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How should I train in the off-season?

As far as off-season training goes, jogging and rollers will do the trick!!!
--Greg Hill, Greg Hill's BMX Seminars.

You need to get a basic fitness level. Do this by Gym work outs, Rollers, Long road ride (90 min), Interval sprints, or any other sport for cross training. Work on you bike skills at the track. Make yourself peek for the summer.
--Wade Bootes, Trek BMX.

If you are a racer that believes that second place is the first loser then there is no off season for BMX. There may be snow, or lots of rain; local tracks are closed and all your buds believe that it's time to take a break, but for you that should not be so. Take advantage of the fact that everyone thinks it's the time to rest. Ok, fine you say. What should I do? If you are unfortunate enough to live in an area where it is always snowing and so cold outside that everything is frozen and it even hurts to breath, well there is always the exercise cycle or better yet a set of rollers. Do calisthenics, jumping jacks, pushups, sit-ups, jump rope, running in place and when you're tired of all of that, go beat the heck out of a heavy punching bag. Physical exercise, a good nutritional diet and the will to commit to constantly improving yourself will not only make you a much better racer, but also a better person. Always remember that the race starts a half a second before the gate drops and ends five feet after the finish line. The 30 to 45 seconds that it takes you to run a race can sometimes seem like an eternity. You need to use all of your physical strength and racing skills to make everything happen without any mistakes and then get ready for the next moto and then comes the main. Everything you do should be geared to get everything you can for one minute that way you will have at least 15 seconds of reserve energy left.

Fast riders win races,
--Richie Anderson

Off season? What's that? Seriously, there is no such thing. Maybe the two weeks around Christmas and New Year's, but that's it. Use the winter to your advantage while your competitors pick their noses on the couch waiting for the sun to come out. If you can't get to the gym, do plyometric jumps, standing squats, push-ups, sit-ups, and stretch. Bundle up and do your sprints if the roads are safe. Races are won long before you get to the track. Remember that.
--Grant Hansen, BMXtreme Webmaster

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