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"What exactly does it take to be a Pro? I mean, What are your lives like? Is BMX your only job?"
Sent in by Joe B

As a pro bmx racer I passed on a lot of things to be the best I could be, the top pro's have to be focused on racing and it is very rewarding but at the same time you do miss out on stuff. I guess you cannot have both worlds, it's not possible to do but you will see many top pro's who try and they are the guy's you rarely see on the podium.

Although I'm not racing full-time right now, I have an aluminum fork coming out (Sinister Steering Systems). I also train both amateurs and pros, both physically and mentally, to be better BMXers and people.
--Greg Hill, Sinister Steering Systems / Greg Hill's BMX Seminars.

Hmmm...good question. Now that I'm pro ladies swoon, men envy me, people offer me food,, seriously, being pro doesn't affect much other than how I spend my time on my bike. I enjoy the heightened focus and discipline that I feel when training since I turned Pro. To your average 14 year old doing sprints may seem like drudgery but I relish the opportunity to see just how good an athlete I can become.

As far as lifestyle, hey, we pros still have to get out of bed in the morning and our (stuff) still stinks. Being the mid-pack, still-proving-himself rookie on the circuit, I don't make a helluva lot and supplemented my BMX income with freelance writing (for the NBL's BMX Today magazine) and waited tables this winter so to get through the holidays with money to spare. Nobody said life as a working class BMX pro was glamorous.

The only thing I regret about having turned pro is the slight loss of spontaneity that comes with riding. I used to go on day-long street rides or ride the trails til I about puked but now catch myself before I push to the point of overtraining or injury. When I was younger I didn't give a shit about injuries or eating right after my ride and I think that added a litle bit of romantic mystique to my riding. Ah, what the heck, small trade off for a chance to win $100,000 and a brand new Corvette, huh?
--Jeff Dein, Dingo BMX and East Coast Pull

A great sponsor, a good attitude, patience, the determination to keep on going. My life is, I live, eat and sleep BMX and Mountain bikes. Yes, this is my only job, but it is much more than just riding a bike.
--Wade Bootes, Trek BMX.

A Pro is a person who engages in an activity as a mean of a livelihood, or for gain. In my case you could add the word love. I have loved the sport since I was 10 years old. I guess of all the things that could be considered as part of the drive that produces the end results, it is the love of the sport that took me to where I am at now.

What is my life like, well I am on the road more than I'm at home and always looking for new places to go. BMX is my only job and I love it.

Keep The Rubber Side Down,
--Richie Anderson

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