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A new video by Greg Romero
Premo Productions

I Ain't Mad at Cha isn't your typical BMX video. Yes, it has a good deal of most types of riding, but it's more of an entertaining look into the Nor Cal scene and its riders. The video stars Greg Romero, Cecil Johns, and Dave Latimer, with additional segments on "Dangerous" Dan K. Harvest, Terry Tennette (yes, he gives the thumbs up), Thomas T., Alexis Vergara and a host of others, and oh yeah, the Penguin.

Let's talk about the riding first. There are a bunch of great scenes from the San Jose trails, Calabazas trails, and Vans Skate Park. What I particularly liked about the park riding (which spotlighted riders such as Chad Kagy, Ryan O'Connel, Andrew Arroyo, Rob Darden, Shea Nyquist, Jason Stevens, Justin Lee, Colin McKay, Jimmy Levan, and others) was that they actually showed a rider's session, not quick clips of one trick, then another, cut to something else, etc. As the viewer, you're really able to get into the flow and appreciate the variety of tricks that one rider is capable of linking. Same goes for the trail riding ... this video shows riders going through entire sections, and rarely cuts to another shot after one trick.

I am pointing out the above simply because I can't stand quick, short takes on riding. I mean, artistically, there is merit, but oftentimes it just seems like this technique is used to compensate for the fact that only one trick was pulled so there's nothing more to show, or worse yet, assumes that the viewer has such a low attention span that there needs to be a film cut every five seconds. The beauty of a lengthy session enables you to witness the soul of each rider's style.

Anyway, I digress.

This hysterical segment pops up from time to time. Cecil Johns adds his flavor (to a muted TV) to clips from Hair Club for Men, Real Stories of the Highway Patrol, and COPS. Cecil's a pretty clever guy, and holds his own when freestyling—rap, that is. As for bike riding, he's got mad skills there too. Probably one of the most buff dudes you've ever seen on a bike (he was Mr. Santa Cruz), yet super smooth and talented. He definitely walks the talk.

The segment that spotlights this video's executive producer, Greg Romero, has some terrific clips of him passing other AA pros, both in turns and rhythm sections. Although I'm still yet to see an entire race on a video other than one produced by a sanctioning body, these are some of the longest race scenes I've witnessed. Greg also seems to like posing on the beach a little too much. Maybe he's proud of the results from his most recent cycle of deca ;-) But props need to go out to Greg for a great job at editing. This is no home movie. It's a very professional package with a wide variety of content.

"Dangerous" Dan K. Harvest
Although they're rarely boring, every video seems to have its obligatory "Thrill of Spill" segments. But not here. Don't get me wrong, there are some good spills, but it's not overdone. However, this video does have "Dangerous" Dan K. Harvest, who seems to be Nor Cal's answer to the East's Colin Stiles. Harvest, who you can learn more about at, does some, well, hellacrazy things both on and off a bike. He flies down giant drop-offs, races downhill on a cruiser, and has some fun skiing off the back of a Redneck Battle Truck (another video we're hoping to get or hands on).

Dave "Lat Dog" Latimer and Thomas T. both do their own jobs of adding flavor to this video. If you ever meet Thomas T., just ask him what a "wood" is. I'm sure he'll have no problem answering you. As for Lat Dog, when he's not wearing his 'fro and causing problems philosophising with So Cal riders, he has an all-around fun time thinking he's the real Slim Shady.

I don't think a video can get produced by Greg Romero and not have it's saucing accusations, primarily pointed toward Wade Bootes and Robert MacPherson. Wade responded to his interview questions with laughter, while Christophe Leveque got a little threatening when he was approached for some camera time. I'm not sure what's more scary to film ... a P.O.'d Leveque or a break dancing Alexis Vergara. Maybe I should just leave it for you to decide.

In summary, I Ain't Mad at Cha is wonderfully edited, and seemlessly transitions its diverse segments ... from riding to dancing, from talking smack to the BMX track ... this video is very entertaining and has a great soundtrack. In particular, I dug "King of BMX."

You will not get bored with this video. And don't believe the credits when you see "The End." Some of the best material is still waiting!

Parents Beware: This movie may not be suitable for the little ones. Rather than create my own babble, I'll transcribe what's on the video: "This video contains explicit lyrics and some material may not be suitable for young viewers under the age of 18. However, unlike everyday television, nobody gets shot six times, raped, or killed."

The web site is currently under construction, but if you want to get your hands on this baby quickly, e-mail Greg Romero at

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