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Posted March 30, 2001

From the mouth of Abbadessa: "I can assure you that as of this moment I'm still on Standard and the white shirt at a race, or in practice, is just as you say a rumor." Thanks Erik!

CC Racing/Troy Lee Designs will be having their clinic at the Gator National at Punta Gorda, FL on Friday April 6th. Sign up will be form 12-1 and the clinic will be from 1-3. Cost will be $20.00 and will include a raffle for cool Troy Lee Designs product. If 50 riders sign up a Troy Lee Designs carbon fibre helmet will be given away ( a $450.00 value). Instructors will include Super Girls Marie McGilvary, Danielle Winter, A Pro Jonathon Gabel, Raymond Rogers, Benny Wright, Justin Joy, Tony Lehman and more. Riders will get personal attention to sharpen or develop their skills. Punta Gorda is a fantastic track and why not get the help on how to ride it. The CC Racing crew will be conducting clinics throughout the East Coast this summer. The first of the summer tour will be at the Tanglewood National on Friday May 25th. Any track wanting to have a clinic can contact Marie Mcgilvary for more info at 813-899-0680.
New ABA track in PA ... big deal, right? Well, for PA residents it is. But what really caught my eye about the story is that they are ploughing a couple of baseball fields to build the track. Finally, justice is served. Look for the Mountain View BMX Park in PA's Wyoming Valley this May.

Posted March 27, 2001

We just got word that Erik Abbadessa is off Standard. We don't know the whole story but rumors are flying around (of course). Some say that Standard is trying to make room for Kyle Bennet in case Nirve goes under, but that is just rumor. We did hear Abba was white-shirting it at practice the other night and seeking local help. We'll keep you posted.

PRESS RELEASE: Hyper Bicycles picked up the 2000 ABA #2 girl pro, Alice Jung. Alice can now be seen riding her new Hyper Boxster frame. In additon to Hyper Bicycles, Alice has also added Dope BMX Products to be her offical number plate/pad set and she will also be wearing Spred Clothing. Alice made her Hyper debut a good one this past weekend at the ABA Winter Nationals. Coming off a broken ankle and only being able to ride for 2 weeks prior to the big race, Alice was not only able to make the girl pro main both days, but she was able to get 3rd for both Saturday and Sunday.

Posted March 26, 2001

More John Purse News: Many of you have already spotted him riding around on a Profile frame, but rumor has it that a signature John Purse Profile frame is already in the works! We'll keep you posted.

Sunday at the NBL national in Atlanta, Javier Columbo took the overall pro-class win followed by Erik Abbadessa.

Posted March 25, 2001

Erik Abbadessa continues to do well down south. He won the pro class on Saturday in Atlanta. Michelle Cairns took the women's pro class. Get well wishes to Percy Owens who endoed and broke his collarbone and separated his shoulder. Ouch.

Up at the Sea Otter Classic, the dual slalom final was hard fought between Wade Bootes and Brian Lopes. Although Bootes was the fastest qualifier (also for the 4-man downhill going on today) Lopes edged him out for the overall win.

Posted March 21, 2001

John Purse off Redline? Looks like it. Due to injuries, the Jackal hasn't been able to race much this year, so Redline execs opted to use an out clause in Purse's contract that stated that they have the right to let a rider go if he misses a certain amount of consecutive races. Although Redline has offered Purse a lesser deal and the Jackal has until March 30 to make up his mind, all signs are pointing that Purse will not accept it. We'll keep you posted on JP's situation.

The recently run BMX Australia Junior Development Camp is now on the Internet. If you wondered why BMXA Supercoach had made a flying visit back to Australia, check out . Most of the new Aussie Junior Coaching program in full color, including the specially adapted SRM CRANKS and associated computer system which is designed to measure the power output in watts (strength x rotational speed). Also check out squad members under test conditions within the Australian Institute of Sport High Performance Laboratory, as well as working with the Bio-Mechanical experts under track conditions. 19 of Australia's top 14 to 17 year riders attended the 4 day intensive feeder camp. The photos tell a story, but the results will remain a secret as part of the next phase in the Australian BMX High Performance program When you access the site, hit on "more pictures " in the Luke Madill interview and scroll from pictures 1828 through to 1848.

Posted March 18, 2001

Down in the lower right-hand corner of the U.S., Coral Springs Florida held its State Qualifier this weekend. Erik Abbadessa and Kevin Tomko took one and two, respectively, on both days. Colombo took the third on Saturday, and Fowler took the three spot on Sunday.

Posted March 15, 2001e tu, brute?

Dade City BMX Raceway in Dade City, Florida will once again host the ABA's Gator Nationals the weekend of May 11-13, 2001. A newly designed track, along with increased team purses will greet the participants as they arrive at stop #10 on the 2001 ABA National Tour. Don't be left behind, contact Adventure Travel today to make your reservations for this spectacular event. Team Purses are as follows: Factory- 1st-$1000, 2nd-$600, 3rd-$400, 4th-$200, 5th-$150, 6th- $100 Bike Shop- 1st-$600, 2nd-$400, 3rd-$300, 4th- $200, 5th- $150, 6th-$100 The 2001 ABA National Tour is proudly sponsored by, Answer Products, Pro Concept, Stiffys, Mongoose, Crupi Parts, Vans, Exclusive One Screen Printing, and Cruise American RV Rentals & Sales.

Redline Press Release: This past weekend, Team REDLINE split up like they were Microsoft, and went in two different directions--JASON CARNES and BUBBA HARRIS returned to the windy side of El Paso, TX., while MATT HADAN and the Flyin HAYASHI family arrived in Burbank, CA for another round of NBL. And as all of us have come to expect; the outcomes were quite good:

BUBBA HARRIS took top honors out of the team this past weekend, with 3-Wins-out-of-4 main events. With Cruiser victories both days, Bub should be sliding near the top spot of points in no time; and will no doubt be a threat for the National No.1 Cruiser title, as well as Amateur No.1. In 15x, he was all set to double-double, when a pesky Texan snuck by on the inside to push Harris to 2nd. Word has it that all of his training is paying off big--Bubba is the strongest he's ever been and is going faster than mere mortals can percieve.

JASON CARNES flew to El Paso for a change (the truck & trailer he normally drives is in Washington, getting upgraded by Nintendo), and the buffed bald one wound up with first-place money in Pro Cruiser. On 20-inch, Carne$ was also in the hunt, and not only found himself in the AA-main on Sunday, but was also seen dicing it out up front before a Dutch disaster struck.

Meanwhile, on the NBL circuit, amateur girl KIM HAYASHI was once again pitted against the Pro Women, in their Pro/Am Open class. And just like Vegas last month, Kim was constantly out front, duking it out elbow-to-elbow with Redline-mounted JAMIE LILLY. In the battle of the Redline bikes-- Lilly -vs- Hayashi, wound up with a split decision; 1 win a piece. And it was neck-to-neck the whole way!

As of late, MATT HADAN has been tearing it up on his cruiser. With two 4th place finishes on his 24, you can count him in on the hunt for NBL No.1 Cruiser by years' end. It's usually right around this time of the year when "Diesel" turns it up a few notches.

Other standout REDLINE co-Factory riders who were on fire last weekend were: AA-pro CHRIS HAM, scoring a 5th place on Saturday with the big guns in El Paso. While in Burbank, Kims quick lil sibling--JEFF HAYASHI, was Mr.Consistent with 3rds both days in 11 Expert.

