat
AVOCADO> I got booted again!!!
AVOCADO> Can someone e-mail me what I missed:
[Serialkiller] g getting disconnected alot huh!
AVOCADO> sucks.
AVOCADO> Then the line was busy trying to get back on.
AVOCADO> this is very rare, buy murphys' law
[Serialkiller] better get a real ISP
AVOCADO> yada yada yada
[PapaA] back on
AVOCADO> So what's the good word papa A?
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[Serialkiller] hey wade, how long do you take off in the off-season?
[TrekBMXPro] 3 week
AVOCADO> nice vacation, huh?
[PapaA] Phone call from Richie
[TrekBMXPro] From the grands to Reno
[Serialkiller] from the grnds to the first national?
[BMXmania] Type Finally made it!
AVOCADO> We get less than that Erik.
[Serialkiller] Avo and I are debating either Reno or Tennessee
[TrekBMXPro] Christmas in Minnesota
AVOCADO> Reno tix cost $482!!!!!!
[Serialkiller] to start the season early
AVOCADO> Not the NBL Classic???
>> rad1 has left channel #BMXChat
[Serialkiller] they'll cost me 0$
[TrekBMXPro] no NBL for 99
AVOCADO> Any scuzzlebutt Jerry?
AVOCADO> Thought so wade. What's in Minnesota?
[TrekBMXPro] My brother
[TrekBMXPro] and a white christmas hopefully
AVOCADO> Oh, that's cool. Wow, what a change from Australia!
[BMXmania] C'mon, Trek, bless poor Bob Tedesco with your presence!
AVOCADO> NBL: Nothing But Losers. Oh, I don't mean that.
[Serialkiller] I'm gonna try it next year, when Pete Rimassa goes.
[BMXmania] Nobody But Landrum!
[PapaA] Whats the figures on new NBL members?
[TrekBMXPro] I am doing ABA Norba, World cups, Extreme TV series and the winter X
- games Not enough weekends in the year for everything
[BMXmania] I think that they had one new member last week!
[TrekBMXPro] Oh and I am married
AVOCADO> My friend Lars is trying to get into the Winter X. But he sent in his
- application too late.
[Serialkiller] especially being married huh wade.  any kids in the near future?
[TrekBMXPro] No
AVOCADO> Don't need a woman when you have a bike between your legs...
[TrekBMXPro] future yes
[Serialkiller] you have plenty of time
[TrekBMXPro] Sharla read that
AVOCADO> Don't listen to Erik. He's miserable!
[Serialkiller] g you've been seriously hurt by love
AVOCADO> Did you tell Sharla how we went and hung out on 42nd street in NYC?
[Serialkiller] actually not too bad lately.
>> BMXtra has left channel #BMXChat
[TrekBMXPro] yeap
AVOCADO> Hookers were hot that night!
[BMXmania] Careful with the hooker business, you'll get Papa A in an uproar!
[Sonny4BMX] Wade why don't you get Sharla on a bike?
[TrekBMXPro] foot ball hookers
[TrekBMXPro] she ride in the backyard
AVOCADO> Too bad the Silver Dollar Nationals aren't in Vegas!
[BMXmania] Australian or American rules?
[PapaA] Not me, this town I live in is full of em.
[Serialkiller] yeah she can race my wife, it'll be married class
AVOCADO> WE have a hotel in Rt. 46 with hourly rates. Wonder what goes on there!
[TrekBMXPro] I'm to busy cleaning up after Wade to ride
[BMXmania] Ask Papa A!
[Serialkiller] how do you know G?!
>> NMbmx has left channel #BMXChat
[Sonny4BMX] what class does she race serial?
[Serialkiller] been there lately?
[Serialkiller] She doesn't race at all.  But she should?
AVOCADO> SHARLA, isn't it hard not to eat tons being with Wade? I gained five
- pounds in 2 days with him and Charles.
>> steve391 has joined channel #BMXChat
AVOCADO> Welcome Steve.
AVOCADO> Anyone gonna run semi-slicks at the Grands?
[BMXmania] Howdy Steve, have you been to a good web site lately?
[TrekBMXPro] I have to watch what we eat or I will gain a lot of weight
[Sonny4BMX] she should try it. My girlfriend started six months ago and the
- relationship is better than ever
[BMXmania] That was a joke, Grant! Ha Ha Ha....
[PapaA] Why, it's new dirt?
