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Posted July 28, 1999

CC Racing has announced its 1999-2000 Florida Factory Roster to include Super Class rider Dusty Means, Danielle Winter, Ashley Ross, The Meola Girls and Christian Hawk, Jimmy Miller, Josh Meyers. The team will also be adding Teri Sonner's Dans/Huffy Riders to include Super Class riders Kevin Daugherty and Marie McGilvary and Nick Lovan, Cemar Duarte, Juan Carbo, Carlos Reveira. Rumor has it that Tom Ernsdorf has spent the week with the CC camp in Florida and will also be joining the Florida team. Teri Sonner is excited to give her Dans Huffy team exposure in Florida.

Richie Anderson has added a few more clinics to his schedule. Please see his web site to see an update at

Posted July 27, 1999

CORRECTION: We had published a rumor that Marie McGilvary was no longer on Dans and rode for CC Racing. This information isn't entirely correct. Marie will ride for CC Racing's factory team in the Florida circuit. Marie currently rides for Dans and we're told that this has been confirmed with Teri Sonner of Dans. We apologize for any inconvenience this information may have caused anyone!

Posted July 26, 1999

Connecticut Riders: There is no racing this Wednesday night at Bethel Supercross. In preparation for the triple point race on Friday, the track will have a clinic not racing on Wednesday. The Bizzarro Clinic Crew will be in for a two hour clinic. Sign ups and open practice will be 5 to 6 pm, clinic will start promptly at 6 pm. FREE number plates will be giving to all clinic attendees, along with a sticker/promotional giveaway baggie. Clinic cost is 12 dollars. For the older guys, Fridays race will be huge. The money class has been drawing tons of top guys out of the wood work. Guy's like O'riley, Loffredo, Crossen, Bowteck, Silvia, and Keller have been regular attendees. Throw in Shawn Diprete, Chris Decouto, and Bryon Lewis and you could be looking at the most stacked class short of the Florida Five Star Series. Bethel has been close to SEVENTY moto's on regular Wednesday night locals lately, so this race should be great!

Posted July 25, 1999

Worlds Results: Cruiser went down like this: Christophe Leveque took home the championships with Thomas Allier taking second and Jason Richardson third. On 20-inch was Robert DeWilde was the man and Leveque took second. Click here to see how the Double A Marketing pros did.

The jumping contest in Huntington Beach was won by TJ Lavin but Chris Duncan was the winner for the series overall. Berenger pulled a backflip to front-flip and Corey Nastazio got jacked up trying a double back flip.
Want a custom-made frame? XTRSKN owner Bill Madden is coming out with the X-1 Custom BMX Frames. Bill Madden, BJ Gant and Danny Milweed will be on the first three frames at the NBL Grands. There will be more information on the XTRSKN web site very soon, and we'll let you know for sure. There you will find all the information on the frames (materials, design/looks, measurement options, colors and a history about its inception and a team bio, etc.). Want to buy one? The price for the chromoly frames is 450.00 and 750.00 for the aluminum frames (remember -- they're all custom frames, tailor-made for each customer). The web site will most likely contain a computer drawing of the frame to show the innovative barrel gusseted head tube design and the twin down tubes before the first production is run (the aluminum ones will have twin box-tubes and chain stays, but the team will be on the chromoly frames first. XTRSKN will also be debuting the new XTRSKN jersey at the NBL Grands as well, which will be a blend between new and old school looks (no dye-sublimation.) And there's still time to enter the XTRSKN Giveaway this month, so don't delay!
Girls Pro Marie McGilvary is not riding for Dan's anymore. She will be riding for CC Racing, a local Florida team. And for you other Florida racers, the Florida 5 Star Season will be at the following locations and on the following dates: St. Pete September 24-25, Homestead October 23-24, St Cloud November 13-14. The Florida State Season will be at Punta Gorda NBL Regional State Qualifier January 23-24, Jacksonville State Qualifier March 11-12, Okeheelee May 6-7, Orlando Fairgrounds (New track) State Championship May 21. The Florida NBL nationals will be held at Cape Coral in February, Tampa (ESPN) not Orlando this year, then St. Cloud. We want to give you the inside at so you can schedule your Florida vacations to be at the races. You can find out more information at Florida BMX once they get the info up.

Posted July 22, 1999

NIRVE sports are giving away a lot of goodies! For one, Nirve is running a THE MATRIX Soundtrack/Maverick Records Sweepstakes where they give away a FREE Fender Toronado Electric Guitar Autographed by The Deftones. Click here and enter.

Nirve also features a sweepstakes for a free all expenses paid trip to southern California. Go here.

Posted July 19, 1999

ABA World Cup San Antonio, Texas July 16-18,1999: Every Year the ABA holds its World Cup race just before the UCI World Championships to bring together the world's best racers to the USA. This year there was a large rider turnout and the Pro action was a great warm up for the BMX World Championships next weekend in France. Diamond Back's Robert MacPherson was one of the only Double A Marketing riders to stay in America and race the World Cup before flying off to France. It was a good decision for him. Here is how the Double A Marketing Pros in attendance did:

Robert MacPherson has been the World Cup Champion before, so adding this title to his list of accomplishments would just catalog his great 99 season a little more. On Friday the ABA held the pre race to the World cup and Robert eased his way into the mains. In the first AA Pro main, Big Mac crashed while in the lead pack. He came back from this crash and finished 4th overall in AA Pro. When Pro Open came around, Robert was ready. Chalk him up for first place. ABA World Cup time, and Robert was once again in both mains. Robert battled it out and finished 2nd in AA Pro. Once again, in Pro Open, Robert holeshotted and stayed up front. Mark Mr. MacPherson down as the 1999 World Cup Champion. He is now off to Vallet, France to try and add a UCI World Champion title to his list. Robert's Sponsors include Diamond Back, Answer, Crupi, ATI, Vans, Tioga, Bell, Knucklebone, Oakley, Odyssey, Powerbar, Marwi, Profile, Revenge/Champion Nutrition, Headlock, and Troy Lee Designs.

