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FOUNTAIN VALLEY, California â€"12/26/01 -- After months of negotiations and coordination with sponsors, athletes, agents, etc., the newest and most comprehensive professional Freestyle and BMX bicycle sports team program will be completely launched in Columbus, Ohio on December 27th at the NBL Christmas Classic. The Freestyle Team made its debut in Sacramento on December 4th performing during the Sacramento Kings and Philadelphia 76ers NBA game. Composed almost entirely from management and athletes of the former GT Bicycle's juvenile programs, this new team promises to be the elite Freestyle and BMX bicycle team and marketing program in the world.

The team will be sponsored by top bicycle industry and corporate companies many who were sponsors of the team before. The co-title sponsor for the team will be Giant Bicycles of Newbury Park, CA and the team will be known as the "Giant Bicycles Team". Giant Bicycles will share the entitlement of the team in the future with another corporate partner which has yet to be named. Other sponsors include Hot Wheels, WD-40, JanSport, Troy Lee Designs, and ACS.

The Giant Bicycles Team’s BMX Roster includes Thomas Allier (FRA), Danny Nelson (USA), and Robert deWilde (NED). The Giant Bicycles Freestyle Team includes Dave Voelker (USA), John Parker (USA) Matt Wilhelm (USA) Rob Nolli (USA), Mike Parenti (USA), Tom Haugen (USA), Gabe Weed (USA), Brian Blyther (USA) Ben Snowden (USA), and Kevin Gutierrez (USA). Team management will be overseen by Todd Corbitt, Director of BMX Team Operations and Woody Itson, Director of Freestyle Team Operations. Robert Castillo will be the Freestyle Team Manager.

Working as a "motorsports model for juvenile bicycles", the Giant Bicycles Team will offer marketing partners a variety of branding and exposure opportunities. These will include competitions at national BMX races (ABA, NBL nationals) and Freestyle events (X-Games, Gravity Games, etc.) as well as freestyle demonstrations as the "Giant Bicycles Stunt Team" at professional sports events (NBA, NFL) and state fairs. The team will also have a web site offering team schedules, athlete bios, sponsor information and team merchandise.


FOUNTAIN VALLEY, California: Kicking the new year into high gear, the Giant Bicycles Stunt Team has a growing schedule of high-profile demos including half-time shows at NBA events, the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, and a special choreographed show with over 15 athletes at the Grand Ole Oprey in Nashville, TN. These shows are in addition to other demos on the team's regular schedule. The shows consists of several Giant Bicycles Stunt Team members performing incredible bicycle freestyle stunts on the ground and in the air with their specially designed portable ramps.

The team's NBA schedule consists of shows for the San Antonio Spurs (1/19), Orlando Magic (1/24), New Jersey Nets (2/2-tent.), Cleveland Cavaliers (2/21), Charlotte Hornets (2/22), New York Knicks (2/24), and Philadelphia 76ers (2/25-tent). As in years past, the team also expects to do several shows during the NBA playoffs and finals this spring.

On January 13th-14th the team will be at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas performing at a corporate function for Bellagio Hotel Resorts.

For the first time, the team will be at the Grand Ole Oprey in Nashville, TN on February 5th-7th. The 's performance will be part of a larger performance involving other athletes from the action sports world including skateboarders, inline skaters all brought together by Satellite Sports Group for this event.

"This could be our best year ever for doing shows" said Woody Itson, Director of Freestyle Operations. "People know that this is the longest running, most professionally run program in the business and it shows by our growing show schedule." Itson added.

During the 1st quarter the team will also be booking the rest of their spring, summer, and fall schedules to include a Giant Bicycle's retailer tour, several state and county fairs, as well as school assemblies, civic functions, festivals, etc. For 2001 the team performed over 1000 demos all across the US.


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