AVOCADO> Yeah, I was going to say something witty to counter, but was too slow...
[BMXmania] Your site's classier than mine any day! You rule, dood!
AVOCADO> RIght, but I wasn't sure how hard they can pack it in indoors. I'm running
- my comp III's
[BMXmania] Comp III's rule!
AVOCADO> Nah man, you're my inspiration to do better! You rule!
[BMXmania] No, you rule more!
AVOCADO> It's like WWF vs. WCW
[PapaA] Me to on CompIII
[TrekBMXPro] The trasck will have a blue groove by Sat
[BMXmania] I'm a worm
[BMXmania] I suck
[Serialkiller] I'm running maxx daddy's
AVOCADO> Let's not forget about BMXtra. ANother inspiration to work hard.
[BMXmania] But I'm faster than any of them old farts that Papa A trains! Ha Ha Ha!
[Sonny4BMX] Maxx on the front and comp 3 on the back here
[PapaA] Well may be  NOT?
AVOCADO> No worm!
[BMXmania] Yes, Scott probably went to work on his web site while we screw around
- talking about Wade Bootes eating habits!
[BMXmania] I'm not a worm, I'm actually a snake. Watch it papa, gonna bite your
- Bob!
AVOCADO> Yup Jerry. He just e-mailed me saying he's got work to do.
[TrekBMXPro] Hey guys I have to go.  It was good talking to you all.  Bye
[Sonny4BMX] Wade, what are your goals for '99?
AVOCADO> Thanks for showing Wade. Good luck at the meeting! Bye SHarla!
[TrekBMXPro] to be on TV
[Serialkiller] c-ya wade
[BMXmania] Or is it Jim?
[BMXmania] It's kind of funky, but it's!
[photosplus] .......... visit often .... a great site
[Serialkiller] killer geometry
[Dingo] Grant, it's bill
AVOCADO> Hey Bill.
[Serialkiller] where's my cruiser bill?
[photosplus] hey bill
[BMXmania] Thanks mark, you rule, I'll have to have you take my picture when I whip
- up on Jim Akers at the Grands!
[photosplus] sounds cool
AVOCADO> Bill, Serial Killer is the guy who I've been pressuring to buy a cruiser.
- Talk som sense into him.
[BMXmania] HI Bill, it's good to see, er, whatever, you.
[PapaA] And if you don't we will get a picture of that too!
[Dingo] I'm a little tired so I'm just hanging
AVOCADO> Maybe we can airbrush some wheelchairs into the photo...
[photosplus] lol
AVOCADO> Bill, I'll respond to your e-mail later. No sense in waiting to ship.
[BMXmania] Actually, as hard as Papa A has Jim Akers training, I'll be lucky to
- even read the back side of his leathers!
[BMXmania] Ha Ha Ha!
[Serialkiller] Bill, the answer is creatine!!!
[BMXmania] I still want to know what that Avocado is hiding from!
>> Dingo has left channel #BMXChat
[Serialkiller] that was quick
AVOCADO> I don't hide. You just don't see me in the pack because I'm ahead of it.
[photosplus] avacado hides form no one.........
[Serialkiller] he must have dozed off on his PC
AVOCADO> Bill owns Dingo, Erik.
[BMXmania] What is the Avocado hiding from?
[BMXmania] I type fast
[Serialkiller] i know
AVOCADO> OH!!! I get it.
[Serialkiller] get what?
[photosplus] fill us in
AVOCADO> I hideaway is a hang out or sorts, but yes, to get away from the everyday.
[Serialkiller] no its all private
[BMXmania] A cool green guy, alright!
AVOCADO> Cousin Avocado's Hideaway--avocado hiding.
[photosplus] got it
AVOCADO> photos, any time you need me to post more pics, just let me know.
[BMXmania] Grant, you should put that on your jersey, Avocado hides from no one!
AVOCADO> Now that is cool......
>> Dingo has joined channel #BMXChat
AVOCADO> Welcome back, Bill.
[BMXmania] Yeah, me too, you do a good job.
[Serialkiller] zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[photosplus] grant, for the record, where did the name "avacado hideaway" come
- from?
[BMXmania] Hi Bill, where's my $1000 sponsorship that Jeff Dein promised me?
AVOCADO> See, always trying to bite off me Jerry.