UCI World Cup Finals Petit-Couronne, France July 18.1999:The UCI held its World Cup Finials race this past weekend in France. With the ABA World Cup going on at the same time, riders were able to warm up for this up coming weekends UCI World Championship in either The USA or France. Jason Richardson decided to go to France and race the UCI World Cup Finals. Here is how the Double A Marketing Pro in attendance did:

Jason Richardson went to France to get used to the slight differences in the racing system, but emerged with his usual strong racing style. The UCI World Cup race had over 60 riders in the Elite Pro Men's class and Jason breezed through the qualifiers. Placing 1st in the final and 2nd in the final, Jason was looking to be a top contender in the main event. When the Gate dropped, Jason had a slight lead, but a costly bobble by another rider bumping into Jason cost him as he lost 2 positions and stayed in 3rd. Jason fought hard and finished in the 3rd position. Representing the USA proudly, Jason stood on the Pro podium and the crowd was treated to the USA national anthem. Look for Jason to be battling it out next weekend for his second World Championship Title. Jason's sponsors include Giant/Mosh, Answer, ATI, Sonic, Vans, SDG, Epic, Revenge/Champion Nutrition, Sun Ringle, Profile, Spy, Strait Edge, Head Lock, and Powerbar.

Mammoth Lakes, CA July 17-18, 1999 -- Wade Bootes 3rd in Dual Slalom -- 2nd Overall in Point Standings!
Wade Bootes has been on fire in his second season as a Pro Mountain Biker. In this, the 3rd race of the five race series, Bootes once again dazzled the crowd with his Dual Slalom racing action. Wade was the 4th fastest qualifier out of a tough field, with the top 3 qualifiers being 1-Brian Lopes/Volvo Cannondale, 2-Shaun Palmer/Mt Dew/Specialized, and 3-Mike King/Haro. As the qualifying bracket broke down, Wade first went up against long-time Mountain bike racer Insane Wayne Crowsdale and advanced. Next was newcomer Gary Houseman/Devo-Troy Lee Designs. Wade pushed past houseman to meet up with Pistol Pete Loncarevich/Vans/Iron Horse. After beating Loncarevich, Bootes once again had to meet up with current UCI and Norba Slalom points leader, Brian Lopes in the round of four. On the 19-second course it was hard to make up time, and after the first round where Lopes beat Bootes by almost a full second, that was what Wade was fighting to do. Wade came close but lost by .06 of a second. Wade went up against Mike king, and beat him out for the 3rd place spot on the podium. With this finish, Wade moves up to 2nd overall in the Dual Slalom Points standings. Shaun Palmer eventually won the race, where lopes crashed in the finals. Wade heads off to France for the BMX World Championships this weekend.

Wades personal sponsors include Trek/VW, Vans, Oakley, Powerbar, THE, Champion Nutrition/Revenge, Marwi, Troy Lee Designs, Headlock, Crupi, Answer, and CTI. Trek MTB Team Sponsors include VW, Rock Shox, Shimano, Velo, Power Bar, Time, NW, De Marchi, IRC, Hayes, DT, Teva, Rolf,Bontrager, Wrench Force.

Double A Marketing proudly represents Matt Hadan, Robert MacPherson, Jamie Staff, Randy Stumpfhauser, Christophe Leveque, Wade Bootes, Jason Richardson, Thomas Allier, Jason Donnell, Greg Romero, and Stephan Roncada. For more information please contact Pete Dylewski @ 310-374-9774 or Fax 310-374-6782 or e mail @

Posted July 17, 1999

In a recent interview with Pistol Pete Loncarevich, Pistol said he may come back to BMX in full force for the year 2000. The interview was conducted by Jeff Dein for an upcoming issue of BMX Today. This news may prompt another legend to come out of retirement, but we won't open that can of worms until we know for sure.

We heard from Specialized about the recent advertisement follies. According to the company, "Unfortunately, our old ad agency made a mistake and made film of and sent a first draft of the Christophe ad with a copy line that wasn't approved. I'm surprised you didn't catch that Ezra Lusk doesn't ride a four-stroke and the ad says he does.

"...And your question about the Chromoly or Aluminum mention in the two different ads. Once again, the copy writer made a mistake and we corrected it with the final version of the ad you saw in Snap.

"We have since sent film of the correct ad to BMXPlus, so you will never see the wrong copy again.

"I'm glad to know that the ad caught your eye enough to read he copy and not only that, but read it twice in two different magazines."

It really is a cool ad, isn't it?? --Ed.

Profile three-piece cranks will now be available in black. For more information, visit Profile Racing online.
Double A Marketing is set to launch a new web site, which is under development right now. On it, you'll be able to e-mail your favorite Double A pro, win free prizes, and purchase fan club material. The URL will be and we'll let you know as soon as it's up.
In a upcoming issue of SNAP, there will be a cruiser shootout, where all of the cruisers go up against each other. There will be deatailed charts and rankings of the cruisers. Let's see who comes out on top of this battle between 15-20 cruiser models!

Posted July 16, 1999

Yesterday we heard a rumor that Barry Nilson was off Haro. Today we're getting more info to support that claim. A reliable source told us the following: "If Barry's gone - Chad Roberts is sure to be leaving right along with him. Barry was telling us in staging at Primm, Nevada how he wasn't going to the NBL Grands. Didn't make any sense to us? Then he wasn't in Akron with the rest of the Haro team?" Again, we'll keep our ears open to the situation.

All Terrain Games. What's that you ask? Well, the South Kitsap Community Park in Port Orchard, Washington, is in the planning stages of the All Terrain Games which will put 3-person teams against each other in the following categories: BMX, Skateboarding, and Paintball. Each team member will have to compete in each event. Teams will be split up between age and skill level. For more information, contact Alan Mazuti.

Posted July 15, 1999 is pictured in the September issue of BMX Plus! Just goes to show you... we're everywhere! Thanks to Mike Daily and the rest of the crew at Plus! for taking notice.

Specialized has some explaining to do! If you look at the ads of Christophe Leveque in the new issues of BMX Plus! and Snap, you'll see the same exact picture of Christophe next to Ezra Lusk. But in the Plus! ad, it says Christophe is on his chromo Fatboy Hemi and in Snap it says he's on an aluminum one. Hmm... What's worse is that in the Plus! ad, they spelled Christophe's last name as Laveque. We'll try to get to the bottom of this one!
Barry Nilson off Haro? We can't confirm this just yet, but don't be surprise to see Barry looking for a new ride.

