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by Hans Kaspersetz

The rubber that is between you and the ground can make a big difference in your riding. This product test I got to test some new rubber from Kenda. Kenda sent a set of the Kickzumbut tires and some of the thick tubes. The tubes are simply called Heavy Duty, and that's appropriate due to their heavy duty 2.5mm wall thickness.

The life of this combination was peculiar from the beginning. Kenda told us at BMXtreme they were going to send us some stuff and when the box arrived we thought they must have sent up a pile of catalogs or a bar of lead. The box was as heavy as a turd after a 16oz steak. We opened it up and to our dismay it was only four tubes and two tires! What?!! So we yanked the rubber out and found out the weight was all in the ultra puncture resistant tubes.

The tires are a low profile design. They are meant for street and park use. They also work at the trails if the dirt is packed well. The tires functioned as promised, and I never suffered a flat. I am not sure of the puncture resistance on their own because I was using them in conjunction with the heavy-duty tubes. I also never suffered any sidewall destruction, which is rare for me. The tires held together well. I have had them for a couple of months now and I am happy with them. I avoid skidding at all costs so they still have a reasonable amount of rubber left on them.

The tubes are for all around use. I used them on my street/trails bike and on my trials bike. My trials bike is notorious for busting pinch flats and I am glad to report that I suffered zero pinch flats! All I have to say is, "Go buy some!" I also never got a flat on my street bike. I usually find some little thing to puncture my tube riding around Manhattan. So that is it. I have to say that although the tubes are on the heavy side, I think they are worth it. I ride a million pound STA with pegs and all.

The conclusion is if you need bulletproof stuff and have a couple of bucks, this tube and tire combination may just fit your bill. If you are a gram pinching racer I would avoid these tanks.

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