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Quaker State Nationals 1999
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Jeff Dein flies over the doubles.

The Jackal was back in top form.

Up close and personal with Matt Hadan.

Prototype Hyper cruiser. Only 1 or 2 in existence.

Jason Richardson chills between motos.

A pros flying out of the final turn.

More A pros handling the first set of doubles.

Mike Gul out in front of the pack.

Smokin' Double A's.

Stumpy hanging on in front.

AA pros tucked and ready for flight.

Nelson and Purse fight for #1.

Chris Gulich doing it for Big K.

Concentration and heart, it's all there.

Kayla Gaddis tripled both days!

Throttle handles the competition.

This guy gives everything he's got.

Dingo's Josh Fiegly took his first A pro win on Sunday.

Screaming out of turn one.

Fiegly on his way to a holeshot.

A pros flying like there's no tomorrow.

Sanchez with the big lead.

Jamie Staff took the big win on Saturday.

Jason Donnell just hanging out.

Jason Richardson was looking fast all weekend.

This was the typical scene during Saturday's motos.

Big guys on big bikes.

Moms tearing up the track.

Steep starting gate causing lots of problems.

This double's a lot bigger than it looks.

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