Posted July 14, 1999

Profile is coming out with a platform pedal to match their SS crank. It is super beefy and will have an axle twice the diameter of the industry standard, all with a replaceable 10 pin design. The pedal will come in two versions, the SS and SS Race which doesn't have a lock nut. Two colors as well: gray or black and will retail for $129.

Dig Magazine will be relauched in USA. The planned initial run will be 10,000 and will be available at bikes shops.

Mosh is launching a grassroots program called "nuts and bolts." If you're part of the program, you will receive a discount on Mosh parts through official Mosh dealers as long as you maintain a C average or better in school. You must be a member of the ABA or NBL.

Posted July 13, 1999

Wade Bootes takes 5th in Dual! Wade Bootes continued his great mountain Bike season with a 5th place finish overall at the Diesel/UCI Dual Race this past weekend. The course was a short 24 second run with a lot of jumps and fast action. Wade fought off Switzerland's Andy Beuler (Fiat Rotwild) and USA Rob Sears (Dirt Works), before meeting up with current Points leader Brian Lopes (Volvo-Cannondale). Wade was knocked out by the 1998 UCI World Cup Dual Champion, but placed 5th overall by his blazing fast qualifying time. Wade currently sits 16th overall in the UCI standings with only World Cup race this season. The final results were Brian Lopes (Volvo/Cannondale), Eric Carter (GT), Karim Amour (GT-Franc), Scott Beaumont (Kona) and Wade Bootes (Trek VW.) Wade did not compete in the Downhill event. Wade is represented by Double A Marketing and his personal sponsors include Trek/VW, Vans, Oakley, Powerbar, THE, Champion Nutrition/Revenge, Marwi, Troy Lee Designs, Headlock, Crupi, Answer, and CTI.

Posted July 12, 1999

Check out a report of how Double A Marketing's pros handled this weekend's NBL Rocky Mt. Nationals.

The first covered facility ever built specifically for BMX will open this Fall in DeSoto, Texas. The facility will host the ABA SuperNationals in October. No more rain-outs or mud races in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area. Check out next month's BMXer for more details.
The Bizzarro Race Team hit their local state series this weekend and here's their report: Stop two of the Massachusetts state series was held this weekend in Westfield, MA. The race drew 198 riders, 49 moto's worth of racing action. As usual the Westfield track left something to be desired - TURNS! But all in all the track was in better shape than years past, after holding a Regional National a few weeks ago. Team racing was fast and furious, with the new Serious Cycles team making there presence known. New uniforms and some fast local riders gave the team a good showing. But it still wasn't enough to get past the Bizzarro Massachusetts state team, who made it two for two this season with a big team victory. This is the first time since the 1987 season that Bizzarro has" thrown there hat in the ring" for a state team title. Bizzarro is in competition in two different states Connecticut and Massachusetts. One loan rider's name appears on both rosters, Allen "Rolling Thunder" Currier. Allen is yet to lose a single moto in either state this season in the 9 Expert class.

Stop #3 in the Massachusetts series will be at the "Thrill on the Hill" in Cape Cod, MA. on Saturday July 31st. The Cape track boasts the worlds largest starting hill. The next stop in Connecticut series will be this Saturday in Meriden, at Falcon BMX. The Bizzarro clinic crew will be on hand to put on a two hour clinic after racing, and also to see if Alan can keep his string alive.

Posted July 8, 1999

You can now find the Dope BMX Products racing team aboard the new Hyper Boxter frame!! Hyper's pro Mike Gul will be doing a clinic tour with Dope BMX Products starting next month. Be on the look out for all the latest by Hyper Bicycles and Dope BMX Products.

Posted July 8, 1999

Acclaim Sports Signs BMX Stars Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist to Exclusive Endorsement Deals
Acclaim Sports, a division of Acclaim Entertainment, Inc., a leading worldwide interactive entertainment company, announced that it has signed BMX stars Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist to an exclusive multi-year endorsement deals. Mirra, the 1998 X-Games Male Athlete of the Year, is a 6-time gold medal winner in the Street, Vert, and Vert Doubles competitions. Mirra's roommate, Nyquist, was a silver medal winner in the dirt competition in last year's X-Games.

"Dave and Ryan are the cornerstone behind our next extreme sports title," said Mike Jerchower, Acclaim Sports senior marketing manager. "If you want to compete as Dave Mirra or Ryan Nyquist in BMX stunt biking, you will only be able to find him in an Acclaim Sports game."

"I'm totally stoked to be a part of Acclaim's first BMX title," said Mirra. "I look forward to working closely with Ryan and the Acclaim Sports development team to make a game our fans will want to play."

Mirra and Nyquist will work as consultants to the game developers and provide insight into course design and bike physics. They will be featured on all video game advertising, packaging, and merchandising. Mirra and Nyquist will promote the game by appearing at the Acclaim booth at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trade show in the year 2000 and wear the Acclaim Sports logo on their gear during BMX competition.

BMX Superstar Clinics have added a few more dates to their schedules. Click the link to check it out.

Posted July 7, 1999

Double A Marketing is now representing Greg Romero. After Romero's recent win at the NBL Stars and Stripes National, and looking at the other riders AA Marketing represents, I can only say what Cru and Bart would say: What a team! Speaking of AA Marketing, Click here to see how the rest of their pros did over the July 4 weekend.

Want free stickers? Go to Dingo BMX for more information.

Posted July 6, 1999

Redline's AA Pro John Purse has just been elected BMX Plus! Rider of the Year. Congratulations Jackal!

Haro going hi-tech for 2000? Looks that way. Haro seems to be doing away with its monocoque frame which will be replaced by the SR71 BMX racing frame. It will retail for a mere $630, frame only.

Posted July 5, 1999

From the NBL Stars and Stripes: Robinson's Greg Romero continues to ride strong and took Saturday's win. Not to be outdone, Thomas Allier couldn't go a weekend without winning and spoiled it for the rest of the pros on Sunday.

More news from the ABA East Coast Nationals in South Carolina, courtesy of Go BMX. Danny Nelson didn't lose a moto all weekend long and therefore doubled each day. Sheesh!

