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STEP BY STEP, An Instructional Video For BMX Racing

I know Colin Stiles. I know him to be a very intelligent racer, excellent teacher, and one of the best people you can learn from, both about BMX or plain old life. If you have been lucky enough to take a clinic with him, or with BMX Superstars partner Jeff Dein, you’ll agree with the above statements. So it seemed liked a logical move to go into video production.

The actual “production quality” of the video isn’t the best. Some poor backlighting decisions make it hard to see the narrators’ faces, but otherwise everything else is fine. Although this video is probably more targeted to beginners and intermediates, I definitely believe that advanced riders will benefit from viewing this tape.

I particularly liked Colin’s instruction on passing techniques. Before showing actual riding demonstrations, he demonstrates each move (high/low, low/high, rail, etc.) on a chalk board and carefully illustrates not just the move, but the strategy behind it. Then when you see it on the track, it all makes sense. And although we all know Colin isn’t a master gatesman in practice, his theories of correct form, set up and preparation are very important to follow.

The video also goes over jumping and manualing, showing good do’s and don’t’s to follow. But if you're the type of rider who thinks he knows it all, this video will also serve as a great refresher course and get you back to the basics of winning.

STEP BY STEP is available through XXX Sports Multimedia, 188 Antioch Pike, Nashville, TN 37211; Phone: (615) 781-8766. Check them out on the web at

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