If your going to be racing the ABA Winter Nationals next week make sure that you are ready, or if you just want to have some good ol BMX fun. This Saturday March 17 at Black Canyon City, AZ Hyper Bicycles Pro "Maniac" Mike Gul, System West's AA Pro John Smart, and Pro Girl Alice Jung will be doing a clinic together. The clinic will be 2 1/2 hours long and will start after the race at Black Canyon City (races should end around 2:30-3pm). It's only $20.00 per rider to join the clinic and everyone that takes the clinic will get all kinds of free prizes from Hyper Bicycles, System West, Dope BMX Products, Spred Clothing, Profile, Answer, ODI, Dragon, Tioga, Troy Lee Designs, and Sun/Ringle.
Redman Press Release: Redman/Yamaha WaveRunner makes a huge splash in (Lake) Ontario… blows the water out of the Rio Grande in windy El Paso… After a year that saw them consistently atop the ABA leader board, culminating with a huge factory win at the ABA Grands, the Redman Factory tribe has been joined in its quest to be #1 by the #1 selling watercraft in the U.S., Yamaha WaveRunner! What-Redman in blue!? Yamaha blue! And the new colors were flying high in Reno where the team scored big, picking up where they left off last season. Next stop-the NBL Silver State Nationals where team Redman/Yamaha WaveRunner grabs 4 out of 8 main event gates and the win on Sunday in the go-for-broke 16 and over $$$ race! Primed for victory, Redman and the gang aimed their sights on Ontario and the ABA SoCals. But while the "Black & Blue" would issue a major statement in the factory pits, the team (in the rained out event) would have to wait for clearer skies. Which they finally got in El Paso. There, led by reigning ABA National #1 Ian Stoffel's triple-triple, Redman/Yamaha WaveRunner takes the factory win both days! Adding to Ian's impressive tally, 10-year old expert Travis Ohrazda also scores a triple win on Sunday and 19X Clint Gower double-doubles! Most impressive was the team run on the expert open ranks with Ohraza picking up the win in 9/10, Judson Huvard in 11/12, Steven Cisar in 13/14, Stoffel in 15/16 and Gower in 17 & Over! Still, not to be outdone by the most dominating amateur force on the circuit, new Redman/Yamaha WaveRunner pro Kevin Royal starts his first full year of AA racing off right with a 5th in class, a 3rd in Pro Open and pair of 2nd's in Pro Cruiser. And backing the 2001 Redman/Yamaha WaveRunner Team … an impressive list of co-sponsors, including- Answer Products, Ultimate Racing, Technique Components, Drive Technologies, DiaTech Brakes, Dope BMX Products, Designs USA, Stealth Hubs, ODI Grips, Time, Marwi Spokes, Sun/Ringle Rims, KMC Chains, EVS Speed Protection, Chris King Headsets, Atomic Laboratories, Warpt Clothing, Mr. Sticker Custom Decals and Finish Line Lubricants. Next up- check out the Black & Blue of Redman/Yamaha WaveRunner out front in Phoenix at the ABA Winter Nationals, March 24th & 25th!

Posted March 12, 2001

Yesterday's first-place losers (sorry guys! :-) rebound today. Wade Bootes and Jamie Staff won their respective battles (and sanctions today). For a full report on both nationals, check out Double A Marketing's scene report.

Posted March 11, 2001

Quick ABA and NBL updates from this weekend's nationals: Over in the ABA, Robert DeWilde took day one's win followed closely by Wade Bootes. In California, the NBL's first day of racing was conquered by Thomas Allier, followed by Jamie Staff and Dale Holmes. Stay tuned for more updates.

News from Australia: Coach ecstatic about Junior Development Camp
Recently arrived back from the US for a 2 week break, BMX Australia National Coaching Director Grant White is quoted as saying that the results from the Camp were "Excellent, the best thing that has happened in BMX in Australia." Featuring some 20 of Australia's finest BMX Athletes between 14 and 17 year of age, the 4 day development camp was held at the world famous Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. Working closely with a variety of Athlete Specialists, the riders, who included a number of current World and National No 1's were able to utilize 2 local BMX tracks, as well as the full Bio Mechanical and Testing resources of the Institute. A large amount of data was gathered on the individual athletes performance, and the AIS experts were staggered at the performance shown by some of the riders. In particular the explosive ability of a majority of the riders was closely noted for future inclusion in the current Australian Road and Track testing procedures. Another Hi Performance camp will be run in June by White at the AIS for the Australian National Elite team that will travel to Louisville to contest the 2001 UCI-BMX World Titles. "Supercoach" White will spend another week in Australia in debriefing with BMX Australia before returning to the States to resume his 2001 race campaign.

In other news... BMX Australia has announced that Sportcover Insurance, a long time supporter of BMX, will be included as a sponsor of the Australian National Team to attend the 2001 UCI-BMX World Titles in Louisville, Kentucky. Peter Nash, Managing Director of Sportcover, was keen to provided support for the large team, and each rider will be provided with a specially designed Polo Shirt so that they can maintain their national identity both on and off the track. Sportcover has been a traditional supporter in the past of Australian Road Cycling, and has recently taken out major sponsorship on a Group A Supercar contesting the Australian Supercar Series. Additional sponsorship has also been obtained from Events Corp Western Australia, who will also provide funding to support their promotion of the 2003 UCI-BMX World Titles in Perth. Their logo and sponsorship will result in additional merchandise being made available to all the Australian riders entered . Mike Rees, for Events Corp WA commented that they have a long term promotional plan that will see a strong presence at Louisville in 2001 and Brazil in 2002. The funding will also allow key Australian Event Management Team members to attend the event. BMX Australia President, Graham Arnold, also emphasised that the sponsorship did not just cover the Elite National Team, but included every Australian rider that would enter for Louisville. He commented that "the similarity between the Louisville facility and the 2003 venue (Burswood Superdome) meant that the BMX Australia officials could get in some fine tuning, as well as utilise the kind assistance of the US organizing committee in allowing the Australians to go behind the scenes and see the inner workings of the structure."

Posted March 8, 2001

Hyper Bicycles/Dope BMX Products/Spred Clothing's "Maniac" Mike Gul had to under go a life altering operation at 2:53 pm Pacific time on Wednesday in New Port Beach, CA. At this time it is unknown if Mike will fully recover or not. Next time you see Mike or think you're seeing Mike, make sure you give him your best wishes. You can send him a get well wish at In other news, stay tuned for, coming soon! Editor's Note: We have been unable to get in touch with the Maniac to get the details on this; however, we have a hunch that it may be some type of joke (or so we should hope!) like him cutting his hair or something. If this is the case, we shall have to beat his ass. Otherwise, we really hope it's not serious. Stay tuned for more info.

Posted March 1, 2001

Cora Tucker, 9 year old Michigan racer, was in a fatal car accident this past weekend. According to Jocelyn at, Cora was one of those little girls who just looked at you and made you smile from her personality and her being so sweet. She is going to be terribly missed in the BMX community. Cora has raced for Dans/Huffy for 2 years. We wish our sincere condolences to Cora's family, friends, and teammates.

DOPE BMX PRODUCTS PRESS RELEASE: The ABA So Cal Nationals in Ontario, CA may have been a mud fest, but that doesn't mean that there where not riders that kicked butt!! And the Dope BMX team was the ones doing the kicking. First we have Travis Healey. Travis is the king of all mudders as he went on to just ruled the 12 cruiser class. If that wasn't enough he went out on to do it again in the 12 expert main. Chalk up a double win for mud king Travis. Next came Darrick Petterson's turn. Darrick made the stacked 16 expert main. But that wasn't enough for Darrick. He went on to grab 3rd place. After battling through the A Pro Quarters and semis Hyper Bicycles/Dope BMX/Spred Clothings "Maniac"© Mike Gul was in the main. When the gate drop Mike took his Boxster frame to the front. A bobble down the 3rd straight put Mike back to 3rd and that's where he finished. Last came System Wests/Dope BMX/Troy Lee's John Smart. John has always done well at the Cutting Edge BMX track and this year was no different. John was once again in the main event to the hardest class in BMX, AA Pro. John was in fourth coming out of the first turn and after a little good luck went his way John quickly found himself in 2nd. Mark down John for 2nd in AA Pro. Dope had a great weekend even in the mud. Be on the look out for all the Dope BMX Products riders to be in full force at Phoenix, AZ in March for the ABA Winter Nationals.

Posted February 28, 2001

VANS TRIPLE CROWN INFO: There has been a lot of rumors flying around about the Vans series; here is the word strait from Everett Rosecrans. The Vans races will be at the following events: Race #1-ABA Salt Lake June 15-17. It will be a special track and the ABA won't run a pro race on Sunday, so it will be ABA race on Sat, Vans on Sunday-Big Purse. Race #2-UCI Worlds, July 22-29. Vans will just throw in at least $10,000 to the purse. Make sure your signed up by March 1st, tomorrow! Race #3 is still up in the air. It will be more than likely after the NBL Grands, maybe ABA North Carolina or West Coast Gold Cup. They want everyone to be there, so it will be at an ABA race after the NBL Grands. Just extra $$ out into the purse. As for ESPN, they are doing downhill BMX at the Summer X Games and will not be a part of the VC3 series.

Posted February 27, 2001

Grant White signs with Free Agent Bicycles: Grant White, Australia's top pro BMX rider and National training coach, entered into an agreement today, February 27, 2001, to exclusively race Free Agent Frames. Grant, who placed 7th in AA pro at last weeks ABA So Cal Nationals, was excited about the agreement. "I am very happy to be working with Free Agent, and they have already brought me in and treated me like family."

