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"Who do you think is the best BMXer in the world (besides yourself, of course!!)? What are the attributes that makes this person the best?"

Featuring an answer from Alan Foster!!! Answers are still on their way from Jeff Dein and Wade Bootes.

I can't name one rider. Ellis for longevity, Brian Foster for versatility, Leveque and Allier for raising the level of racing.
--Alan Foster, Airwalk

Brandon Nicholls from GT, this 14 year old amateur has shown me more improvement than any of the others out there. He has totally dedicated himself to improvement through training and stuck with it. I think this kid will go to the top for sure and in a very short time. This kid just doubled at the World Cup.

Keep The Rubber Side Down,
--Richie Anderson

Today, Thomas Allier...Power,smooth,confident and consistant... Tomorrow...Randy Stumpfhauser, he has the best trainer on his side now and as John Purse did, Randy will also become the best BMX pro around...Watch him in 2000!!!
--Greg Hill, Sinister Steering Systems / Greg Hill's BMX Seminars.

To me the best BMXer is someone that not only can win races each and every time he pedals around the track. But is someone that is a true professional both on and off the race track. He/she takes the time out to talk to parents and kids. Always is willing to "help" out in anyway that they can. So that person to me is Gary Ellis. Gary in my opinion was the true professional and that would make him my vote for best BMXer. It's not just about wining and loosing. It's also about the way that you carry yourself.
--Mike Gul, Hyper Bicycles, Dope BMX Products.

How about this, since I can not vote for me I will tell you what the best pro should be able to do. Obviously, you need to win races, but he should give back to the sport some how. Especially if the sport has been good to him. Be able to polite most of the time. People can be rude at times. Converse with adults and kids. Not only to race well, but represent his sponsors well.
--Charles Townsend, Townsend BMX.

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