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"What are some superstitions you have when it comes to racing?"

My biggest fear/superstition is having my bike malfunction within a few minutes prior to the start of a race. I really don't react well to any irregularity right before a race. I like to know my lane, have my uniform totally on and my bike dialed for several minutes before my moto. I'm usually the first person in staging to have his helmet on and his jersey tucked in. I rely on routine to provide me with a sense of security. Ironically, this doesn't hold true for the rest of my life. I'm an "instinctive" trainer in the gym, I'm prone to changing social plans at the last minute and sleep at random times of the day. For top performance at the races, however, I need a routine to get by on.
--Jeff Dein, DINGO BMX.

The things I do before a race:

Getting dressed I always put on The right side first, Sock shoe Knee brace gloves. Blow into my helmet before I put it on. Do a couple of certain stretches before I get on the gate. Pedal backwards when I am on the gate. Other wise thats about it.
--Wade Bootes, Trek BMX.

I've really never had any superstitions except maybe always having a clean jersey and pants on and making sure my bike was ok before each motto.

Keep The Rubber Side Down,
--Richie Anderson

I guess all people have different superstitions, Personally I have a few: Padsets have to be all straight / also numperplate has to be straight. When at gate practice or even racing, when they call "last gate," I will not do that gate, also when I'm almost finished with gates, I leave with a good start, I wont go home with a bad last start!! Yeah, and dont go wearing too much green (bad luck color). I dont know how I got like that, I guess everyone has a little weird side.
--Darren May

I hate superstitions because they have no real effect on my performance, good or bad. However, I still have these little routines that I have to stick to because if I don't, I might die out on the track. These are some of the crazy routines I have to stick to: I use the same porta-john all weekend long; anything that I put on in pairs has to be left side first, then right side; I do a relaxation meditation in staging; and I always picture getting a good gate start. It may not sound like a lot, but all of these things are time consuming.
--Cousin Avocado, BMXtreme Webmaster

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