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Quaker State Nationals 1999

Big field for the little guys.

Remo Dyson and Jimmy Mac have fun during rest time.

Richardson surviving turn 2.

Veltman, Pohlkamp, et al, take a digger.

Disaster about to happen.


More squirrrl in turn 2.

19-27 Inter, fighting hard.

Can she even see out of that helmet?

Jason Donnell looking good.

Power manual to the extreme.

Richardson holding off Big Mac.

Mark Thompson smoking the A pros.

Mike Gul looking for the pass.

Call air traffic control!

A pros sticking the turn.

Mike Gul laughs about getting eaten in turn 2.

Julie Congiusti smiling and making her mains.

Your web master asleep at the gate.

Now that's a power manual!!

Matt Hadan relaxing in the hotel hallways.

Stileman looking ready for war.

Gul again hams up for the camera. was all out in full style.

JP leading the rest of the crew.

The Jaguar railing the turn.

Crystal Henderson on her way to another win.

The Ragin' one's better half: Diane looking good.

Behind the scenes view of A pros.

Richardson getting some advice from Big Daddy.

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