X-Games report: Dave Mirra, once again was the golden boy in both Bike Stunt Street and Bike Stunt Vert. Although Jay Miron had the overall best run on vert, Mirra proved to be more consistent. Miron took the silver and Trek's Simon Tabron took the bronze. (Ed. Note: Mrs. Tabron looks to be absolutely gorgeous. Props to ESPN for getting her on camera a couple of times. Dirt Jumping: Event conditions were horrible and challenging 20+ mph head winds and an undesirable dirt Claud surface pretty much made the event 100% undesirable and dangerous for the rider's. T.J. Lavin took home the gold, followed by Brian Foster and Ryan Nyquist. Josh Stricker, who has only been on the bike for a week after six weeks of healing from a Collar bone break, placed a very respectable 14th place. Josh went for broke with his "Dare Devil" 50-foot transfers from one side of the jumps and over the "huge gap" and on to the other side of the jumps/course!!! The spectators and riders went crazy for Josh's high flying antic's. This stunt war not attempted by any other rider!!!!!! New Gary Fisher recruit Adam Aloise, was a victim of the "Dangerous Wind Gust" with a "nasty get" off in practice that resulted in a "separated shoulder." Adam refused to take the orders of the onsite medical aids and didn't even consider packing it in for the day!!! Unbelievably Adam roughed it out rode the finals with a bum wing and placing a very respectable 20th place!

Posted July 2, 1999

Preliminary news from the ABA East Coast Nationals in South Carolina, courtesy of Go BMX. Since it's competing againt the NBL Stars and Stripes National, there's a relatively small pro turnout. Only about 5-7 AA showed up, including Charles Townsend, Wade Bootes, Darren Mitchell, and Robert MacPherson. Interesting note: Townsend's bike is too long for Gate 1. So the ABA will probably decide not to use that lane for the pros. The track is smooth and technical and will gather about 100 motos.

Posted June 29, 1999

At the recent ABA Buckeye Nationals, the man on Saturday was Christope Leveque and Sunday's winner was Robert MacPherson.

Next up at the X-Games: Bike Stunt Vert Prelim--ESPN on Tuesday June 29, 9 p.m and 11 p.m. East Coast; Bike Stunt Vert Finals are on ESPN2 on Wednesday June 30 at 10 p.m. and 12 .am. East Coast TREK-VW rider Simon Tabron placed 6th in Tuesday's Vert Prelims and Transfered to the X-Games Bike Stunt Vert Finals on Wednesday.

Get this: Greg Hill decided to add dead lifts to his workout routine. After doing them for quite some time, he was at a clinic demonstrating gate snaps and snapped his crank spindle in half! The spindle was only 3 weeks old. Greg was overheard saying, "If I could guarantee power like that all the time, I might consider racing AA again." I'll believe that when I see it!

Jeff Dein and Colin Stiles just got back from their BMX Superstar Clinic tour. For some entertaining road stories, click here.

More on Greg Hill: He'll be coming to Secaucus, NJ BMX to give a 2-day clinic August 7-8. Six hours each day and lunch is included. For more information, contact me.

Posted June 23, 1999

The following is a schudule of practice times and competitions for the various bike stunt classes at the 1999 X-Games:

Thursday June 24th - Street Practice 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Friday June 25th - Street Practice 10:00 AM - Noon; Street Prelims Noon - 3:00
Saturday June 26th - Street Practice 1:00 PM - 3:15 PM; Street Finals 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Sunday June 27th - Vert Practice 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM; Vert Practice 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Monday June 28th - Vert Practice 5:30 PM - 7:15 PM; Vert Prelim 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Tuesday June 29 - Flat Practice 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM; Vert Practice 5:30 PM - 7:15 PM; Vert Final 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Wednesday June 30 - Flatland Practice 10:00 AM - 11:45; Flatland Final Noon - 2:30 PM
Thursday July 1 - Dirt Practice 3:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Friday July 2 - Dirt Practice 4:30 PM - 6:45 PM; Dirt Prelims 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Saturday July 3 - Dirt Practice 5:30 PM - 7:45 PM; Dirt Final 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Posted June 22, 1999

The ABA and NBL once again went head-to head-over the weekend. Most pros were found at the NBL Primm Classic where Neil Wood won class on Saturday and Thomas Allier doubled on Sunday. Greg Romero was the man at the ABA Rockford National. He won class both days and Monster X. Click here to see how Double A Marketing Pro's handled the weekend.

Some rumors that have been floating around after this weekend of racing: Erik Abadessa, famous for his "best chest in BMX," was overheard bugging Bob Tedesco to do drug testing. Apparently he's sick of some unfair competition. It was heard that Danny Nelson may have to step it up with Mario Soto turning pro soon. I thought he has stepped it up!! Haro is going to discontinue its monocoque frame. It was so hot in Vegas that when they threw water on the Specialized trampoline, it boiled! It was a scorching 111 degress outside.

Richie Anderson has added some new clinics to his 1999 schedule. Check out Richie's full schedule at his web site.

Posted June 17, 1999

Check out how the Double A Marketing Pro's fared at the ABA Mile High Nationals and the NBL Cajun Classic.

BMX Superstar Clinics are underway for the summer! Click here for the full schedule.

Posted June 12, 1999

Andy Contes took home is first AA class win today at the Denver Mile High Nationals. According to Charles Townsend, who took third, the Open main will be run tomorrow because of a hail storm!!

Posted June 9, 1999

Colin Stiles has received a product co-sponsorship from Answer Products and will be running their pants and gloves this summer at nationals and at his BMX Superstar clinics.

Jeff Dein has received a product co-sponsorship from XTRSKN and will have his own signature "Deinabolic" XTRPL8 numberplate as well as be practicing in XTRSKN's new practice/trail pants.

Matt Hoffman has built an indoor ramp park so that everyone in his company can stay active in BMX. Although the facilities can't hold a major competition, Matt may hold an invite-only competition in the future. Sounds like fun!

Posted June 8, 1999

Gary Ellis news!!! The Lumberjack is the team manager of NIRVE. I saw an ad for this company yesterday on TV and a friend confirmed it. Ellis is now looking for team riders for sports including BMX, Skate Boarding, Snow Boarding, and Surf and Wake Boarding. The NIRVE web site has a lot of cool stuff, like videos, a radio station, and custom product info. Just because Ellis may not be racing AA anymore, he's still going to have a huge impact on the sport of BMX.

Posted June 7, 1999

Check out a cool article on squat training by David Comport, AA Aussie and web site partner of Pedal Inn.

Bob Arnold, VP of Sales for Answer Products resigned recently. Apparently Arnold has accomplished all his goals with the company and wishes to pursue other interests and challenges.