Free Agent tops the list of others who are giving great support to the promising top AA racer. Oneal, Bombshell, AC, Smith, ODI, Etnies, Answer,, Tioga, Revenge/Champion Nutrition, Headlock, Powerbar and Azonic are Grant's other current cosponsors. Grant will race under the listing of Free Agent/Oneal. Grant White raced the ABA pro tour back in 1998 with no major support throughout the year and wound up ABA #9 AA pro. He then turned his focus to BMX training. Grant had great success as he became the Australian National BMX coach and in 1999, began working with Wade Bootes, current ABA #1 AA Pro and UCI world Dual Champion, and Robert MacPherson, ABA #4 AA pro.

For more information on Free Agent, visit For more information on Grant, contact Pete Dylewski:

Hyper’s Lucas Porzio is taking a ride to the Great White North! Factory Hyper dirt jump superstar, Lucas Porzio, will be joining the Canadian Hyper Bicycles crew at this weekend’s Toronto International Bicycle Show. The show starts this Friday and runs through Sunday at the National Trade Centre. Lucas will be going off in the show’s dirt jump contest and kickin’ back in the Hyper booth, signing autographs and taking pics with beautiful ladies. Hyper is giving away their new Dirt King bicycle at the show, so make sure you stop by and fill out a ballot. While you’re there, make sure you check out the 2001 line of Hyper Bicycles and pick up some swag!
NIRVE PRESS RELEASE: Weekend race report from Team Manager Gary Ellis attached. It should be noted that Dales Holmes raced brilliantly winning two out of three classes entered, in the SoCal National. Also of note, while rookie pro Kyle Bennett crashed in the main over in France, I'm told he won all 9 of his motos going into the final and was clearly the man to beat. Late news on Mike Laird's broken ankle (Talus bone) is he'll be out 4-6 weeks. Finally, it is awesome to see Steve Murray in the mix after such an injury-ridden season last year. Stay tuned, and keep your eye on this guy.

ABA So. Cal Nationals - Ontario, CA, February 24-25, 2001
European National - Tours, France
Hoffman CFB - Kona, FL

The ABA So. Cal Nationals was definitely a major mudfest, one of the biggest ABA races of the year was met with nonstop rain. Saturdays race didn't finish until 3am and Sundays race was canceled all together. Nirve Pro Dale Holmes kept his thoughts positive and made the best of a bad situation, Dale had consistent great holeshots and finished 1st in both Pro Open and Pro Cruiser. Nirve Pro Cristian Becerine had a tuff time in the mud and had to hang it up early. Deviate Pro Alan Foster made his way through the mud to take 6th in Pro Open.

Tours, France was the site of a huge European National, Nirve Pro Kyle Bennett received an invite and jumped on the chance to race one of the biggest Euro events of the year. Kyle was the fastest guy in Tours, he made his way through 300 riders and found himself battling for the lead in the main event, Kyle went down in a first corner crash injuring his shoulder. Kyle says he is just a little tender and should be fine in no time.

Stop 1 in the Hoffman CFB series took place in Kona, Florida over the weekend. Everyone was in a frenzy to get the Dirt Jumping and Freestyle year started. Over 40 Pro Dirt Jumpers showed up in FL to do battle. Nirve Pro Stephen Murray was going at it with the likes of TJ Lavin, Nasty and Chris Doyle. Stephen put it together in a big way finishing 5th overall in Dirt Jumping. Voxom Pro Brian Foster was in great form after double knee surgery and six months off to take a 8th overall in Pro Dirt Jumping. Nirve Pro Mike Laird bailed out of a 360 during practice and was sent home early from Kona with a broken ankle, Mike will be out of action for a while, we wish Mike a speedy recovery. The next stop for the Nirve Team is NBL Sun Valley, California March 10-11.

Posted February 26, 2001

Brian Lopes returns to BMX as he saw the opportunity to do well in a real mudder. The ABA So Cal Nationals in Ontario, CA were just a mess and weather caused havoc, delays, etc., resulting in Day One' national ending at 3 am!!! Sunday's race was canceled. Double A Marketing has a report posted, so check it out!

BULLDOG URBAN BIKE COMPANY AND DR.PEPPER HOOK UP! Joining The Source, the magazine of Hip-Hop, Culture and Politics, DR.PEPPER is now Co-Title sponsor of The Urban Bike Squad. Bulldog has landed a great deal including the Dr.Pepper sweepstakes coming to a can near you! Owner of Bulldog Bikes, Jimmy Mac says, "Bulldog is traveling in a new direction with our team. A Pro's Brian Strieby and Mark Thompson are going to smash up the race circuit, and they will be displaying their dirt jumping moves at core dirt jumping events too. Bulldog has also recuited Pro Flatlander Steve Mulder from Indiana, one of the top Flatties in the world. Also, newly recruited Brooklyn, NY Street rider Rhondel will be burning it up in competitions." The Official Bulldog Urban ill Tour 2001 will be on the road in their 24 ft Mega truck starting in April in Punta, FL. Bulldog will be taking part in NBL and ABA races and King of Dirt, Vans Tripple Crown, CFB and DK circuits. Be sure to visit the Bulldog pit area to check out the bikes, the 5,000 watt system, or even if you're just thirsty!!!

Posted February 22, 2001

This year STILEMAN is adding to its spring break riding sessions. Not only will STILEMAN be hosting the infamous SANDBOSS Jam (Conquer the SAND), but they are adding the STILEMAN Jam to their schedule. At both Jams there will be Free Riding Sessions, Product Giveaways, and a Pro Jam. Last years SANDBOSS went off great and this year we are looking at expanding it even more. With the STILEMAN Jam we are keeping the same freedom as SANDBOSS, while trying some new things that should turn out to be a positive riding experience. So if you are coming to Florida for Spring Break, and your budget is tight or you just want to ride, come on out. SANDBOSS is going for it's 5th year on Monday April 9th at the West Gate Trails in West Palm Beach Florida. Approximate start time is 1 PM and goes till whenever.

For more info about SANDBOSS you can call Colin at 321 255 4232 or Bill at 561 683 0543. The STILEMAN (Whats your STYLE?) Jam is being introduced this year on Tuesday April 10th at Paradise Funplex Skatepark in Merrit Island. Paradise Funplex not only has a Skatepark, but also has a Box Rythum for your riding pleasure. Approximate start time is 1 PM and goes till whenever. For more information about the STILEMAN Jam you can call Colin at 321 255 4232 or Paradise Funplex at 321 454 7777.

Posted February 21, 2001

Uh, we don't know what the hell this is all about. But gOrk sent it to us, so we think he has way too much time on his hands. Here you go!

PRESS RELEASE: PRYME GEAR has just signed the next hottest boy band in the land, OUTTA SYNC, to exclusively wear their new clothing line. "These new dark blue hooded sweatshirts rewl!" says N'nN--the tenor of the group. Bass vocalist NateDawg was psyched to get such a cool clothing sponsor; claiming: "With so many chix chasin' us... yo. Ripping off our shirts 'n all. Dis' Pryme hoodie should stand up better than my wife-beater tee." Lil' N the soprano, loves the Pryme skull logo. "Syd the Skull is p-h-a-t," he exclaimed in his squeeky voice that drives the girls nuts. "In fact, 'dat just might be my next tat... whoa, I made a rhyme!" Look for OUTTA SYNC, on tour this summer, at most State and County Fairs. And don't forget: next time you go to your local bike shop to scope out the new Pryme clothing, do just like their new hit single says--"Buy,Buy,Buy." Click here for the band's poster and to see the sweatshirt.

Hyper Bicycles "Maniac" Mike Gul has moved out to Cali for a couple of months and will be staying with AA pro John Smart. Mike and John will be doing clinics all over the west coast together. The clinics will be brought to you by Hyper Bicycles, Systems West, Dope BMX Products, Spred Clothing, Answer, Troy Lee Designs, Profile, Tiogo, Dragon, and ODI. John is especially good at teaching sprinting and snapping techniques ... be sure to ask him how he got so good.
2001 SPRED TEAMSTERS: As we reported previously, Todd "The Wildman" Lyons has signed on with Spred Clothing this year. You will seeing Todd wearing Spred at his jumping events, and NBL and ABA Nationals as well as other extreme events. John Smart of Systems West~Profile will also be sporting Spred Clothing Look for John at his clinics with free Spred goodies... Todd and John join Hyper Pro ©Maniac Mike Gul, Charles Townsend, Action Bikes A pro Ryan Whitesides and 17x Mike Bonanni of Style Racing in Las Vegas on the Spred Special Forces.
Rumors have been flying all around concerning Nirve Sports. We recently spoke to Nirve to find out the deal. So it's like this: Nirve is discontinuing it's board line (snowboards, surf boards, skate boards) and will concentrate only on the bicycle end of the action sports arena. So, no, they're not going out of business; they're reorganizing. See the below press release for related information.

