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Chris King No-Threadset

You know, generally when we do a product test we aim to give you all the info, both good and bad. But with Chris King's No Threadset, we're kind of stumped: we have nothing bad to say! Chris King has perfected the a-headset design. It is strong, easy to install and uninstall, and is basically maintenance free. What's more is that Chris King offers a 10-year warranty! You can't beat that.

This is what one of our mechanics had to say about it: "They have been around forever, the best forever, last forever (indestructible), lightweight, superbly constructed of top quality materials, look trick, work great (smooth like butter), well you get the idea. Hard to improve on perfection. They have been using the same design since I can remember."

No, Chris King isn't paying us to say this! They just offer a great product. We rode it hard, shook it up, and it wasn't even phased. We took it off, put it on another bike, and did the same. Again, it came through smiling.

So, if you can afford one, buy one. If you don't have the coin, work hard and earn it. You won't regret it!

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