Did you know? Between the TV networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and MTV) there are about 627 hours of BMX programming scheduled for 1999!!

Posted June 4, 1999

World Famous "Sev's" 711 Trails in NY have been plowed!! Apparently the property owner revisited his real estate, got scared and hired a destruction crew! Terrible One rider Rob O is rumored be personally and morally devastated... Another world famous underground trails hot spot has bit the dust!

BMX Superstar Clinics have added another date: Sunday, August 29, Derby City BMX, Louisville, KY, Reg: 9:30am. Clinic starts at 10:00am. For a complete schedule of the BMX Superstar Clinics, click here.

Posted June 3, 1999

Phoenix, AZ: The AMERICAN BICYCLE ASSOCIATION has just announced the BELL TRIPLE CROWN of BMX. The 3-consecutive Weekend Series is part of the Gatorade-Cruise America National Season, and will be brought to you by BELL HELMETS. ABA's very first Triple Crown Series will be held at the following ABA outdoor venues: Rockford, Illinois GT Midwest Nationals June 18-20; Kettering, Ohio GT Buckeye Nationals June 25-27; Greenville, South Carolina Planet Cycles East Coast Nationals July 2-4. Consistency will be the key to winning the Bell Triple Crown--any rider who gets 4 class or cruiser wins at these events will be awarded a Bell Rhythm Pro fullface helmet. Wins can be earned in the Novice, Intermediate, Expert, Girls or Cruiser classes, on Saturday or Sunday events.

More news from the ABA Spring Nationals in Santa Clara, CA. Thomas Allier won class again on Sunday and Jason Richardson took the open win. Warwick Stevenson went down hard and broke his wrist. We wish him a speedy recovery. And word has it that Brian Foster jacked his shoulder but we don't know the severity of the injury.

Posted June 1, 1999

Here's some X-Games news for you. These are the points standings as of Orlando, Fl. Round #2. (Top 15 riders.) Points count toward 2000 X-Games Qualifying: JOEY GARCIA-110; RYAN NYQUIST-90; TODD WALKOWIAK-68; JOSH STRICKER-60; CORY NASTAZIO-60; REUEL ERICKSON-55; ADAM ALOISE-55; CHRIS DOYLE-50; BRANDON PUNDAI-45; CHAD KAGY-35; FUZZY HALL-35; MIKE PARENTI-30; RYAN JORDAN-30; JOE MARKS-20; MIKE ARDELEAN-20

X Trials wrap up in Richmond: RICHMOND, Va. -- More than 84,000 spectators gathered to watch the best BMX bicycle stunt riders,skateboarders and in-line skaters at the second installment of the 1999 X Trials series, May 7-9 in Richmond, Va. In the bicycle stunt vert final, Jay Miron of Thunder Bay, Ontario, rode to the gold as Dave Mirra of Greenville, N.C., and TREK-VW Simon Tabron of Liverpool, England, finished second and third, respectively. Miron returned to the award stand after riding to gold in Louisville two weeks ago.

Here's a list of dirt jumpers who have already been invited to the X-Games: Adam Aloise, Jerry Bagley, Matt Beringer, Shaun Butler, Chris Doyle, Chris Duncan, Brian Foster, Joey Garcia, Tim Hall, Markus Hampl, Van Homan, Pat Juliff, Chad Kagy, T. J. Lavin, Jay Miron, Cory Nastazio, Ryan Nyquist, Mike Parenti, Josh Stricker, Todd Walkowiak

--from Bizarro Racing: Well, what a beautiful Memorial day weekend! The weather was absolutely awesome and so was the Tanglewood track. Racing was HOT, as the pro open class was dominated by Free Agent's Justin Loffredo. Other pro standouts were none other that Bizzarro's Shawn DiPrete and Chris Keller. After being in front all day, Shawn opened the door in the main for Chris by getting piled up with CC racing's Dusty Means. Loffredo and Keller escaped the first turn carnage and went on to a one - two finish in Day one's main. Day two's main was controlled by Loffredo from start to finish.

The 25-29X class was all about Bizzarro's Chris Decouto, who came away with a double perfect. Lining up a showdown at the Grands for National Number one.

As always, 16 year old Walter Dunn was in front much of the weekend. His best finish was a second in 16X. Walter is now running Kenda tires exclusively, and doing his thing well with them. Feedback from Walter will be used in future Kenda tire products. Walter's Bizzarro Teammate and Father also took third in 40-44 Cruiser both days. Getting very "lucky" as he put it.

Bizzarro joined the hunt for the NBL's Trophy Team Category Tile. Turning in the second highest opening two day points total in the NBL this season. Bizzarro continued it's quest for the National team title, picking up a few points towards our year end total. Bizzarro will continue to chase two title's for the remainder of the 99 NBL season.

Under the Bizzarro tarp this weekend a Pedro's super pit kit could be found helping riders tune up there KMC chains and Aheadset's. Powerfood Inc. products kept riders energized in the hot Carolina sun.

In other Bizzarro news, the clinic tour takes another stop in Rotterdam, NY. Thursday night. Free Sonic Speedwerx number plates to all riders entered in the clinic. Saturday June 12th we will be back in Johnston, RI. at "My BMX Track" for a 3:30 clinic. Tuesday June 15th Bizzarro will be at "Cape Cod BMX" for a 6 pm clinic.

The Connecticut Bizzarro state team is the middle of a title hunt. Getting a big team win last Tuesday night in Trumbull.

Shawn DiPrete, Jeff Brun, and Myself are off to the Primm, NV. National in a few weeks. Hope to see you all there. Look for new pictures and features on the Bizzarro home page in coming weeks. is where you can find pictures of your favorite Bizzarro rider, and info on all of Bizzarro's fine co-sponsors.

Posted May 30, 1999

Thanks to our friends at Go BMX, we have some updates from the recent ABA National in Santa Clara, CA, which accumulated 301 motos on Saturday and 276 motos on Sunday. Thomas Allier was flying, and doubled on Saturday. He was the only rider jumping from the roller to the back side of the step-up step-down and gained massive speed doing it. Not leaving any room for other countries, Christophe Leveque held on for second. Kyle Jenson, formerly of GT, doubled in the 11X class beating out the top GT riders. Guess his laughing now! We'll have photos up shortly!