Posted February 16, 2001

Nirve Sports Announces Hiring of Dan Bon and Bob Braseny: Nirve Sports, Ltd. today announced that it has hired Dan Bon as the company's new Chief Executive Officer. Formerly the head of sales at GT Bicycles, Dan brings 30 years of experience to Nirve. Also joining Nirve as the company's VP of Product & Planning is Bob Braseny.

The Company also announced that it is selling off and closing its board sports businesses so that it can focus energies and resources on its bicycle and component areas. Founder Bill Duehring stated "we are very pleased to bring on Dan and Bob. With our bicycle line experiencing a fine reception, its time to build distribution and widen our offerings. In bringing on Dan and Bob, Nirve is getting two of the best qualified senior executives in the industry."

Dan Bon stated "leaving an industry leader like Schwinn/GT has been a difficult decision for me. But with the impressive product line Bill has developed for Nirve and the opportunity to lead Nirve's growth over the coming years, it's an opportunity I couldn't refuse. With great products and a clear leadership position in using the internet to create new efficiencies for the dealer, I am very excited about Nirve's potential."

Dan will officially join Nirve in middle March. Bob Braseny joins the company today. Bill Duehring is stepping down as CEO and Co-Chairman to move on to new challenges. Bill will continue to assist Nirve's design and product development efforts for the next few years from Felt Racing, an elite contract design house owned in part by Bill.

Hyper Bicycles has added a photo gallery to its web site, including photos of Mike Gul and Lucas Porzio. Look for more photos to be added each month.

Posted February 14, 2001

Maxxis Tires presents the 2001 DK Dirt Circuit
Sponsored by DK Bicycles, Maxxis Tires, 1-800-COLLECT, DC Shoes, and the NBL

Round One:
April 14, 2001
Race Rock Supercharged Restaurant
Orlando, Florida
$5,000 Pro Purse

Round Two:
May 5, 2001
Custom Compact Power Jam
Carlisle, PA
Pro Purse
Amateur Contest

Round Three:
June 9, 2001
Real Ride Skatepark California
Lake Perris, CA
$5,000 Pro Purse
Amateur Contest

Round Four:

Round Five:

1-800-COLLECT Plenty to Call Home About $10,000 Grand Prize: The DK Dirt Circuit is proud to announce the 1-800-COLLECT Plenty to Call Home About $10,000 Grand Prize. A $10,000 bonus will be awarded to the 2001 DK Dirt Circuit pro series champion courtesy of 1-800-COLLECT. The DK Dirt Circuit series champion is determined by taking each rider's best (3) contest scores plus his double points score at the finals. Last year Chris Doyle won the 2000 DK Dirt Circuit Series Championship by placing 2nd, 1st, 1st, and then 2nd at the finals. The 1-800-COLLECT Plenty to Call Home About $10,000 Grand Prize will give riders competing in the 2001 DK Dirt Circuit an extra incentive to do well at every event.

Evan Bartlett, 16 expert, is working with Midwest Cycle Fest and roadracing/ supercross association for the Midwest. They are looking for riders to help put on a free bmx demo at one of their racing weekends. If you or someone you know is interested, contact Evan Bartlett at

Posted February 13, 2001 has been updated. Check out the following additions: The new 2001 schedule; The new journal has been written and includes 10 new photos; There is a new photo section under the Journal with 22 new action shots of Cory Nastazio, Robbie Morales, Thomas Allier, Eddie Fiola, Adam Aloise, Joey Garcia, Alan Foster, Brian Foster, Dave Mavro, Robbie Muranda, and Stephen Murray and others; The e-mail section has 7 new emails; Two new pictures in the magazine photo section; New article from Snap magazine in the Writings section.

Over at the NBL Silver State Nationals in Mesquite, Thomas Allier had a successful weekend, winning 3 of 4 classes. From what we hear, the NBL continues to step up its track design, and gave the Mesquite crowd a pretty rad layout. Over at the ABA Mid-America Nationals, Wade Bootes made his 2001 debut and took the pro class win on Saturday. The other two top consistent riders were Jamie Staff and Warwick Stevenson. These three riders traded podium spots all weekend. Double A Marketing has a race report concerning its riders. Check it out!
Rumors are flying all over the place regarding Snap Magazine ... thanks to Bruce Ritter, we were able to find a thread on BMX Online that Mulligan wrote concerning the issues. Starting in June, the magazine will be called Transworld BMX. They wanted to throw "BMX" in the title so that kids would recognize their sport on newsstands, as they may not from the word "Snap." Also, they will cover racing and dirt jumping, but will also include other sytles of riding to appeal to a larger audience.

Posted February 12, 2001

As of February 12th 2001, AA Pro Jason Richardson and Bulldog Bikes have parted ways. Right now Jason is riding the privateer colors and is on the lookout for a new ride.

BULLY Bikes is pleased and excited to announce that they have picked up Dusty Means as their new A Pro. Patrick Baker has been released from the team. In other Bully news Ashley Kneram has been switched from MCS Bicycles to the BULLY roster. Amanda Givens has been added to the MCS Team Roster for the Florida Series. Amanda is what they feel is "the next generation female."

Pat Baker (Indiana transplant residing in Florida) is now on XTRSKN. He's gonna be riding a Redline bike and wearing an XTRSKN uniform. XTRSKN is also doing a clinic in Tallahasse on Feb. 17 at 1:00 pm at Tom Brown Park: cost is $20.00 per rider and they receive an XTRSKN padset or the new 'Shinners' (a cooler shinguard to waer under your leathers) and a coupon for 25% off any XTRSKN product. With the pants selling like hotcakes, they could save almost $20.00 off the pants' price alone!!!

Crupi Parts has just hired ABA BMX Hall of Fame Member Turnell Henry. Crupi's General Mgr. Greg Swingrover stated, "When we learned that Turnell had left Odyssey, we couldn't wait to get him. Tuni will bring to Crupi his numerous years of experience, product development, racing ability and his overall knowledge of the sport that will continue to build Crupi as a BMX leader. Tuni will definitely be an asset to Crupi Parts." Turnell will do a little of everything at Crupi including sales, product development, testing, race for Factory Crupi/Challenge and drive the Crupi Factory Sales truck and trailer to all the races. Please visit the Crupi trailer at the races and help welcome Turnell to Crupi Parts!

Posted February 6, 2001

Stranger things have been known to happen ... could it be that Harley Davidson is coming out with a special tribute low rider in honor of BMXtreme's Grant Hansen? Click here to find out.

Snap Magazine no more? Looks that way. We heard the rumor a while ago, and it looks like BMX racing just isn't cutting it as far as widespread interest in concerned. Look for a new magazine, Transworld BMX to come out that will concentrate mostly on dirt jumping and street. So we hear...
Dope BMX Products is ready for the 2001 race season. This rider-owned company with have its newly designed M&M made jerseys at the ABA So Cal Nationals in Ontario, CA. Also, be sure to stop by the factory tent and check out the hot products that Dope offers from number plates, pad sets, t shirts, hats, shin guards, and more. Dope's Factory 2001 team consists of Kris Park rookie A pro, Joey May 28X, Michael Antes owner of Dope and 31-35 cruiser, Derrick Peterson 15X, Karl Hudson 14X, Travis Healey 13X, Danita Ritter 31-35 cruiser. Dope also Co Sponsors: Factory Redman, Factory Hyper, AA Pro John Smart (Systems West/Profile), AA Pro Warrick Stevenson (Diamond Back), A Pro Mike Gul (Hyper Bicycles), Pro Girl Alice Jung.
The Dans Competition team has re-signed with Huffy, and also picked up Sun Ringle, S&M and EVS as new co-sponsors. Answer products, Axo cycling, Knucklebone helemets, DK, Ugp, Profile, Vans, and Finish line products have re-signed for this year also. New riders: Adam Donovan 24x, Carlos Pierson 18x. The team will be on the new black Primus at the April Florida nationals.
Have you checked out the new web site for Dade City BMX? Believe it or not, this was a freebie offered by Kevin McBride of Spred Clothing. Remember track operators, Kevin is offering free web sites to all ABA and NBL tracks. First come, first served. So act quickly! You can e-mail Kevin at

Posted February 5, 2001

Wildman to Wear Spred: With the deminse of JNCO, Todd Lyons will now be sporting Spred Clothing.

