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ACS -- American Cycle Systems Makers of excellent freewheels, hubs, conversion kits, and tools. You'll find their products on most bikes.

Allsport Dynamics Manufacturers of preventive and protective gear (ankle, knee, and wrist) for the motocross and BMX industries.

American Bicycle Association Brad Hallin's a web guru. All you need to know about ABA racing is here.

Backlash BMX A cool freestyle page with a bunch of sections. A lot of good freestyle news, so check it out.

Bicycle Channel A great site for any type of bicycle enthusiast.

Bicycles In Glass "BMX, Mountain,Road, recumbent and tandem bikes exquisitely hand sculptured in glass. A unique gift for the cyclist." We at BMXtreme thought this was a very cool idea!

BMX Action Magazine Revamped for the 00s, John Paul and Chris Moeller have put together one hell of a magazine.

BMX Australia Official site for BMXers in Australia.

BMX MANIA! Jerry spends a lot of time on this site, so check it out. Also, take part in his monthly contest, and be sure to tell him Cousin Avocado sent you!

BMXtra Magazine One of the originals, check it out.

BMX Ultra A great site from the land down under. One of the more professional sites you'll find on the Net. Vote for on their Top 50!

Camp Woodward Yes, Woodward has a web site. Check it out.

Dale Holmes Office web site of AA pro racer Dale Holmes.

Deno's Racing Team All the info you'll ever need to know about the Deno Racing Team.

Dingo BMX A hungry, rider-owned company whose bikes carry a lot of bite. The YCP frame is probably the best frame I've ever seen.

Dope BMX Products Super cool soft goods company. Lot's of rad stuff. Check it out!!

Double A Marketing Double Marketing proudly represents Matt Hadan, Robert MacPherson, Jamie Staff, Randy Stumpfhauser, Christophe Leveque, Wade Bootes, Jason Richardson, Thomas Allier, Jason Donnell, Greg Romero, Darrin Mitchell and Stephan Roncada. Enter their monthly contests and purchase fan club material.

Everything BMX A nice site out of the UK that has, well, everything, from pictures, videos, and even the US scene.

Fat 'zine One of the better web sites out there, Fat 'zine has a lot of cool features like Believe It Or Not, Rad vs. Lame, and the Bart Man comic. You can really spend a lot of time hanging out here.

Houston BMX This is the only web site dedicated to BMX in the Houston area. With tech tips, track raps, and rider bios, there's a lot of good stuff for you to check out.

Hyper Bicycles A fellow NJ company, Hyper Bicycles has some great products and some cool style. Oh, and a kick-ass web site to boot!

Jester's Online Realm A good up-and-coming website destined to be a cool hangout with lots of pics and information.

John Moore's Website A good site coming to you from the UK. And if you need your kitchen redone...just call John!

Moto Drive Steve Giberson dedicates a great site to a few Xtreme sports, including BMX (of course), mountain biking, and motor sports. There's some really great photos, especially of the old school era!

National Bicycle League

Nasty Kids Clothing: Welcome to the world of NASTY KIDS! We salute kids of all ages, From the land of the lost and beyond. Nasty Kids Clothing & Apparel is made for those who CARVE their own trails and RIDE the road less traveled.

NJ BMX The New Jersey BMX Website. 'Nuff said?

Northern New Jersey BMX A great page about the NJ scene, including racing, street, trails, skate parks, photos, and more! It also has some great NJ links too.

Pazzaz Products Pazzaz is all about taking your fun seriously, and nothing illustrates this philosophy better than its lines of bmx and freestyle products.

Pedal Inn An Australian-based site dedicated to the growth of BMX in the land down under. It's also a great place for Aussie's to buy top-of-the-line products that they may not be able to get elsewhere.

Photos Plus A BMX race is only seconds long, let Photos Plus capture the moment for a lifetime.

Rude Dogg BMX This page is all about BMX Racing and Trails in Canada and Northwest USA. Rude Dogg BMX is also the official page of BRENTWOOD TRAILS and the GREATER VICTORIA BMX ASSOCIATION.

S&M Bikes You may have heard of them, if not get your head out of the toilet. And be sure to read Dog Crap.

SNUTZ An extremely insane new clothing company. "You may lose your skin, you may lose your blood, you may even lose your spleen, but never lose your Snutz."

Tektro Brakes Make sure you STOP in to read up on the coolest brakes in BMX and cycling Download their screen saver and join the contingency plan.

Tioga USA The best tires in BMX, just ask anyone!

Trek BMX Cool site. Make sure to check out Wade's World! Updates from Wade Bootes.

UFOBMX Check it out and buy online!

Wade Bootes The man's official web site. It's killer.

WARPT WARPT's official web site.

White Lightning Makers of an awesome self-cleaning lubricant that no bike should be without.

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