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Redline Flight 3-Piece Cranks

The Redline Flight cranks are legendary in the sport of BMX. They've been around since the heyday of the 80s and can still be found on tons of bikes at the track and trails. The installation of these babies is tricky. They can be a real pain in the butt to get on the spindle. Make sure you have plenty of grease and a rubber mallet -- you'll need them. And do yourself a favor -- get the spacers right the first time, because once you get the arms on the spindle, you won't want to take them off. Don't worry, after some use, the cranks will loosen just a bit and will easily slide on and off for maintenance.

The cranks themselves are very stiff and responsive. You can really explode out of the gate with little flex. And with all the abuse I've given them, they haven't come loose once. These cranks are great for anyone who wants performance and longevity our of their components. The complete set includes: *Lightweight heat-treated tubular chromoly arms and spindle. *Sealed bottom bracket set. *Spindle bolts. *T-handle allen wrenches. Available in 175mm, 180mm, 185mm & 190mm lengths. Comes in Chrome Plate or Redline Red finishes. Made in the USA.

For more information, go to the REDLINE WEBSITE.

Redline High Flange Hubs

When I put these hubs (along with the wheelset they came with) on my bike, I didn't ride it right away. I just turned the bike upside down and spun the front tire as hard as I could. I left the room to load up on some creatine, came back a few minutes later, and it was still spinning with good speed. "Smooth," I thought. But now for the real test.

Off to the track we go. I liked the added strength that the high flange offers, coupled with the smooth ride, I was very happy. Did some jumps, and yes, I've been known to case on occasion (OK, more often than not), and these babies held true to form. The only problem I encountered was that the axle nut stripped rather easily (I take my front wheel on and off to put on the bike rack). This didn't affect my riding, but tightening the wheel was tricky. So I just replaced the axle nut. Problem solved.

These hubs feature a sealed cartridge bearing & flip-flop design. Available in 36H and 48H. CroMo axle with antirust coating in silver, blue or Red.For more information, go to the REDLINE WEBSITE.

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