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ABA Gold Cup East Finals 1999
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Nelson sucking up the jump.

Bootes chilling in practice.

"Get a head shot of me!"

The starting hill at Raleigh.

A Pros battling it out.

More A Pro action.

Mark Thompson en route to another hole shot.

AA's flying down the first straight.

Can you say "tight"?

Allier and Richardson fly over the triples.

Pat Parker leading the pack.

Sugar Cookie Kids.

It's all about the style.

Diane Heins ripping it up.

a.k.a. Bill Hayden's better half.

Little kids on big wheels.

Chris Gulich looking intense.

The Flying Squirrel out front once again.

Who is that Antonio Bellavista guy?

Look at the concentration.

Prepared for battle.

Josh Fiegly celebrates his podium finish.

OK Chris, you can breath now!



Dale Holmes relaxing before the motos.

Track view #1.

Track view #2.

Check out Colin Styles setting up a perfect high/low.

A. Foster and MacPherson talk to some fans.

Leveque was out front all weekend long.

More cruiser action.

Study the form.

Getting ready...


Christal Bell on her way to another win.

More Girls Cruiser action.

Heins flying on Hansen's bike.

Rear view of AA Cruiser.

Bootes again finds the spotlight.

Christophe relaxing under a tree and fueling up.

Christophe and Thomas, again.

19-27 Inters wait for the cadence.

They're all bombing toward the hip jump.

The open classes were flying.

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