[BMXmania] Just kidding
AVOCADO> ha ha ha ha
[BMXmania] Chomp
AVOCADO> I get this question a lot. It's a long answer, so I'll address it in an
- e-mail.
>> Dingo has left channel #BMXChat
[BMXmania] This sure is fun!
[Serialkiller] coffee for bill
AVOCADO> Bill must be haging 'puter problems.
[photosplus] i will be waiting with much anticipation
[BMXmania] I think he's boxing up frames for shipment
[photosplus] as for the photos, I suspect I will have several hundred....I will
- keep you posted
[Serialkiller] photos isn't the guy from bmxer is he?
[BMXmania] Yeah, the Cousin Avo Story, BMX Mania will bid for the rights, we'll put
- up any trashy rumor here!
AVOCADO> Go to  right???
[photosplus] say again serialkiller............
>> nmbmx has joined channel #BMXChat
AVOCADO> welcoem back.
[BMXmania] Yep, that's for sure P/A
[PapaA] He thinks you might be gork?
[Serialkiller] you aren't gork are you?
AVOCADO> No, it's not gork.
[BMXmania] Yes, Jeff is going to do a Pro wrap up every day
[Serialkiller] papa A is smart!
[photosplus] internet updates form the grands....I think I should do that!  stay
- tuned!
[BMXmania] No, I'm dork
AVOCADO> ha ha
[nmbmx] thanks damm isp's
AVOCADO> tell me about it.
[Serialkiller] he knew where I was coming from.
[PapaA] Not smart, just old???
[BMXmania] No, I'm dOrk!
>> Dingo has joined channel #BMXChat
AVOCADO> connection problems Dingo?
[photosplus] DONT LEAVE DINGO
[Dingo] yes
AVOCADO> had 'em earlier.
[BMXmania] Bill, are you makin sandwiches or shipping bikes in between visits?
[Serialkiller] wise then.  i give props where its due, much respect for the old
- school
>> Dingo has left channel #BMXChat
[BMXmania] I'm about as old school as you can get! OLD.....
[Serialkiller] damn!!! he must be po'd
[PapaA] Thanks for sure!
[Serialkiller] Bill.........
[Serialkiller] there?
AVOCADO> amazing how bmx has both changed a lot but stayed the same over the years.
AVOCADO> make sense?
[photosplus] Tell Leo that Mark "GONZO" Summers says 'hello'  I raced with him
- during the ABA summer stours of '79, '80, and '81
[Serialkiller] I was debating a G2 cruiser...
[nmbmx] A pro
[Serialkiller] color is an issue
[BMXmania] Sure
AVOCADO> Damn debater. Just get one!!!
[photosplus] he usually kicked my buitt!
[Dingo] You have to ride it
[BMXmania] The bottom line is still to get to the first turn first!
AVOCADO> yup, but now it's more than just a little roller for each straight.
[Serialkiller] I was thinking of getting one unpainted.
[PapaA] And stay there!!!
[nmbmx] leo was and still is FAST
[Dingo] No problem
[photosplus] would he (Leo) happen to be going to the Grands this year?
>> jubbenheimer has joined channel #BMXChat
[nmbmx] no boss willnot give him the time
AVOCADO> Erik will be hanging with us at the Grands. So he can check out your bike.
[Dingo] I have one in my paws to send you
[Serialkiller] And then take it to my friends bodyshop and use custom paint from
- Porsche.  Remember those finger nail paints that came on the 911s a few years back?
[BMXmania] Hey Jubbenheimer!
[Dingo] Sounds good
AVOCADO> Do it! go for it.
[jubbenheimer] hey BMXmania! who are you?
[Dingo] Are you renting a car?
AVOCADO> Yes, we are. Are you?
[photosplus] BMXMania is a legend.........Check out his website at
[BMXmania] Jerry landrum/Winona Lake, IN
[Dingo] That is why i got Deinabolic
[Serialkiller] G I'm getting a double upgrade from Avis, by the way.
[jubbenheimer] oh, ok.
AVOCADO> Phat ride???
[Serialkiller] if they are available when we pick-up.
AVOCADO> Let's get a hummer.
[Serialkiller] something like a Chevy Lumina
[Dingo] B.A said no practice on wed.
[BMXmania] Where you from Jub?
AVOCADO> That's a double upgrade???
AVOCADO> What were we getting, a scooter?
[photosplus] A HUMMER! I'm all for that!