Posted May 25, 1999

The Boarderline riders' travel agency have organized a Summer a BMX camp in Montpellier (south of France). There will be 4 sessions from 07/18/99 to 08/14/99. Camps will be split between a junior camp and adult camp. For more information, visit Borderline.

The premier of the Richmond, VA Round II Bicycle Stunt Series will air tonight on ESPN 2 at 9:30 EST. TREK's Simon Tabron should be a featured rider with his 3rd place finish.

Fourteen Connecticut athletes throughout the State of Connecticut have been selected to join the 1999 NEW ENGLAND PROPANE BMX TEAM. Bethel BMX Supercross track is the official training headquarters for all of the New England Propane BMX TEAM members. The team of professional athletes are all sponsored by the
162 Grassy Plain Street
Bethel, Connecticut.

The NEW ENGLAND PROPANE COMPANY is committed to providing area children with avenues to grow and learn both on and off the track. So when 17 year old BMX racer John Barry IV presented his proposal of acquiring his pilot's license to transport his fellow athletes to various events throughout the country the company sponsors jumped at the idea. John Barry IV, who is ranked the 1998 number one 17 year old Novice in Connecticut, is the official New England Propane team co-pilot. Along with his father, Captain John Barry III, John will be transporting the team to several additional national events throughout the 1999 BMX season.

Posted May 21, 1999

It's official. Hyper Bicycles has picked up "Maniac" Mike Gul to be their Pro for 1999. You can see Mike on the new Hyper Boxer bicycle at a national near you. Also look for Mike to be doing a Hyper Bicycles clinic tour this year.

Posted May 19, 1999

Congratulations to Richie Anderson who will be in charge of training at the Camp ABA BMX summer camp. Check out Anderson Factory Racing for Richie's full clinic and camp schedule.

The Bizzarro Tri-State Clinic Tour is complete and was a big success. Bizarro's sponsors for the clinics included PowerBar, Pedros and KMC. Bizzarro's next clinic stop will be in upper state New York at the "Clay Monster" in Rotterdam NY on Thursday June 3rd. Contact Bizarro Racing for more information.

Posted May 18, 1999

Here are results from the NBL's Florida State Finals held this past weekend. Race Action went as follows: 1. Kevin Tomko; 2. Kevin Dougherty; 3. Tony Szynaka; 4. Dusty Means; 5. Percy Owens; 6. BJ Gant; 7. Chris Breen; 8. Colin Stiles. Kevin Tomko took the title, followed by Owens and Szynaka.

ABA Southwest Nationals Las Cruces, New Mexico May 15-16,1999: Round 10 of the 1999 ABA Pro National Tour was held this past weekend. A great track layout was appreciated by all of the riders, but the windy, dusty conditions during the race took its toll on the excitement of this race. With a huge Pro turnout, making the Pro mains was tougher than ever. Check out how the Double A Marketing Pro's in attendance did:

It's clinic time with "Maniac" Mike Gul. That's right. Friday, May 21 in Ottawa Lake, MI. The clinic will start immediately following the races. Cost is $15.00 per rider and everyone that participates will get FREE prizes. For more info e-mail Mike at

BMX Superstar clinics have added another date: Thursday, 6/17 in Springfield, IL (NBL). For a complete listing of clinic dates, see the BMX Superstar schedule.

Posted May 17, 1999

Trek's Wade Bootes is starting his 1999 Norba mountain bike season with a bang! With two back-to-back 4th place weekends and strong overall performances, Wade is on track to finishing high in both BMX and MTB. Check out a full report by AA Marketing.

Chris Breen (Hoffman Bicycles) was seen at this weekends NBL Florida State Finals race. Word has it that Chris is digging the east coast scene and may relocate. Will this effect his ride for Hoffman? We shall see.

Hey Aussies! Check out a cool mail order web site just for the land down under! Pedal Inn is still under development, but should be fully operational in no time.

Congratulations to BJ Gant (XTRSKN) for making his first main event this past weekend! Not too shabby for someone who puts in a 50+ hour work week!

Posted May 14, 1999

New TREK rider ripping up X-Games Trials # 1. Congratulations to TREK'S Simon Tabron for his Bronze Medal and Podium finish in the pro vert finals at Louisville, KY ESPN X-Trials # 1. The TREK BMX wrecking crew is hoping to blow the whole X-treme scene up in 1999: magazine covers, poster inserts, TREK riders plastered all over the magazines, and ESPN and FOX Sports TV coverage. Look for TREK riders to be high on the podium all year long.

Posted May 13, 1999

Check out this summer's BMX Superstar clinic schedule given by Jeff Dein and Colin Stiles.

Posted May 10, 1999

We just got back the ABA Dixieland Nationals in Marietta, GA. Stay tuned for a full report plus photos. Here are some quick tidbits: Matt Hadan won his first national on Sunday on board his new Sinister Steering Systems fork. Speaking of the Sinister Fork it was determined during strength tests that it would take about 10,000 pounds of pressure to remove the fork leg from the crown. Guess that sucker ain't going nowhere! John Purse, who doubled on Saturday, broke his collar bone on Sunday. We wish him a speedy recovery as the Jackal was looking like his old self again. Matt Pohlkamp was looking super fast and was getting holeshots like none other. Stay tuned for a full report plus photos. Check out AA Marketing's Press Release on both ABA's and NBL's Dixieland Nationals.

In other news, Heather Bruns is no longer riding for Powerlite. Word has it that there was some tension between her and Powerlite after the ABA Grands. Heather will now be riding for Redman.

Posted May 5, 1999

Jeff Dein and Colin Stiles are trying to organize what will be the first Ultimate Buffet Session ever seen at a BMX event. It will take place on Saturday, May 7th, after the ABA Dixieland Nationals in Powder Springs, GA. We're hoping to get no less than 50 BMXers to hit the Golden Corral just up the road from the track. All racers and fans are welcome. An added feature of the night: May 10 is webmaster Grant Hansen's Birthday. Grant is a certified expert at buffet dessert carts with his patented "ice cream in a soup bowl" display. Let's try to get everyone at the buffet to sing a bawdy Happy Birthday!

Warwick Stevenson has turned AA Pro in an astounding 33 days! The BMX scene is being dominated by foreign imports, and I think it's time for me to drink only imported water from now on. It's good to see that BMX is a global sport.

Dope BMX Products has added a few new names to its rider list: Lyndsay Bushnell, Mike Gul, and Robert Pierce.

