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XTRSKN Dirt Gear Pants

At the local track, or a Friday night pre-race at the nationals, I just can't get motivated to throw on my leathers. I want to be able to relax, chill, and be comforable. However, I still want to wear pants that offer some protection, won't get caught in my chain, and of course, look rad. Enter XTRSKN. XTRSKN has designed a great trail pant perfect for the exact needs stated above. XTRSKN really did its homework when they designed these pants. The knee area is reinforced with cordura padding and XTRSKN supplies an additional foam rubber-type knee pad insert for added protection. I'm hyper-cautious about my knees, so I opted to wear a hard-shelled knee pad in lieu of the foam rubber one, and there is pleny of knee space in these pants to fit just about any type of leg proteciton. XTRSKN also sent us out a pair of XTR-LITE shin guards. These look kind of like old-school hockey or soccer shin guards, but offer the same protection that other BMX shin guards offer. The difference is that you just get the skeleton -- no extra material surrounding it, so they're a lot lighter and cooler.

Like I said, XTRSKN did its homework. When I first put the pants on they were a bit big on the waist, but the waist is adjustable with Velcro straps. Problem solved! The ankles also have Velcro straps to prevent any chain mishaps. I love the fact that they have deep pockets, although my only suggestion (which is really a modification) is that next time XTRSKN put a button or zipper at the pocket opening to prevent any keys, change, wallets, etc., from falling out when taking hard diggers or doing crazy aerials.

The XTRSKN Dirt Gear Pants are availalable in sizes: Jr, S, M, L, XLG and in color combos: grey/black, black/black, khaki/black. For more information, visit

Shin Pads. The XTRSKN skin pads are very cool -- literally! They have a light-weight construction and breathability that make hot summer days less harsh. The coolest feature is the removable adjustable Velcro pads on the rear of the pads. This helps to prevent wear on the stitching and turning on the shins.
Inside. A look from the front and inside shows the removable plastic guard and XTRSKN logo. The pads are fully machine washable to prevent the inevitable funk.
XTRPL8 Two plates in one, the reversible XTRPL8 is perfect for those who race both sanctions. Available in red and blue, and rectangular or oval.
Pad Set. Protect the merchandise with the XTRSKN pad set. What's really neat about these is the Velcro construction on the ends. Rather than use the typical "over lay" design, all you have to do with these pads is touch the two ends. And that's it! Secure as can be.

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