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Crupi Cage Pedals, Crupi Stem

Do you want to ride like you’re clipped in without clipping in? Then get these pedals. They grip like no other. Our set came to us and we found that the bearings were a bit loose. After a quick adjustment they were ready to roll. We greased the threads, tightened them up, put our shin guards on, and went for a ride. Please, if you’re going to use these pedals, or just be in the general area around them, put on your shin guards. Yes, these pedals are hard to slip, but if you do, they cut deep. They got me good when I was taking my bike off my car rack. But this is a good testament to how they’ll dig into your sneakers and keep your feet true to your spin.

The only thing I wish were different about the pedals is that the cages bend pretty easily upon impact; however, to fix that I would imagine there would be big compromise in weight and the good “flex” feeling they provide for your foot.

I really like the design of Crupi's stem. Placing the allen bolts in the front, rather than on top, make adjusting your bars easy. Even after a couple hard falls and nose bonks, my bars didn't budge (which surprised me), and the stem stayed aligned with the front wheel and fork. The bolts on our stem make a creaking sound when I tighten them (and grease didn't help) but it doesn't seem to affect performance one bit.

Although you’ll find Crupi products at better bike shops everywhere, they do sell factory direct online at

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