[Serialkiller] hey not all of us have AA $$$
[jubbenheimer] you can check out my page that desprately needs to be updated.
AVOCADO> I stop training on Friday to rest up.
[Serialkiller] I'm just honored to be hanging with you CA!
[photosplus] look for me in a 1987 Astro Van with 250,000 plus miles!
[BMXmania] Yeah, Bill's loaded$$$$$ He's gonna sponsor me for A BIG FAT RIDE!
AVOCADO> Cool. We'll give the van a paint job!
AVOCADO> ha ha ha
[jubbenheimer] do you all race?
[Dingo] You have to shave off your beard
[photosplus] it could use a paint job...
AVOCADO> Jerry's already got Schwinn, Airwalk, Kovachi... all beating down his
- door.
[Serialkiller] no we all watch, we don't even know what bmx is?
[BMXmania] Jub, I'll go check it out, be right back.
AVOCADO> Yeah, he has Yankee rules.
[PapaA] I'm a trainer???
>> Bunchy has joined channel #BMXChat
>> mrbeers has joined channel #BMXChat
[Bunchy] Type HEREHi everyone
[BMXmania] Hey, Jub, cool index page, I'll link you on BMX
[Serialkiller] que pasa?
[BMXmania] Hey, Bunchy!
[Serialkiller] tons of people here now.
[Bunchy] What's the topic?
[BMXmania] Yo Quiero BMX?
[BMXmania] BMX
[photosplus] trivia...who was the first #1 ABA cruiser rider?
[mrbeers] Type HEREjust wanted to say hi to GregHill
AVOCADO> No topic. Bring one up?
AVOCADO> Greg didn't show. Don't know where he is!! He told me he'd be here.
[BMXmania] Hi, I'm Jerry "Gerg Hill" Landrum
[nmbmx] ummm ritchie
[photosplus] Joe Clavaeu, circa 1980
[PapaA] Gregs not here yet.
[photosplus] Joe Clavaeu, circa 1980
[PapaA] Gregs not here yet.
[photosplus] rode for the legendary RRS team
[Dingo] Dave Clinton?
[Bunchy] Anybody have any inside info on the Grands track?
[photosplus] Clinton wa the NBA #1 rider in about 1977 (I think)
AVOCADO> Nope. I spoke to Gork and he couldn't tell me more than that it'll be good
- mix of a power track and a techical track.
[BMXmania] OK, Jub, I'll be in touch.
>> Serialkiller has left channel #BMXChat
[PapaA] From what I hear it will be very short and tight.
AVOCADO> Cool. I'm the holeshot king.
[nmbmx] they are not giving anything up on the grands
[Bunchy] Any word on the 1st straight?
AVOCADO> have no clue about up there.
[BMXmania] It was a last minute thing, Mark, first one to the phone got it! I
- lost!!!!
[Bunchy] We'll probably be at those crazy snow races - we're New Jerseyans
AVOCADO> did he only interview me? I thought he wanted a couple opinions.
[BMXmania] I figured you'ld be there! You're a die hard
[BMXmania] I'm sure he got at least two
AVOCADO> Bunchy--who are you? I'm Grant Hansen and race the Secaucus track.
[BMXmania] Probably Scott
AVOCADO> Yeah, he always gets everything...
AVOCADO> Bill, when are you arriving in Tulsa?
[nmbmx] Grant do you race nbl also
[BMXmania] If you want to read all about the NJ winter series, visit BMX Enquirer
- at
AVOCADO> No. Just ABA. Maybe some NBL next year though.
[Bunchy] I'm not a racer - just a Mom Cheerleader.  My son is Hurricane Colin
- Varanyak (8 X)
AVOCADO> get out, you have something on there!!!
[Dingo] Wed morning to set up
AVOCADO> Colin! He's barely ahead of me in points!!!
[photosplus] Are you going to the Grands Bunchy?
[Bunchy] Colin and my husband will be there - I'm staying home this year
AVOCADO> Colin is a super fast 8X. I actually mentioned his name to Gork in my
- interview.
>> Serialkiller has joined channel #BMXChat
[Bunchy] Wow - that's pretty neat!!
[photosplus] welcome back serial...
[Serialkiller] thanx
AVOCADO> He got good exposure in the BMXer at the Kingston race.
[Bunchy] Now if I could just get him to make his bed in the mornings! LOL!
