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June 2000 "It has been announced that there will be a 3 race "Pro Only" series that will be covered by ESPN next year, which I believe is going to be organized by SNAP magazine contributor, Magoo. What is your feeling about this series coming together and do you see more of these "Pro Only" series happening in the future?"

March 2000 "If you look at most of today's top athletes (and top BMXers for that matter), most have personal trainers. Do you think having a personal trainer is a necessity? Or a good training partner? to getting the most from your workouts? If not, how can you overcome not having professional or very good guidance and support?"

February 2000 "With Y2K upon us, what changes (good and bad) do you think the future holds for BMX?"

October 1999 "It's no secret that pros would like better and harder tracks from both the sanctions. What would you like to see put into a track design to challenge the skills of today's top AA's?"

September 1999 "I am afraid to jump some obstacles (jumps) because I am afraid of ruining my back rim or falling hard. What if I don't have enough speed to hit the jump to clear it and land on the frontside of the jump and fall? How do I overcome this fear inside me?

August 1999 "Who do you think is the best BMXer in the world (besides yourself, of course!!)? What are the attributes that makes this person the best?"

June 1999 "When entering a turn, especially a 180 degree turn, I notice that a lot of riders take the middle line. I've read about 'High/Lows,' but how do you feel about a 'Low/High' old school hard core block pass? They seem a lot easier, even though they don't win any friends. Mixing it up keeps it interesting. What do you think?"

May 1999 "What is wrong with BMX today? What is right about it?"
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March 1999 "How do you clear 8-9 feet doubles with a lip that flings you straight up in the air?"
Charles Townsend joins the Ask the Pros team!

February 1999 "What exactly does it take to be a Pro? I mean, What are your lives like? Is BMX your only job?"

January 1999 "What is your New Year's resolution?"

October 1998 "How do you keep your momentum through a turn, pedaling out of them? You know, weight transfer and stuff like that."
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August 1998 "What are some superstitions you have when it comes to racing?"

June 1998 "Who in the past, and presently, provide you with your fiercest rivalry? And how have these rivalries been both good and bad for your racing?"

April 1998 "We've had a lot of rain this year because of El Nino. What is your strategy for racing in muddy conditions?"

February 1998 "What should I do when I get up to the gate through after it drops -- leg positioning, weight transfer, snapping, mental preparation, etc?"

January 1998 "How should I train in the off-season?"

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