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Interview with Specialized's TJ LAVIN

BMXtreme: Weíre here with TJ Lavin at the Specialized 2001 product launch. How are you enjoying Woodward?

TJ: Oh, I always enjoy this place. I try to come down here at least once a month in the summer and Iíve already been here two times this winter. Itís always a good time here. If you canít have a good time at Woodward then you canít have fun anywhere.

BMXTREME: We see you learned two new tricks here this week: the nothing and the opposite 360.

TJ: Yeah, I learned the opposite 360, a nothing, and also a turndown flip. Iím pretty stoked. Every time I come here I learn new stuff, and those are things that have been haunting me. Itís cool that I got to fly Fuzzy out here with my frequent flyer miles because heís never really sessioned here before.

BMXTREME: Yeah, he said this is only his second time out here.

TJ: Yeah, the first time he was only here for two hours, so he couldnít really ride. You canít really feel Woodward unless you stay here for a week.

BMXTREME: Do you ever instruct here or have you ever thought about doing that?

TJ: Yeah, definitely. When Iím out here in the summer thatís pretty much all I do is hang out and ride with the kids. But at night is when all the sessions happen with all the boys. I always try to help the kids out as much as possible and they know they can always come up to me and ask me stuff.

BMXTREME: As a pro BMXer you are eligible to race in the Vans Triple Crown Series of BMX. Are you going to?

TJ: Yeah, Iím thinking about it. It looks like thereís some pretty good sized jumps and thatís what I like. I think it will be a good time. I have to check it out schedule wise and make sure itís not too close to the X Games, which is really what I want to focus my attention on. I really want to do well this year. So the answer is, yes I will try to race them if the schedule stuff works out.

BMXTREME: How do you like the new 2001 Vegas model?

TJ: Itís the best bike Iíve ever ridden. Iím really pumped on it. They took everything I suggested for it and put it all into one. They havenít been as worried about cost as they have been in the past, but itíll still be affordable. The headtubeís really holding up. Everythingís just real sweet. And Iím really stoked on the color (red).

BMXTREME: Yeah, how come they didnít go to production with the gold plated frame? (Note: as a joke they production guys made up a really gaudy gold-plated frame and told TJ that it was going to be the new production bike that heíd be riding.)

TJ: That was so retarded! I donít know whoís idea that was but that was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my whole entire life. If I could find out who was responsible for that, me and him would be in the parking lot. (Laughter) It was pretty rough. It was the most horrid thing Iíve seen in my life. I mean, seriously, youíd probably think I was a pimp or some kind of idiot if you saw me riding that thing. I walked into that room and it was just the ugliest, most ridiculous thing Iíve ever seen.

BMXTREME: Iíll have to get a picture of that somehow.

TJ: No way!

BMXTREME: How are your backyard trails treating you?

TJ: The backyard is so awesome. Itís like a dream. Every time I get in a bad mood I just go and sit on top of my roll-in and just chill out. You look out at all the jumps and everything youíve got and realize you canít be pissed about anything when youíre living the life that I have. And Iím more than thankful for it. I appreciate it every single minute that Iím alive.

BMXTREME: Thanks TJ. It was great riding with you this week.

TJ: Thank you man. I really appreciate it.

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