AVOCADO> Small steps...
[Serialkiller] my son dq'd my phoneline.
AVOCADO> ha ha
[BMXmania] HI Serial
[Bunchy] Yeah - that was a great weekend for him.
[Serialkiller] yo bmx!
AVOCADO> Bill, I'm bringing limited tools to save on packing. Will you haev some
- out there?
[BMXmania] Colin V?
[photosplus] Well folks, I'm sure you will be disappointed, but I gotta
- run....................
[Bunchy] Hopefully the Grands track will have something technical in the beginning
- to help him out
AVOCADO> boo!!
[BMXmania] No, Mark, you must stay!
[photosplus] THanks Grant for a great chat session, and look for me at the ABA
- Grands
AVOCADO> NO, we don't want anything technical or big.
AVOCADO> Will do! Take care Mark!
[Dingo] Your basic's and I'll have a stand
[PapaA] See ya Photo at the Grands.
[BMXmania] Bye, Mark
[photosplus] at the Photos Plus! booth on vendor row, as well as the Photos Plus!
- web site
AVOCADO> Cool. I'm just brining enough to get my bike back together.
[BMXmania] Yeah, go Mark
[photosplus] later guys
>> photosplus has left channel #BMXChat
AVOCADO> Bill, I'll probably get one of those styrofoam coolers so we can have a
- stash of healthy food and drink.
[Serialkiller] dropping like flies around here
AVOCADO> not really.
[BMXmania] Papa A, how's the weather? Any racing going on?
[Dingo] I hear Dan's isint' showing?
AVOCADO> Missing out on some good sales.
[BMXmania] Revolution is the "major vendor"
[PapaA] We are lucky, every weekend.
[BMXmania] I think they were blocked
[Dingo] That was the word this past weekend
[nmbmx] Revolutin's new forks are nice
[BMXmania] Lucky indeed. I raced at an indoor track in Dayton, OH Sunday, ABA....
[PapaA] BA uped the price to 1500 I think.
[Dingo] Rev wanted me to do a clinic ,but I backed out
AVOCADO> how come?
[Bunchy] Grant, how is the Secaucus track now - haven't been there since the state
- finals
AVOCADO> Um.... OK, we groomed it. But it still needs work.
[BMXmania] She's calling around and asking companies to send people like you Bill
- to talk to folks about their product
AVOCADO> We're going to turn the big first turn into two 90s and put a big jump in
- the middle.
[Serialkiller] oh yeah when?
AVOCADO> march probably.
[BMXmania] The Sun guys were'nt going until Revolution asked em to come.
[Bunchy] Sounds good!  Never liked that big sweeper.
AVOCADO> Yeah, that turn's the pits.
[Bunchy] We've been racing some NBL locals lately - The tracks are in good shape.
[Serialkiller] it'll be real hard to clear the step up won't it? Less speed.
[Dingo] Rev is going all out, she said john k would not do it
[BMXmania] Papa A, are you working on the web site while you're listening?
[PapaA] Yes.
AVOCADO> not if we put a huge lip on it...
AVOCADO> ah, silent lucidity
[Bunchy] Serialkiller - are you from NJ too?
>> mrbeers has left channel #BMXChat
[BMXmania] You all ought to come to Indiana and race Hire Park, All jumps are built
- by Brian and Adam Strieby, it's just like riding Trails.
[Serialkiller] yeah, I'm Avocado's protege. I wanna be like Cus when I grow up.
[PapaA] Trails with a starting gate?
[BMXmania] Something like that!
[Dingo] Good night, see you at the races
[Serialkiller] Where you from bunchy?
AVOCADO> SOunds cool. NBL, right?
[BMXmania] Those guys are pretty rad.
[Serialkiller] Bring that G2 Bill
>> Dingo has left channel #BMXChat
[BMXmania] By Bill, see you in Tulsa
AVOCADO> He'll have it out there Erik.
[BMXmania] Yep, that's all there is in IN
[Bunchy] Hamilton township - about 1 hr 10 min from Secaucus
[BMXmania] Don't forget my $1000
[Serialkiller] I could go for a vanilla shake........
AVOCADO> Hey, I used to go to Trenton State and some friends lived in Hamilton.
AVOCADO> ha ha ha
[Bunchy] Really?  That's about 10 min. from us Trenton State - I'm a Rider Grad.