Greg Hill's Speed Seminars has added its 1999 clinic and camp schedule to the site. Be sure to check it out.

The Bizzarro National Team will be on a clinic tour of its tri-state area. In 7 day period Bizzarro will be conducting clinics in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. On Wednesday May 12th at 5:30 pm at Bethel Supercross in Bethel CT. On Saturday May 15th at 3 pm in Johnston RI. Finally on May 18th at 5:30 pm at Cape Cod BMX. All clinic's will cost $12 without a t-shirt, $20 including a limited edition Bizzarro Racing T. Every rider will receive a sticker pack/goodie bag, and a chance to learn from some of New England's best riders. Clinic time lengths may vary depending on rider count, but will last approximately 2 hours. Contact Bizarro Racing for more information.

Posted May 3, 1999

Richie Anderson has updated his 1999 clinic schedule. For more information, check out Richie's web site.

The new ABA track in Hawaii, Island BMX Association, has moved its opening day to June 12. Word has it that the track is super, with large turns, an extra-wide rhythm section (which they may split in two to give riders a choice), and a perfect geographical location for a future World Cup. The track is looking for companies to get involved with its grand opening and will accept anything from stickers to products for their give away, even product catalogs. For more information, contact Jason Chang.

Posted April 30, 1999

You heard it here first! Charles Townsend picks up a new sponsor. He'll be racing a Haro frame for the rest of the year. Chuck's been laying down tracks all over the country this year, so look at him to be out in front on his new ride.

Posted April 28, 1999

Mike Gul Race Clinic: If you're planning on going to either the Nashville or the Atlanta national you don't want to go unprepared. That's why everyone need's to go to Mike Gul's clinic on Thursday May 6th in Jackson, TN. The clinic is 6 PM til dark and EVERY RIDER that participates in the clinic will get FREE prizes. If you have any questions e-mail Mike at

Posted April 26, 1999

Congratulations to Jamie Staff and Robert MacPherson who won Saturday and Sunday, respectively, at the ABA U.S. Nationals this past weekend. Christophe Leveque, Thomas Allier, Dale Holmes, and Danny Nelson took the weekend off for some much needed rest. And word has it that Jason Richardson, who finished second on Saturday, was looking faster than usual.

Warwick Stevenson will be sporting a new number plate courtesy of Dope BMX Products. With his collection of wins, Stevenson also picked up a ride with Standard Bykes.

A new look and a new attitude for the Dingo BMX web site. Check it out! And they've got a special offer going on: buy a G2 frame and get a free sublimated jersey, just like the ones the factory team wears!

Posted April 19, 1999

Good Day New York on Fox will be doing a feature on extreme biking tomorrow morning, April 20. Show starts at 6 am so set your VCRs!

Posted April 18, 1999

Tektro Brakes announces its 1999 contingency program. Click here for more info.

Here are the top 12 finishers from the Orlando Dirt Circuit:

  1. Josh Stricker -- TREK-VW, Qualified for 99 X Games
  2. Joey Garcia -- Schwinn
  3. Adam Aloise -- Camp 3 Qualified for 99 X Games
  4. Ryan Nyquist -- Haro
  5. Brandon Pundai -- Standard
  6. Chad Kagy -- Hoffman Bikes
  7. Reuel Erickson --Hyper
  8. Mike Parenti -- GT
  9. Cory Nastazio -- Huffy
  10. Mike Ardelean -- Huffy
  11. Van Homan -- Schwinn
  12. Todd Walkowiak -- DK/1-800-COLLECT

Sinister Steering update: Greg Hill has been hard at work testing the Sinister fork, and from what he tells us, it's super rad. Stiff, light, and strong. Stay tuned for more information and an release date.

Posted April 14, 1999

For the first time in history, Canada has a national BMX series for 1999 and the first national team to step up to the challenge is Free Agent Canada. Team members are Elite riders Brian Onofrichuk, Brian Hunt and TM Brian Makse. Team riders will all be racing 20" and Cruiser classes.

Team co-sponsors are Adidas shoes, ODI grips, Profile Racing components, Sun Rims, Troy Lee Designs race wear, Maxxis tires, Bell Sports Canada and Groove brand clothing.

Noteworthy: team riders will be using the following products:

  • adidas Mirra II shoes
  • Profile cranks and cassette hubs
  • Sun BFR rims
  • ODI's new Lock On grips
  • Maxxis Maxx Daddy and Slick Willy tires
  • Troy Lee Designs race pants, gloves, new Moto Ace visors
  • Bell Helmets' new Rhythm Pro helmets
  • TM Brian Makse will be riding Free Agent's Limo 24 with Profile's 3-speed kit, with shifting provided by Shimano

The Canadian series will be held under UCI rules, with races across the country throughout the year. The Canadian Grands will be held on Labor Day weekend near Edmonton, Alberta.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Brian Maske at

Posted April 12, 1999

Results from Saturday at the the NBL Gator National in Orlando, FL: Congratulations to the top three: Christophe Leveque, Danny Nelson, and Matt Pohlkamp. Thomas Allier took the win on Sunday, giving him enough points to win the NBL mid-season title, and the $10,000 that goes along with it.

In other happenings from the Gator National, Josh Stricker won the dirt jumping contest, and Erik Abbadessa won "The Best Chest in BMX" by hoisting up 405 pounds! This was AFTER racing and no warm-up!

Posted April 9, 1999

The "Maniac" Mike Gul has added Dope BMX Products to his list of co-sponsors. Look for Mike using the latest Dope number plates, pad sets, numbers, and other goodies at a national near you!

Greg Hill's Speed Seminars web site has been revamped with a new look and lots of new information. Check it out! In addition, Greg is putting together some summer camps that look awesome. He'll be hosting three sessions of 5-day camps. Aside from riding and learning with Greg, riders will have a gate start clinic with AA Pro Danny Nelson, hit Sheep Hills for some jumping lessons, take a break at Six Flags Magic Mountain and Huntington Beach, lodge at Greg's and eat his wife's incredible cooking...all for only $550. Camps are limited to 8 riders, so reserve your spot now! For more information, contact Greg Hill at 818-951-0051, or e-mail at

Posted April 2, 1999

A heartfelt congratulations goes out to my buds Jeff Dein and Mallie Coffey who just got engaged! We all wish the two of them a smooth ride with even lips!! The couple will legally be married on April 16 but will hold the ceremonial festivities sometime this fall.

