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Interview with Trek's WADE BOOTES

BMXtreme: Well, Wade, right now, you are the Man, both in BMX and MTB. How's that feel?

Wade: It feels great, I am excited how my season has started.

BMXtreme: Did you have any idea that 2000 was going to be such a successful year?

Wade: Well, I have changed a few things since last year, with getting a trainer and moving to California and going back to Australia for two months and training hard. With these changes I knew I was going to be a better rider.

BMXtreme: OK, you have a personal trainer now. How did you hook up with him?

Wade: Well, I have known him for a long time, but never worked with him. He is now the National Australian BMX coach and I asked for his help. Australia has always had a great coaching program but I have been out of the loop in Australia for a while, and finally I am getting some support from them.

BMXtreme: What does your trainer do for you?

Wade: He plans out my training for the year and I get it 2 weeks at a time. He sends it to me by e-mail, I let him know how I feel and he adjusts it accordingly. He gives me advice on what I need to eat before and after racing and during the week, but I also have someone else that helps me out with that as well as he works for the Trek/VW Mountain bike team.

BMXtreme: Can you reveal any training secrets?

Wade: There really is no secret. It is all the basic stuff: Gym, sprints, plyos, and rest, but if there was a secret it is how you plan and structure the training out.

BMXtreme: Word has it you're going to do the MTB scene more than BMX this year. Is that your decision or Trek's?

Wade: True, I want to be a dual sport athlete. Now that I have proven I can be a great Mountain bike rider, the focus is more on Mountain bike racing. With the World Cup and NORBA series these are first priority and then any BMX TV and big races. But I am making sure I do not race every BMX race as I don't want to burn out. So what ever race I race I want to do good at. I think soon you will start to see me and some other riders just racing the extreme series races. Vans Triple Crown, X-games, Mountain bike races and BMX TV Races.

BMXtreme: If the above was your decision, why are you dissing out on BMX?

Wade: I don't think I am dissing out on BMX as I am promoting BMX in both sports. A little change for an athlete is good every once and while. BMX just needs to cut down on Pro races so that an extreme athlete can participate in more than one sport. BMX needs to have a season, not all year long.

BMXtreme: Are you looking forward to the Vans Triple Crown series? It seems suited for someone like you.

Wade: Well I won't be doing the first one as I will be at the Mountain bike World Championships, but I hope the courses are built right for a BMX bike. I have raced these kind of races on a mountain bike and it is sketchy already on 26" wheel. I think it is going to be wild with so much prize money up for grabs.

BMXtreme: Who are your picks to do well in that series?

Wade: The main reason for this series is to combined AA Pros with Mountain bikers and Dirt jumpers. I still think a AA pro will win the series.

BMXtreme: Let's get back to training a sec. What's your diet like? Do you use supplements like creatine, ribose, etc?

Wade: I eat just normal, nothing special but I do take supplements from Power Bar, Champion Nutrition and your basic vitamins. I do use Creatine but it is all in cycles.

BMXtreme: What is your response to people accusing you of taking steroids because of your recent success? I've heard names like "saucetralia" and "juicer bootes".

Wade: I knew it was coming, as just in the past whoever is doing good is accused of doing Steriods. Even though there have been past BMXers who have used them does not mean they are using them today. I think the main difference lately in the past few year is that we have taken BMX to a new level and we are now studying how to become faster and doing tests with different equipment and making sure we have everything that we need to be as fast as we can legally.

BMXtreme: Have you EVER tried steroids?

Wade: No.

BMXtreme: How is the California scene treating you?

Wade: It is great. I should have moved here years ago. I have everything here that I need to become a great athlete. Great weather, trails, tracks, competition, the mountains and the beach.

BMXtreme: Do you miss your Texas backyard?

Wade: Sometimes, It was nice to be able to go ride my dirt bike or my BMX bike but I do not miss the work I had to do on the tracks. It was a perfect place if I did not have to travel as much.

BMXtreme: How is the VW? That's a pretty cool deal.

Wade: Yeah the Passat Volkswagen is rad. I have the station wagon and it is perfect for me when I go to races. Throw the bikes on the roof and load up the XR50 and head to the races.

BMXtreme: You are represented by Double A Marketing. Why the need for a sports agent?

Wade: Double a Marketing can do more for me than I can do for myself. Pete can be working on deals when I am at races and I dont need to worry about going to Kinkos and sending out resumes. With just having Double A Marketing as a Promotional tool for me is a big help as he helps with promoting my name and sponsors through his web site and press releases.

BMXtreme: What's the deal with "Bootsey"? Can't you get a better nickname?

Wade: Why whats wrong with that?? What about Saucetralia??

BMXtreme: If you could give one piece of advice to beginning BMXers, what would it be?

Wade: The main thing is to have fun and take your time. Don't expect to turn expert over night.

BMXtreme: If you could give one piece of advice to experienced BMXers, what would it be?

Wade: Work hard and don't waste time.

BMXtreme: What do you do outside of BMX?

Wade: Is there such a thing?? Go online and play with my mountain bikes and rest.

BMXtreme: If your job didn't involve bicycles, what do you think you'd be doing?

Wade: Physical Education teacher. That is what I was going to go to school for after racing the American BMX tour for a year, but I never went back to Australia.

BMXtreme: Where do you see Wade Bootes 10 years from now?

Wade: 35 Years old. Living on the beach with a corvette and a sexy girlfriend (in Australia maybe).

BMXtreme: Who was you biggest influence growing up? Who do you look up to now? Who do you love racing the most?

Wade: The guy on top.

BMXtreme: Who do you hate racing?

Wade: People who you cannot predict which way they are going to go on the track, I don't think I have to mention any names??

BMXtreme: Will there ever be NBL in your future?

Wade: I race NBL every once and a while but it just depends on the schedule with all the conflicting races. I race ABA more as it is the title to win.

BMXtreme: What's your view on the Internet and its relation to BMX?

Wade: I think it is a great way for everyone to get up to date with what is going on in the BMX world.

BMXtreme: Who are your co-sponsors?

Wade: Trek, Volkswagen, Oneal, THE, ATI, Oakley, Answer, Vans, KMC, Profile, Rush, Wellgo, Bontrager,, Powerbar, Marwi, Head Lock, DeMarchi, Rock Shox, Shimano, IRC, Icon, Velo, Wrench Force, Innovations, Power Tap, Second Wind Orthodics, and King.

BMXtreme: Who would you like to thank?

Wade: Pete Dylewski at Double A Marketing, The Trek Volkswagen Team and all the staff, all the above sponsors and all the people who have supported me through my career.

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