Posted February 3, 2001

Diamondback has picked up Scotty Yoquelet for 2001. This should give DB some good coverage in Vans Triple Crown-type events, and perhaps this year's X Games. Click here to check out Diamondback's full 2001 roster and sponsorship opportunities..

East Coast Pull has been updated for February. Check out the cool splash page. If only we all could be that hardcore.

Posted February 2, 2001

EVS (Extreme Velocity Sports), maker of the popular Ballistic padded jersey and other assorted protective guards, is teaming up with the BMX Superstar 2001 Clinic Series to help keep clinic riders out front and healthy. All racers who participate in a BMX Superstar Clinic this year will receive a voucher good for a 25% discount on all EVS items. Considering the Ballistic jersey retails for over $100, buying one with a BMX Superstar voucher will save racers more than the $20 clinic fee. It's like EVS and BMX Superstar are paying racers to get faster!

Check out EVS goods on BMX Superstar coordinator and SWO A Pro Colin Stiles, Clayborn AA Pro Jeff Dein and Redline's legendary John Purse. Net junkies can go on-line at and for specs. You can also spot EVS' newest elbow guards in the new products section of the Jan/Feb issue of BMX Today.

Posted January 31, 2001

Andy Contes on Haro? You betcha! Look for Andy to be banging elbows with his new teammates.

Posted January 26, 2001

Tim "Fuzzy" Hall is the first person to ride the loop on a bike! Most of you have seen Tony Hawk pull this maneuver in a television commerical (like a rollercoaster loop) but Fuzzy is the first to pull it on a bike! Other riders attempted, but came up short. Ouch!

In other Mongoose news, Travis Chipres says he has a lot of things planned for 2001. As some of you know, Travis left Specialized last year on good terms, and then decided to tackle different obstacles with Mongoose when they approached him. Although he misses his friends at Specialized, he's looking forward to new things with Mongoose.

ATTENTION TRACK DIRECTORS: Need a web site for your track? Then you're in luck. Kevin McBride of Spred Clothing is offering free web sites to all ABA and NBL tracks. First come, first served. So act quickly! You can e-mail Kevin at

Posted January 23, 2001

Pryme has just released it's new TAT-2 grips. "TAT" coming from the fact that the design is like a primal tattoo. Size wize, these babies are long (Pro XL) and come with easy to install bar ends. Pryme TAT-2 grips come in four color combos: black/grey, black/blue, black/red and black/black. Suggested retail price is $8.99.

Systems West Sports now has the most stylin' tow vehicle in BMX. It's big, bad and black. A 2001 black Ford F350 crew cab 7.3 Diesel. It has a pro comp 4" lift, dual shocks on the front, 36x14.5x16.5 Mickey Thompson Baja tires with 16.5x12 weld racing wheels, grill guard, 2 pro comp 130w lights, spray-in bed liner, chrome diff covers, tinted windows, leather interior and a VCR with TV screens built into the back of each head rest. Check it out with the Systems West/ Profile Racing Trailer at the next race.

Posted January 22, 2001

Dale Holmes, Jamie Staff, and Randy Stumpfhauser show their strength at the ABA Volunteer Nationals in Memphis, TN. Click here for the Double A Marketing race report.

Posted January 17, 2001

Powerlite's Mario Soto Passes Away
From Powerlite Industries: It is with the greatest sympathy and deepest regret that we inform you of the death of Powerlite Industries star AA Pro Mario Soto. Mario was killed in a motorcycle accident in his hometown of Bogota, Columbia on January 16, 2001.

At just 22 years of age, Mario was one of the fastest and most promising stars that BMX has ever seen. He recently finished off his first professional season by winning the ABA's Golden Crank Award for Rookie Pro of the Year, and captured the UCI's World Championship title for Elite Men's Cruiser. It was just weeks ago that Mario returned to the United States to score two second place finishes at the NBL's Christmas Classic National in Columbus, Ohio. Mario is the current points leader in the NBL's AA Pro class.

We at Powerlite Industries and GT Bicycles send our most heart felt and sincere prayers to his family and friends. If you would like to send anything to Mario's family you can deliver it to Powerlite Industries, C/O Big E, and we will forward to Columbia.

Posted January 16, 2001

MARIO SOTO KILLED IN CRASH: As a journalist, there is news that I sometimes don't want to hear. Sadly, I was just informed that "Super" Mario Soto has been killed, apparently in a motorcycle accident. Unfortuately, I don't have all the details. Speechless as I write this, and feeling sick that I am doing just that, I want to send my condolences to Mario's family, friends, teammates, and fans. I only got the opportunity to race against Mario once, but he showed me why he was one of the best BMX had to offer. I regret that I won't see him shine as a AA Pro as he no doubt would have. As I learn more information, especially how to send your condolences to his family, I will be sure to let you know.

Posted January 9, 2001

BMXtreme's Adam Mattis is up to some cool stuff in the off-roading world. He has designed which is listed as the Premier Motocross News / Shopping site on the internet by riders / browsers worldwide! is highly regarded as one of the most comprehensive, up to date MX news sites in cyber space. They have also just this morning added message boards to their vast list of features! has recently been announced as one of only 3 places on the Internet that will be permitted to carry live coverage of Pace Freestyle Motocross events. is best known for having some of the world's lowest prices on MX, ATV and Street gear as well as BMX and Snowboarding apparel and footwear! This includes popular lines like: Cobra, Harley-Davidson, Fox, Thor, No Fear and even DC Shoes! Keep up the good work, Adam!


Reno, NV: The 2001 ABA season kicked off this past weekend in Reno, with their traditional opener; the Silver Dollar Nationals. And as all of us have come to expect, Redline Amateurs were out front, taking names and winning mains. BUBBA HARRIS wound up with wins in 15x both days; which should help him start his annual tradition of being the early leader for No.1 Amateur points. In 15-16 Open, Bubba was buzzin' the back knobbies of ABA's newly crowned No.1 Amateur Ian Stoffel... definitely a good sign of what shape Bubba is in for this year.

In the girls class, KIM HAYASHI was snappin' hard, jumping everything in sight and scoring some hefty wins in class and cruiser. This was the first time Hayashi has ran the ABA National No.1 plate on her cruiser, and by all means, it looks like she intends to keep it!

CLARENCE PERRY picked up his NAG No.1 plate on Saturday morning and went on to win 36-40 cruiser both days in usual fashion. After placing 2nd at the Grands to Crazy J.J., Clarence was out to set the record straight in Reno. "These were the hardest races I've ever had," reported The Earthquake. "Behind the gate, Jerry was talkin' trash as usual, so I just told him i didn't want to hear it. Once the gate dropped, I shut him up."

Pro-wise, JOHN PURSE and MATT HADAN made a great showing and were both looking ultra fast... that is, until the track took its toll on the two. Jackal and Diesel were both sidelined after some really spectacular crashes. John was awarded the "Crash of the Day" when he smacked face-first in to a set of doubles and was K.O.'ed for about 5 minutes. Word from John Monday morning is that he's alright and will be back for more in Wichita, KS.. By all reports, our AA's looked as if they're been training hard during December, and despite crashing, were off to a good start.

In other REDLINE news: many new cosponsored riders were present and accounted for. Current ABA No.1 Pro Girl JAMIE LILLY will be aboard a Redline in 2001, and went on to win her class both days, which included an incredible come-from-behind sprint. Jamie is sponsored by SYSTEMS-WEB out of Utah. HARRY LEARY and his Marzocchi team will also racing on Redline's this year. Harry's weekend was full of heated rivalries and longtime battles. Little KYLE LOPEZ, our new co-sponsored 9 expert, was also rippin' it up and made a great debut in Redline colors.

gOrk also announced Redline is manufacturing a new brake cable that has a special reflective covering, which up close makes it look like a braided cable. But inside the braiding is a special reflective thread, that once hit with car lights (or a camera flash), makes it glow as if it were possessed! While the manufacturer of it is selling it as a "safety" item, he thought it'd be a cool gimic for all the BMX photographers.