Greg Hill has been busy testing out the prototypes of the Sinister Steering Systems fork. From what we hear, they're excellent. Right on! Order these forks ahead a time and save big! For more information, see Sinister's web site.

Posted March 30, 1999

Phil Wood & Co., legendary hub makers for BMX and wheelchairs, is back in the BMX scene and hopes to take the market by storm. In addition with its line of hubs, Phil Wood will be coming out with a stem and a 30th anniversary frame. Phil Wood will will also be sponsoring Charles Townsend, so next time you see him at the races, ask him about Phil Wood.

Posted March 29, 1999

I just got back from the ABA Winter Nationals at Black Mountain BMX in Arizona. A new record has been set: 361 motos on Saturday! Stay tuned for a complete report plus photos. As the pros are concerned, Greg Romero won on Saturday, followed by Danny Nelson and Thomas Allier. Nelson won on Sunday by winning all three mains!! Charles Townsend and Wade Bootes were looking particularly strong as was Andy Contes in his AA debut. And keep your eyes on GT's Robert DeWilde, a really fast import from Holland. He was tearing it up as well. John Purse and Chrisophe Leveque weren't their usual selves this weekend.

Chris Schoonover took a hard fall while practicing Black Mountain's rhythm section. Early prognosis is that he suffered a broken leg. We at wish Chris a speedy recovery.

Rumor has it that Next bicycles just cut a deal with Walmart, who is planning to purchase a few hundred thousand dollars worth of bikes. I think Steve Veltman's smile just got bigger!

Anderson Clinic update: A change in the date for the clinic at Santa Barbara BMX on April 29,1999 has been moved up to April 22 to allow a last minute Pre National Clinic for those riders in the Santa Barbara area who plan to go to Madera and want a tune-up. For more info check out the Anderson Factory Racing Training Clinics web site.

Posted March 22, 1999

More news about the Calabazas trails (see news item below form March 18, 1999). It seems that the whole plowing incident was a result of a misunderstanding and that the town council didn't authorize it. Does this mean that the trails will be rebuilt? Maybe... meetings still have to occur, but local riders have already taken things (mostly shovels) into their own hands and have started rebuilding. We'll keep you posted on further developments.

Richie Anderson has updated his 1999 clinic schedule. Check it out at the Anderson Factory Racing Training Clinics.

Posted March 18, 1999

Trails at San Jose's Calabazas Park were bulldozed recently due to a "complaint" of a near miss which resulted in the town council to order in the demolition of many trail riders' hearts. No one was told that the trails were going to be destroyed, and parents are forming a commission to meet with the town about it. Two articles are found here with more information, and we'll keep you posted on any developments.

Posted March 14, 1999

Results from the ABA Great Northwest National: Christophe Leveque took the overall win on Saturday and John Purse won it all on Sunday. Sources say the track was a typical ABA indoor; in other words, it sucked! The dirt was soft, muddy, slow, and no one could jump. Track operators attempted to dry the track by hosing it down!?!?

Posted March 11, 1999

The ABA Web site has updated its national, Nag, and pro points. District points should be updated anytime soon.

Posted March 10, 1999

ABA's Cutting Edge track in Ontario, CA, shut down? That's what it seems like! Sources say that the track operator had no permits, not only for operation, but for water and electricity. What's more is that the town of Ontario didn't know anything about the recent national that was held there, which was quite upsetting to the ambulance and fire departments. We'll keep you updated on how this story develops.

Posted March 9, 1999

Congratulations to Wade Bootes for winning both days at the Paris Tours International race this past weekend.

Robert MacPherson was involved in a somewhat freak accident at the recent NBL Peach Tree Nationals in Atlanta. Apparently, his Shimano clipless pedal broke at the spindal and he sliced 1/3 of his hamstring, requiring almost 40 stitches. He also received a huge gash on his forearm. This will put Mac out of commission for about 3 weeks to a month and could hurt his title chase. We at BMXtreme wish Robert a speedy recovery and we'll keep you posted on his recovery. We're also going to try to contact Shimano to see what they're response is to the pedal breaking.

It looks like Todd Lyons will be on the mend again for his chronic wrist injury. He fell on Saturday at the Peach Tree and didn't race Sunday. Also, the Wildman has reclassified himself to Superclass. He's not alone -- Zack Roewbuck and Billy Au also reclassified.

Posted March 7, 1999

Results from the NBL Peach Tree Nationals in Atlanta Georgia: Christophe Leveque won on Saturday, Greg Romero won Sunday, and Thomas Allier won both opens. Andy Contes doubled both days in super class. Guess he's ready to move up! Click here for a report by Jeff Dein.

Posted March 1, 1999

Results from the ABA SoCal Nationals in Ontario, California: Robert MacPherson won on Saturday and Jason Donnell came in 2nd. On Sunday, Danny Nelson took to win and John Purse won Monster X. Props also go out to Eric Kleist who won 14X on Sunday. The following is a press release by Double-A Marketing about the event.

Posted February 28, 1999

Check out the spy photos of Greg Hill's new line of aluminum racing forks at Sinister Steering Systems These forks are excellent!

Posted February 23, 1999

Congratulations to Alan Foster for winning Saturday's main at the Golden State National and to Danny Nelson who won Sunday.

Stay tuned for spy photos of the new Sinister Steering Systems aluminum fork!! Talk about strong!

I just got back from a 4-day camp at Greg Hill's house. Stay tuned for a full report and pics.

Contrary to rumors in the start of the year, Roadkill still has a team and will be in force for 1999.

Posted February 1, 1999

Pro legend and Hall of Famer Greg Hill and his teammates will be ripping it up on the ultra stiff Dingo G2 and Greg's new line of aluminum forks, Sinister Steering. Look for Greg to promote both products at national events and group clinics. Dingo G2's are currently available in Pro, Pro XL, and Cruiser sizes; and the Sinister fork -- which will be available for 20", cruiser, and mini -- should be out sometime in March.

Entries are being voted on for BMXtreme's January contest. The winner will be announced within the next day or so. Our new contest is even bigger and better! We're giving away (thanks to the good folks at Gary Fisher) a Gary Fisher Hard Warpt dirt jumping frame/fork set!! For more info, go to the contest page.

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