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Reno Silver Dollar Nationals 1999
by Jeff Dein

Check out some photos from the event courstesy of Go BMX

The track, well, it sucked. It was a u-inside-a-u shape with lots of bumps. The first jump was a triple step that everybody rolled, followed by a waist- high table that led into the first turn, the only well-bowled turn on the track. The next staright had two waist-high triples with good lips but flat backsides that most people manualed over. The second turn led to an eight pack that would have been good had it had smooth lips and slightly steeper backsides. Still, it was the best straight of the track. In the middle of the last turn, a 180 sweeper, there was a roller-step thing that nobody except for Erik Abbadessa jumped in a race. Lots of folks slid out trying to hold a line as they pulled up for the roller and turned at the same time. The last straight had another roller, a step and a small double. The only action I saw there was J.P. Fellin jumping off the top of the step and landing on the double, which was a serious gap. Otherwise, everybody just rolled, jumped- jumped.

There were 330-som,ething motos on Saturday and 309 on Sunday. We had five gates of AA pros, six of A' and two of Girl Pro. The ABA also instituted separated AA and A-pro cruiser classes. Both classes drew about 10 riders.

Greg Romero was the man of the weekend. He went 2-1 in AA. Leveque went 6-2. Allier 3-3. Robert Macpherson went 1-6. Other satndouts were Abbadessa, who only managaed a seventh on Sunday but was destroying his motos. Likewise for Danny Nelson. Andy Contes won A both days. Jamie Lilly won Girl Pro on Saturday, followed by Michelle Cairns and Heather Bruns. That's all the results I know of as I left before the mains on Sunday.

Matt Ortwein showed up wearing Pro Concept colors. Brian Schmith is now on Specialized. Justin Wheat is off Haro.

Speaking of Haro, they supposedly worked in conjuction with Lee jeans to design some sort of "BMX Pants" as they're called. I never saw a pair but from why understand, they're sort of like Bermbangers but more everyday jeans-ish looking. TM Tony Degollado sandbagged when Gork asked him if the team would wear them and said that maybe they'd make their newest (and youngest) recruit, Ryan Lasky, wear them. What a glowing endorsement.

Speaking of glowing endorsements, John Purse was on the new Redline monocoque bike but, at close inspection, had cut the cross-braces on the rear end in two, supposedly because the bike was "too stiff"??? My bike's mighty stiff and I wouldn't have it any other way. Weird...

Reno was also the first stop for the King of Dirt circuit. The jumps were a plain ol' big four-pack. Cory Nastazio won with his usual combo of 360's, big air, flips and superman's. Ryan Nyquist, who most folks thought should've won, took second. His smoothest trick was an x-up one handed 360. Joey Garcia took third.

Old schoolers Ronnie Anderson and Kevin "Sheepdog" Hull showed their faces. Ronnie was their with his son and was looking very, uh, well-fed. Hull raced A-pro cruiser and finished mid-pack. Yes, he still had a trace of the heavy metal mullet he was famous for in the 80's.

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