Posted January 8, 2001

Australia's Got It Going On! BMX in Australia has again undergone strong growth, and the groundwork laid during 2000 will see previously unimagined financial support from a variety of governments. In the lead-up to the 2003 Worlds in Perth, some $540,000 in government funding will be injected into the sport. At a competition level, the strong number of top level Australian riders racing in the U.S. will again be increased for 2001, whilst at the same time the Intense Coaching programs put in place by the National Coaching Director Grant White are now resulting in growing quality Junior Elite rider numbers. It is also now evident to other countries that Australia has capitalized upon the support from the federal Australian Institute of Sport and its legendary athlete training programs. It should be noted that the increase in the club and state Coaching programs will continue to create greater skills into the 2000s. In late 2000, BMX Australia established its own website: This will continue to be the administrative arm of the sport, but will also continue to promote the various BMX web sites throughout the world.

Posted January 4, 2001

Robert MacPherson will have his own team for 2001. Big Mac, the 2000 ABA #4 pro, will form his own team of sorts this season. He will be riding his Signature Diamondback frame, along with Bombshell forks, AC cranks, sprockets, and hubs, Pazzaz handle bars and seatpost, Head Lock steering lock system, Marwi Ti-Spokes, and a few yet finalized components and a major corporate sponsor. His clothing sponsor will be Oneal, and will have a custom uniform made by his first race of 2001 , the ABA Volunteer Nationals Jan 20-21 in Memphis, TN. Robert will also be using Vans shoes, Oakley glasses and goggles and soft goods, Look for some interesting things from Robert this year on the track, as well as on

Danny Nelson will be riding for GT/Hot Wheels/Troy Lee Designs for the 2001 season. After 8 years of Powerlite, Danny is moving over to GT with his own program of sorts as well. Danny will debut his new program in Reno this upcoming weekend for the ABA season opener. Highlight will be a custom TLD painted bike and helmet, as well as his own custom uniform.
GT will be sporting No Fear Clothing and Sinister forks for 2001. Speaking of Sinister, Christophe Leveque has signed a 2 year deal to use Sinister forks from Marzocchi.

Posted January 1, 2001

Wade Bootes to head to the 2004 Summer Olympics? Well, maybe. But it won't be for BMX. Check out Wade's latest journal entry at to see what he's got up his sleeve these days.

Greg Hill has some cool items on auction at eBay right now. Check it out:

Posted December 25, 2000

BMX Superstar has set up the dates for the Florida Clinic tour. Last years tour was a big success and we know that this year will be even better. The tour starts Jan. 4th and goes through till Jan 27th, and we will be stopping at just about every track in Florida. For more Information about the tour check with your local track or check for more details.

Canadian Standard formerly Eskimo Pie has added 2 riders to their team roster. Australian import Brendan Arnold, A Pro and Kyle Pearson 9X (formerly GT Canada) are now part of the Canadian Standard Army. Both riders are stoked to be riding for the team and are thrilled to be working with team manager Jim Williams. Brendan will be conducting training clinics across Canada and the northern US and Kyle recently defended his #1 Eastern Canadian ranking qualifying him for the Worlds. Brendan and Kyle join existing team members Bradie Johnston, Jacob Sproul, Alex Brancier, Josh Sproul and Natasha Brancier. Canadian Standard is also pleased to announce the new co-sponsorship from Bolle Canada. Look for the Canadian Standard flag to be flying high at the Canadian and NBL nationals in 2001.

Posted December 21, 2000

Greg Hill bids farewell to the BMX world. Greg has decided to pursue other interests which have no relation to the bicycle industry, and he's very happy about his decision. We'll miss seeing him at the track, but wish him the best of luck and much happiness. On a personal note, Greg has become a good friend of mine and I'm glad BMX and the Internet helped to launch our friendship. Right on, dude.. Excellent. Cool bro!

Greg had some parting words that he asked us to publish for him. Click here to read on.

Charles Townsend has announced his 2001 sponsors. They include Kona, Spred Clothing, Rocket Cash, and Knucklebone.
Diamondback has picked up Florent Boutte (GT France, AA Pro) for 2001. Warwick Stevenson is on the team and Robert MacPherson is doing a frame deal, which will allow him to work with other co-sponsors. For street, they picked up Bruce Crisman from Haro and Ben McQuen and Darrin Berrecloth for both Street and some Dirt. On the dirt-jumping scene for Diamondback will be Reuel Erickson and Mark Kehl.

Posted December 13, 2000

The Gravity Games have been such a success for NBC and emap that they will increase the Gravity Games frequency on NBC to six shows from five in 2001. Additionally, NBC's NASCAR Winston Cup will be the lead in for several Gravity Games shows next year, further maximizing its demo ratings against its core 18-34 male audience. Read the official press release here.

The DK/1-800-COLLECT BMX team is pleased to announce the addition of pro dirt jumper Ronny Chalk to its factory roster. Ronny joins Chris Doyle to form a powerful two man punch at all dirt jumping contests in 2001. Ronny is 21 years-old and hails from Chino, Hills, California. Known mostly for his long list of technical tricks, Ronny has proven his ability to pull some of the biggest superman seat-grabs ever seen. 2000 was Ronny¹s first full year of competition and highlights included invites to both the X-Games and Gravity Games. His best finish of the year took place at round three of the DK Dirt Circuit in Salt Lake City.

Ronny adapted quickly to the street inspired course and qualified in second and finished fourth overall. He made the finals at all five Dirt Circuit stops and finished fourth overall in the 2000 series. DK/1-800-COLLECT chose Chalk at the suggestion of team rider Chris Doyle. Team Manager Cory Muth was very impressed with how professional Ronny is with both his fans and on TV. "Ronny is an amazing rider and truly understands what it takes to be a pro." Everyone at DK agrees that Ronny is a great fit into DK/1-800-COLLECT¹s talented team. "Ronny had a breakthrough year. We¹re confident that with our support 2001 will be even better," Muth added.

Posted December 12, 2000

Thanks to for this bit of news: As of December 1, 2000, JNCO has dropped it's entire marketing program for 2001. It's not just the BMX programs that they have stopped. They have decided to do away with all of their marketing across the board. What does this mean in the BMX world? No more sponsored riders and no more ads. It's all over. That sucks, but it sure was fun while it lasted!

Hyper Bicycles has re-signed "Maniac"© Mike Gul to be the teams pro and to be the new Team Manager for 2001.  Hyper has also re-signed Lucas Porzio as their pro dirt jumper and 18 year old NAG #5 Clark Dendinger.  And you can now see 19 year old NAG #7 Greg Eiring aboard the factory Hyper colors as well for 2001. Hyper would like to thank all of it's co-sponsor's for a great 2000 race year: Answer, Dope BMX Products, KMC Chains, Tektro brakes, Dragon, Thomson seat post's, Sun/Ringle, and Profile.
Secaucus BMX: RIP. That's right,'s home track is a memory. The town of Secaucus needed the space to put yet another shopping center, mall, parking lot, or whatever. Will there be a bright side? Maybe. The town may allocate a new area (hopefully better!) for us to build a new track. We'll keep you posted.
Aussie "SUPERCOACH" Grant White has, in conjunction with BMX Australia, announced his intention to compete in the 2001 ABA National Series in the United States. White will continue in his role as National Coaching Director for BMX Australia, and has planned an extensive and innovative schedule that will see him return to Australia for a number of key Coaching commitments throughout 2001. Read more.

Posted December 10, 2000

Congratulations to Kevin Tomko for winning both days at the NBL's Gold Coast National this weekend. In Haro-related news, Mike Brandt has been dropped from the team.

The 2001 Summer X Games will be held in Philadelphia this year! In addition, a new sport has been added to the agenda: downhill BMX. Yes, just like the Vans Triple Crown race. The race will be held a separate weekend at Camp Woodward, which was also the site of the first V3 race. We'll keep you posted on how racers will qualify for this event, but we're sure that the guys who have done well in this format like Sanchez, Veltman, Allier, etc., we be racing for medals now.
Dingo's Josh Fiegly is out for a few months with a torn ACL. He hurt his leg at this year's ABA Grand Nationals.
Host Communications, Inc., an affinity, sports and lifestyle marketing and management company, has been selected to secure corporate sponsorship sales for the American Bicycle Association (ABA). Cool, outside sponsors mean more money for the races and the pros.

