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I know what you're thinking ... Grant, you've lost your marbles. How the hell can you test a shirt? Well, a while back I wouldn't know how to answer you. But as luck would have it, the shirt seen on the right passed perhaps the greatest test of them all. I live in Northern New Jersey, which is a haven for your typical "Guido" personality. You know who I'm talking about: gel-hard hair, lycra shirts, gold chains, attitudes, Camaros or Mustangs. For whatever reason, one Friday night my buddies wanted to go to a nightclub: Joey's in Clifton. Whatever. I knew it wasn't my type of place, but if my friends are around, I can have fun just about anywhere. So, I was told in advance that I couldn't wear jeans nor could I wear sneakers. OK, no problem. I threw on corduroy cargos, cool shoes, and the shirt I just mentioned. I even went as far as to tuck the shirt in and wear a black leather belt. That's as far as I go. So, we get on line, a few of my friends go in, and the bouncer looks at me and says, "I don't know if I can let you in." Pardon me? "You're wearing a sweatshirt." I didn't know if I should laugh at him or spit in his face. So I laughed. "Dude, this is a long-sleeved shirt. Not a sweatshirt." I just walked right by him and went in. So that is the greatest compliment an article of clothing can get: not being "Joey's material."

In retrospect, I should have said, "You know what? You're right. I don't belong here. Thanks for pointing that out to me." And I should have left. The place just got more ridiculous as the night went on. Oh well. I was at least happy in my comfort.

We also had a pair of sneakers to try out. Comfort wise and style wise, they're awesome. And they last a long time. Personally, I don't like the tread on the bottom for riding. They didn't grip to the pedals all too well, although the soles are nice and stiff. These are the kinds of shoes I like to wear when I go out, not the type I had to wear to Joey's in Clifton. JNCO has a bunch of different designs, including shoes, shirts, pants, shorts, keychains, backpack, hats ... the list goes on. And they cater to just about everyone: men, women, toddlers. So be sure to check out and order up some fresh threads.

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