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Marietta, GA: May 8-9
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Report and Photos by Grant Hansen

Pros get ready for qualifying.

East coast ABA nationals are perfect in that they usually have just the right amount of motos. There's nothing worse than racing moto 1 at 8:30 am, qualifying, and then racing your main at 3:30 pm. This year the Dixieland Nationals broke yet another ABA record for having the most motos ever for an east coast national. But even with the 180+ moto count, the races were run efficiently and cleanly.

My adventure started at wonderful Newark International Airport in New Joisey. Because of thunder storms and tornado warnings in Atlanta, my flight was delayed about 2 hours. I arrived unscathed, but the threatening sky had me worried about how the weekend was going to turn out.

The track officials did a great job at protecting the track from the on-and-off showers that plagued the days before the weekend. Friday's practice almost went without a hitch except for that tiny little tornado warning. I had the feeling I wasn't in Newark anymore. But while the siren sounded the sky was blue so they started racing. After half the motos were through in round one, the rain came pouring, and I mean pouring, down and Friday's pre-race had to be postponed till Saturday morning.


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