Posted December 4, 2000

Alliant/Dirtmaster is gearing up for 2001 and has announced its team roster. It includes: Matt Ortwein (Pro and Team Manager), Daniel Greer, Aaron Johnson, Taylor Wynne, Christian Craig, Laura Jacques, Aaron Talalay, and Justin Leal. Word has it that Taylor Wynne is an up-and-coming racer who is still figuring things out, but that didn't stop him from winning 10x, 10 Open and 2nd in 10 Cruiser at the ABA Grands.

We're told that East Coast Pull will launch its new issue sometime today. Be sure to check it out later tonight.

Posted December 3, 2000

So what happens when you are testing a new bike with no chain guide or t-shirt? Click here to find out!!!

Australian Intense BMX Training Camp - BMX Australia recently announced details of a major junior development camp to be conducted in March 2001. A intense BMX training camp is to be conducted at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. The camp is to act as a Feeder Camp to the Australian National Team.

Thirty five of Australia's best 14-18yr olds have been invited to attend the camp, which is part of a medium to long term rider development program. The aim of the program is to assist the development of future Australian BMX World Champions. Camp participants will participate in a program designed and co-ordinated by the Australian National Coach, Grant White. State coaches will also be in attendance with their riders. The camp program is to include sport science testing sessions (including on track SRM power testing), laboratory and field skill analysis and development sessions, sport specific lectures and training sessions, and sports lectures from some of Australia's leading sports specialists. The Feeder Camp is set to become an annual event much like the National BMX Team training camp. The National BMX Team training camp will be held in June 2001, also at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra.

Posted November 30, 2000

Get well wishes go out to Matt Ortwein (Allient/Dirt Master) who has been sick for a few weeks. Suck it up and get back to work! (ha ha) Speaking of Alliant and Dirt Master, click on the image to the right to check out their products. They've got some really cool designs. Would you expect anything less from Gary Turner and product designer Kris Beecher?

Hyper Bicycles pro "Maniac"© Mike Gul has hooked up with a new clothing sponsor called Spred. Spred makes everything you can imagine from shirts, jeans, cargo pants, back packs, hats, and more. You can check Spred Clothing's web site for more info (still sort of under construction). Spred will also help Mike out with his Hyper Bicycles clinic tour for 2001. That's more free goodies for everyone!

Posted November 27, 2000

Wade Bootes wins ABA Pro Title! Steve Veltman wins pro main. Man was it exciting! Pictures will come soon with a more in-depth write up and analysis (I'm tired, give me a break!). Click here to read Double A Marketing's report on the race.

STILEMAN is adding riders to the sWo (STILEMAN World Order). Team STILEMAN consists of the factory riders, while the sWo is the co-sponsored team. The sWo consists of good riders that already have a main sponsor, but are getting support from STILEMAN on the side. We recently added James "Doobie" Droke (Bad Boys), Brendan Looby (BLT), Kyle Camrye (BLT), John Pinsonnault (BLT), and Kyle Bickford (BLT). Be sure to check out those riders wearing the Stileman Gear while crusing the pits. We are looking for a few good riders to join the sWo. If you think you are worthy send a resume to the STILEMAN office at

Posted November 25, 2000 ABA GRANDS 2000 UPDATE:

Qualifying motos are running quick and the pros are showing their stuff. Wade Bootes is flying and looks to be the top dog for the weekend, but don't count out Jamie Staff just yet. Staff, however, went down hard in a Pro Open moto, but he seems to have recovered just fine and aiming for the title. Steve Veltman, Christophe Leveque, and John Purse are all pulling real hard, so this is going to be a good one.

The Pro Spectacular and NAG 5 challenge moved to Saturday night this year, so a lot of top pros weren't in attendance as they were resting for big Sunday. Robert DeWilde took home to pro victory and $1,750 for the effort. Clinton Gower won the Nag 5 Challenge, breaking the 16-year-old winners' streak.

Posted November 22, 2000

TEAM REDLINE SITTING GOOD GOING IN TO FINAL RACE OF THE YEAR: Of all the sports in the world, BMX Racing has one of the longest seasons of all. It's 11 months of nonstop racing, and it all comes down to a double-points Grands on Thanksgiving weekend. Being consistent all year long is a key to becoming No.1, and Team REDLINE is going in to this final race of the year looking extremely strong. The ABA Grands is where seven National No.1 Championships come down to the wire. And three of Redline's finest amateurs are positioned perfectly to possibly take the prestigious No.1 titles. First off, there's BUBBA HARRIS, our 15 year old Expert from Lancaster, California. Harris has been in the hunt for No.1 the past few years, and goes to Tulsa sitting in the No.2 spot in points. A main event win could give him that much sought-after No.1.

Next, there's CLARENCE PERRY, who will make The Grands his Redline team debut. "The Earthquake" is also sitting in the 2-spot of points; and is highly favored to take home the No.1 Cruiser plate by winning the 36-40 year old class. Yet another new member to the Redline squad, KIM HAYASHI, has brought along an entire year of domination in the girls classes. 14 year old Kim, from Phoenix, AZ., is leading the race for ABA's National No.1 Girls Cruiser title, and has the greatest chance of all to earn the prestigeous silver cup. In the always-close chase for No.1 Girl, Kim is tied in the No.7 spot, only 26 points out of first. As you can see, there's a very good chance of Hayashi winning two National No.1 plates in Tulsa, and for Team Redline to bring home four Championships altogether. And it will all be decided this Sunday, Nov.26, in the afternoon.

Posted November 21, 2000

NIRVE X-MAS SPECIAL: Now through Christmas you can take an additional 10% off all Nirve products, and shipping is free too! Stop by for more info.

Double A Marketing sent us its report from Invert 2000. Click here to read about all the action.

Posted November 9, 2000

T.J. Lavin has sole. T.J. now has a signature shoe to help him find his pedals when he's doing sick no-foot variations. Click the picture to see larger images. For more information, check out

Double A Marketing is representing just about every pro who has a shot at this years ABA title. Check out Double A Marketing's web site for a special feature, and enter for your chance to win one of 30 cool prizes.
Hyper Bicycles has a brand new web site. Be sure to check the front door page which has a Flash movie on it complete with music! You can learn about all the great Hyper Bicycles products and all the latest on the team and products at By the way, we hear a really cool design company worked on this site.
Speaking of new web sites, the NBL has a new look. Check it out at

Posted November 8, 2000

Iron Horse is discontinuing its BMX for 2001; however, they just added their 2001 models to their web site. Check it out at

There is so much going on at Redline and SBS these days that we need to give them their own page of news. Click here to check it out.
BMX Mania's Natarsha Williams has picked up FOX as a major sponsor. Look for her to be decked out in Fox gear at a race near you.

Posted November 3, 2000

DINGO FRAME SPECIAL: Dingo Bikes is having a limited time offer. You can get a Dingo YCP frame (XL only) and a Fly Helmet all for $289. Check out for more information.

Kevin Royal to be off GT! Yet another drop for the Firm as Kevin Royal has stepped up his game and turned AA. Any takers?

Posted November 1, 2000

CRU JONES LIVES! We recently had the opportunity to chat with Bill Allen, the actor who played Cru Jones in the movie Rad. Find out what he's been up to these days, and how he fares at Rad Trivia. Click here to read the interview.

Jason Donnell and teammates Kevin Tomko, Dave Mirra, and Ryan Nyquist traveled to New Zealand to compete and put on a show. Click here to read Jason's road report.
Razor Scooters kill 75, scrape two knees, in Moscow recently. Click here to read all about the disaster.
Pryme has debuted its web site. Check it out at

Posted October 24, 2000

Jamie Lilly will be gone from GT! Current UCI and ABA World Champion and multi ABA and NBL National Champion Jamie Lilly has just signed with Systems West/ Profile Racing, and has left GT. Systems West is a Web Site development and design company which specializes in the BMX industry. Check out the Web Site at We also heard a rumor that Greg Romero won't be in GT colors next year either. Interesting indeed.

