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Itís not often that I watch a video and strange things happen to my body: my legs twitch, my hands grab my face with concern and disbelief, and my stomach queezes just enough for my to think, ďThese guys are Fín nuts.Ē Maybe other videos of insane street riders have desensitized me and Iím used to such things, but when youíve got a giant jagged boulder in your way, it just seems more intimidating that a large gap or handrail. At least on video anyhow.

Although Chain Reaction I: East Coast Hardcore features mostly mountain bikers, there is some good BMX exposure, but Iíd have to say that any bicycle enthusiast would enjoy this video. And the more extreme you are, the more youíll want to watch it over and over. There are great crashes, terrific saves, and good music.

The video features three main riders: Lars Tribus (Independent Fabrications), Kyle Ebbett (Iron Horse) and Aaron Chase (Sobe/Headshock). The east coast is great for its diverse riding spots, from Ski Plattekill in upstate NY, to Camp Woodward in PA, from Mount Snow in VT, New York City, and the proud home of ghetto-cross - White Castle Trails in Rutherford, NJ. Chain Reaction I showcases all of these great riding areas and gives deserved props to the east coast scene. We all know the east coast has the best dirt!!

One of my favorite scenes it when the bikers take over the streets of Manhattan. Tribus sports a helmet cam and wheelies in and out of traffic in Times Square. The visual on this is great. Iím sure the NYC cabbies are pretty used to their roads being heckled by talented two-wheelers. But the true drama lies in the downhill scenes where, for the less fortunate, rock and bone are introduced at high speeds. And the rock is usually the dominant entity.

What really delighted me was the creativity of the riders, especially while riding in NYC. They are able find walls, rails, hips, curbs, stairs, fences, sidewalk - you name it - in just about anything that lurks in the concrete jungle. And even homeless men catching some Zs arenít safe Ö they act as the perfect obstacle to hop over.

Don Hampton, the videoís Emmy Award winning director, meshes each riding scene with the perfect tune. The bands featured in Chain Reaction I are Agnostic Front, the Bouncing Souls, Reach the Sky, H2O, Engrage, Implode, Suffocate, The Will, Mystery Church Revival, Choking Victim, Hate Machine, and Blood for Blood.

Chain Reaction I: East Coast Hardcore retails for $19.95 and is being distributed internationally by Video Action Sports. Copies can be purchased through your local bike shop or ordered directly through Video Action Sports by calling (800) 727-6689 or visit their web site at

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