- myself
[Serialkiller] its like Grand Central station in my house.  My wife and kid are
- going at it like cats and dogs.
AVOCADO> Cool. I used to hang there sometimes. The Broncos, right?
AVOCADO> What else is new, right?
[Bunchy] YUP!
[Serialkiller] hamilton township has an ABA track? or where do you go?
[Bunchy] Except when I went it was Rider College - now it's University - OOPS-my
- age is showing!!
[Serialkiller] what's your class bunchy?
[Bunchy] ABA  - Bensalem - about 20 min. from home
[Bunchy] 1981
AVOCADO> Don't worry. I think it was College when I started, and then University
- when I finished. But TSC is now The College of New Jersey.
[Bunchy] Yeah - isn't that dumb!!!
AVOCADO> It kills me that I didn't race in college with Bensalem so close.
[Serialkiller] nice track, didn't race there but did watch the national there.
AVOCADO> Very dumb.
AVOCADO> I kicked ass at that national.
[Bunchy] Track used to be better - now it's just a bunch of table tops - they took
- out all the good jumps
[BMXmania] In the parking lot or on the track
[Bunchy] More of a power track
AVOCADO> I hate that jump after the 2nd turn. What is it anyway?
[Bunchy] Not good for Colin
[Bunchy] It's supposed to be the "MONSTERS"!!
AVOCADO> Gotta bulk him up with creatine, Met--Rx, and heavy weights!! (Just
- Kiddin)
[Bunchy] It used to be a big set of doubles - was actually nice a couple of years
- ago
AVOCADO> Yeah, but is it a double or a table?
[Bunchy] Yeah - all 52 lbs of him!!
[Bunchy] LOL!!  Used to be a double but now it's a table with 2 bumps LOL
AVOCADO> yeah, it's kinda stupid.
[Serialkiller] G you know who I'd like to get on the next chat?
[Serialkiller] Greg Romero.
AVOCADO> I'll try to work my magic. He's actually a cool dude.
AVOCADO> Charles will be my connection.
AVOCADO> I'll sweet talk Romero at the Grands.
AVOCADO> Unless Jerry gets to him first!
[PapaA] He is, and has a lot to say.
[Bunchy] Yeah - he gave COlin a jersey when he was 5 at a national in Georgia
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[BMXmania] Hey, BMX is out of here, I've got to go play with the dog and
- kiss the wife, or is it the other way around. Anyway, see you all in Tulsa, and to
- those of you going to Morrristown, good luck.
[Bunchy] He felt bad for Colin because he fell through the bleachers!  You know -
- just being a kid!!
AVOCADO> I'm not defending him, but getting t-boned the last two weeks in a row, I
- feel like going postal on this kid.
[Serialkiller] I was looking to get the inside scoop on what happened with my
- friend and charles actually.
>> BMXmania has left channel #BMXChat
[PapaA] BYYYYYY, Jer.
AVOCADO> I think they still talk.
[Serialkiller] G what are you talknig about?
AVOCADO> Bye Jerry.
AVOCADO> Charles and Ynes.
[Serialkiller] i mean about getting t-boned.
AVOCADO> From Antonio. Surely you know the infamous story of Romero tossing his
- bike at Neal Wood during a race...
[Serialkiller] yeah i heard about it.
[Serialkiller] he got suspended for awhile right?
[Bunchy] Well, I'm gonna go catch the end of NYPD Blue - Bobby only has 1 episode
- left!!  Nice chat!!  Goodnight everyone!!
AVOCADO> So I can now understand how frustrating it can be being taken out (not
- that Neil Wood was intentional)
[Serialkiller] night!
AVOCADO> G'night!
AVOCADO> Actually folks, I'm gonna hit the hay too. I want to thank everyone for
- showing up tonight and making this chat a success.
[Serialkiller] c-ya G, call me in the am
AVOCADO> I'll try and schedule other chat sessions, and hopefully even more BMXers
- will show up.
>> Bunchy has left channel #BMXChat
AVOCADO> I know some guys had technical difficulties, so maybe they can hammer that
- out in the future.
[PapaA] Thanks for leting us in and I'll be back.
AVOCADO> Thanks Papa A. You're a good friend!
AVOCADO> Later Erik. Go sprint.
[Serialkiller] papa, I'll check out richie's site
[PapaA] You to Buddy, see ya at the Grands.
AVOCADO> Good night!!!

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