Donnell & Tomko Secure USA as #1 at the International team Challenge. Haro Racing's Jason Donnell and Kevin Tomko recently traveled down to New Zealand for the annual International Team Country Challenge. The International Challenge is an invitational race in where 2 riders from the USA, New Zealand, and Australia are invited to battle it out for the country title. The 6 racers run 5 motos and based on a points system, 1 point for 1st, 2 for 2nd and so on, the country with the lowest points wins overall. Jason was a crowd favorite even before the racing started, signing hundreds of autographs. Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist were on hand to get the crowd pumped up by doing some riding demos and showing off their incredible bike skills. When the main action of the weekend came, Jason won 3 of the 5 races, and Kevin was consistently in the top 3, so team USA was victorious. Jason's next race will be the ABA Grands, where he looks to secure a top 10 National Number. Jason's sponsors include Haro, No Fear, Lee Pipes, Adidas, Mervyn's, Bob's Stores, Champion Nutrition, Headlock, Epic, ODI, Shimano, Sun Rims, Smith, Answer, Kicker, and Power Bar.
Wade Bootes is on top of the ABA points list after this weekend's Fall Nationals. Jamie Staff is in a close second, and Greg Romero sits in third. This year's Grand Nationals should be an exciting one to say the least!
Have you picked up the latest edition of Black Enterprise Magazine lately? Well, check it out. Bulldog Bike's CEO Jimmy "Mac" McNeil is on the cover! Right on.
Anyone racing the Southeastern U.S. Open this weekend? Georgia BMX is in effect this weekend hosting the the Southeastern U.S. Open championship and following nationals. Get a view of the track layout at They will have pictures and articles about the race next week sometime.

Posted October 18, 2000

From Maniac Mike: Hyper Bicycles is going to be showing off their new prototype Boxster cruiser at this weekends Fall Nationals in Del Mar, CA. Be sure to stop by the Dope BMX Products both and check it out Hyper's new cruiser. If you don't stop by to check it, you won't have to look to far to see it. Just look for Hypers pro "Maniac" Mike Gul in the front of the AA Pro Cruiser class!

Bulldog Bikes Announces 2001 Factory Squad: Bulldog's Pro'sJason Richardson, AA Pro; Mark Thompson, A Pro who is about to turn AA soon. Mark will be Dirt Jumping at DK East Coast and GT KIng of Dirt, in between racing; Brian Streiby, A Pro will be Racing and Dirt Jumping; Moses Tillman, A Pro; Justin Williams, an original Bulldog Rider just turned A Pro; Brad Simms, 14 year-old will be Dirt full time in 2001 riding his custom "ill shorty".

Bulldog's Expert Squad: Mike Conklin, Chris Kreech, Kelley Kelley and Antonio Belivista who have tearing up on Bulldog in 2000. Bulldog's Co-Factory Squad: Mike Gaddis and Jim Williams. Bulldog has also got an Inner-city team from New York who will be on the road with the Full Factory Squad from Spring 2001. In less than a year Bulldog Urban Bike Co.has a heavy presence and is blowing up the scene wherever they go.

NEWS: The Long anticipated Blak Star, Jason Richardson's Signature model will be available from November from or Selected Ill Stores that represent the Urban Flavor.

Posted October 13, 2000

Haro's A.J. Zabojnik (forgive me if I misspelled that one) is rumored to turn pro at the ABA Fall Nationals in a few weeks.

This is the time of year when all the contracts get re-negotiated or dropped altogether. In case you haven't heard already, UCI and NBL Women's Champion Natarsha Williams has hooked up with for another year. Mikey Aitken has left Mosh for Fit Bikes (Robbie Morales' new company). Speaking of Aitken, he just got his first and last SNAP cover on a MOSH. The currently un-released December issue (50th Special Collectors Issue) features Little Mikey in a 2 page cover fold out. According to folks at MOSH: "Rumors continue to swirl about who will replace Mikey's spot on the team. While we are in talks with several top riders, no deals are done. Speaking of new riders, we have adopted old friend and new school thug killer Lawan Cunningham to our stable of thoroughbreds. Word on the street, and we mean STREET, is Lawan has been making heads turn at the local Southern California skateparks with his array of pedal tricks, no pegs thanks...if you are in So Cal check the skills. Lawan along with Ohio Trail/Chenga ripper Dan P'Simer and dirt pre-schooler David Stroud (15 yrs old) make up the burgeoning MOSH B-Team. More info and video parts to come. Speaking of the MOSH video, things are beginning to heat up again as the So Cal weather begins to cool down. Editing begins this month as film and video stock continues to pile up. Expect the unexpected in the Spring of 01...the MOSH video is currently untitled."

Posted October 12, 2000

Gravity Games web siteGravity Games hits NBC! If you missed it last Sunday, then you missed seeing me (Grant Hansen) congratulating Cory Nastazio on his double backflip attempt. But the Gravity Games will be airing every Sunday in October and one Sunday in November on NBC. Click here to see a killer video of Carey Hart doing a backflip on his MX. Gnarly! Check out for more info.

Posted October 9, 2000

Chris Sanchez breaks his leg! We just got the following release from WARPT Industries: Chris Sanchez, the Triple Crown Champion broke his leg today. The MTV Sports and Music Festival is going on and Chris decided to race for the $5,000 grand prize against other top extreme sports athletes. Chris has Huffy and the Warpt BMX crew behind him and he will be back competing knowing Chris.

Here's another update--J.P. Fellin, Redman's A pro is now working at Warpt along with teammate Daniel Greer. Ryan Johnson and the Warpt Crew have some big things in the works for the near future so be on the lookout including a few new t-shirt designs. Daniel is going A pro for the NBL Christmas Classic in December. The 3 Warpt BMX riders are going on tour next season and doing clinics at local tracks around the West. Warpt just got their website going as well.

Another injury to report: Jeff Dein went down at the trails the other day and messed up his shoulder. Official prognosis isn't in yet, but for now all he knows is that he can't do any power cleans for the time being.
The Redline/XTRSKN Factory Connection will be doing a clinic on Friday October 27 at the NBL's Fall Classic in Albany, Ga. Fees are 20.00 per rider and each rider entered will receive an XTRSKN padset, XTRSKN headset wrap and stickers from all Redline/XTRSKN's sponsors. Factory Redline/XTRSKN team members Bill Madden and William 'Petey' Peters will be doing the clinic starting at 12:00 noon at the Parks at Chehaw BMX Track. Learn skills from Florida's Dynamic Duo before the Fall Classic.

Posted October 2, 2000

Hey everyone, East Coast Pull has been updated for October. Make sure you stop by and check it out!

The Panasonic Shockwave King of Dirt season finally wrapped up and what a finish it was. In the Amateur ranks, Gabe Duclos walked away with the US Amateur Championship by pulling off some sick Nothing Seat Grabs. In the Pro Class, things got heated real quick between Ryan Nyquist and Cory Nastazio with each having a crash on their second run. Nyquist then crashed on his last run ending his run at the King of Dirt Title. Nastazio pulled a flawless 4th run and just edged out a hard charging Chris Duncan by 1 single point in the overall Panasonic Shockwave King of Dirt title chase. If that weren't enough drama, an unknown rider from England named Scott Edgeworth showed up and scooped up the $5,000 winner take all. Congratulations to all of the riders that competed this year in the Panasonic Shockwave King of Dirt. We are all looking forward to next year!
BullDog Bikes'A Pro Mark Thompson will race at The Grand Nationals. We can report Thompson has recovered from the hand injury which would not allow him to race last month. Thompson had even worse luck when he was involved in a car accident last week on his way to the Gold Cup Nationals, but he is not hurt. BullDog Urban Bike Squad is confident that "The boy who pedals everywhere" will make an excellent comeback and go for the win!

Posted October 1, 2000

WHOA. Sorry if you tried to access our site and had some problems in the past couple of days. It seems we have had so much traffic that we overloaded our former web host! So, we're all switched over to new hosting and all should be dandy. Again, we apologize for any inconveniences. We can now begin our Interbike report. Stay tuned!

Clinics are headed to PA this week. Hyper Bicycles pro bmx'er "Maniac" Mike Gul, System West's AA pro John Smart, and Hyper Bicycles Amature Clark Dendinger are back on the road and doing more clinics. If your going to be anywhere near York, PA, the Bumps and Berms track, on Tuesday, October 3rd or at Bensalem, PA on Wednesday, October 4th, at the Bensalem BMX track (that's right, that is the SAME track that the ABA Quaker State National will be at this weekend so come and get the track down perfect for the big National). You can attend either clinic for only $20.00 per rider and both clinics are 6:00 - 8:30 PM and every rider that takes the clinic will get some kind of free give away. Make sure you stop by for some fun and some good riding with Mike Gul, John Smart, and Clark Dendinger.
There's talk that the FL State Series will get a full production TV series to be aired on the Sunshine Network which is available throughout the Southeast. Pretty rad.

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