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I need to start this off by saying that I am not a certified nutritionist, health expert, guru, or the like. I am an athlete and I try to give my body the best fuel and nutrition possible, unless it's late at night and I'm at a diner with some buds and the cheese fries are calling. Anyway, before you engage in any physical activity or nutritional program, consult your certified physician or health professional -- especially if you are under 18. There, I said it. Let's move on.

Below are some great Nutritional Supplements available through Champion Nutrition. Included with scientific research and benefits to each product, I will let you know of my personal results/beliefs on each.

Lean Gainer. I love protein/supplement shakes. I prefer drinking them over having a meal. However, although a lot of them contain a good deal of protein, most are also balanced off with too many carbs for my liking (since I can put on the pudge pretty easily). I was very happy to find Lean Gainer. It has all the protein I need with less carbs, calories, fat and sugar. After drinking it twice daily (each acting as one of my 5 daily meals) I slimmed down a lot and still maintained my muscle strength. I absolutely love the stuff.

According to Champion Nutrition, Lean Gainer is packed with "50 grams of protein in a serving, stacked with creatine and glutamine, Lean Gainer helps you get bigger and stronger. Because itís low in fat and carbs, Lean Gainer helps you get that lean look you always wanted. And to accelerate fat loss, Lean Gainer has a blend of thermogenic and lipotropic ingredients that help your body to burn off the fat."

So if you want to pack on mass, the good kind of mass, and lose the fat that has been haunting your mid section, try Lean Gainer today.

Revenge Energy Drink. Revenge is an endurance drink that is meant to keep you going for the long haul. You may be saying, "Hey, BMX is a sprint sport." True, but your muscles need to recover in between races. For example, it was the State Championship race for NJ. All I had to do was finish either first or second and I'd take the title. Well, it was a rainy, muddy, crappy day and I found myself in the last chance qualifier. Not good. I pedaled by butt off and qualified by an inch. After that race I couldn't move. My legs cramped up, I couldn't walk, I couldn't sit; it was horrible. Well, I was drinking Revenge all day. When the main came around, my legs were suddenly refreshed and good to go. I couldn't believe it! I wound up taking 2nd and the title. Coincidence? I think not. Thanks Revenge. Here is what Revenge can do for you:
  • Prevents lactic acid buildup
  • Reduces perceived exertion
  • Reduces recovery time
  • Increases oxygen transfer to tissues
  • Reduces neural fatigue
  • Increases mental alertness

Power Creatine. Creatine. White gold! If you don't know already, most serious athletes take Creatine. Creatine, which is all natural and not a drug, enhances muscle growth and recovery. Champion Nutrition prides itself on producing pure Creatine, with no fillers or additives. When I first took Creatine, I put on 10 pounds in one month and my waist line didn't change one bit. Furthermore, I was putting up more weight at the gym than ever.

SnacBar. These things are perfect to bring with you to the track. I can't eat a full meal and race on a heavy stomach. It makes me sick. Champion Nutrition's SnacBars give me everything I need to get through the day. SNACBARs are packed with 12 grams of protein and the high energy of complex carbohydrates, yet they contain only three grams of fat.

Champion Nutrition offers just about every type of Nutritional Supplement you can dream of. From weight gainers, to protein shakes you'll find it all. Visit for more information.

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