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"With Y2K upon us, what changes (good and bad) do you think the future holds for BMX?"

Two things I'd like to see occur in BMX are an attempt at marketing the sport as a cycling sport, not a "kids" cycling sport. That, and utilizing more pro sections, or at least constructing decision makers such as the one featured at the ABA Grands, to better showcase older ams' and pros' talents. The ABA does a good job at hyping their nationals, no matter how big or small, and the NBL is getting better with the addition of guys like Jeff Sack and David Murray to their payroll, but they still need to make their races look and flow a little better.
--Jeff Dein, Clayborn.

I see that the sport will soon spilt into to different groups. The sanction bodies of NBL and ABA will be mainly for the amatures and new pros in the sport and then you have the next level of the Extreme series. Extreme series meaning just pros only and a one day event maybe 2 day with huge gnarly tracks with a lot of spectators. There should be no bad changes for the year 2000 and beyond. Making sure we recruit new members to the sport of BMX so the bike sales are high and all the bike companies will still be apart of the sport. So keep on riding and spread the word, Race BMX!

--Wade Bootes, Trek/VW and Double A Marketing

Y2K!!! The whole world it going up in smoke. There won't be any of us, let alone BMX. The world as we know it will be gone! LOL. Yea right. I see BMX getting bigger like it has been for the past few years. More TV coverage for the year 2000. And with more TV coverage there come newer and bigger sponsors that have nothing to do with BMX i.e.. Coke, Pepsi, Sony, etc. With these new companies there will be more and more advertising of BMX outside of BMX. All of this will make BMX bigger and bigger by attracting people to the sport that may have never known otherwise of it.
--Mike Gul, Hyper Bicycles, Dope BMX Products.

Y2K is played out, LOL...To much focus and way to much hype on this deal!!! BMX is growing at a good pace ie...ABA races are WAY to big, Reno 380 or so moto's and it seems to just be getting huge. Good for ABA, bad for anyone at the race who may like to eat dinner at somewhere other than drive through at 11 pm and it just makes for burn out. NBL seems to be gaining lots of steam into the year 2000 and the NBL tracks are 100 times better than ABA...There are a lot of kids getting into BMX and it would be cool if the sanctions could figure a way to keep them into the sport for a longer period of time. Negative perspective I guess, but I just spent 3, 11 hour days at the track this last weekend for the ABA's first national and it just seems to be getting larger than the system can hold.
--Greg Hill, Sinister Steering Systems / Greg Hill's BMX Seminars.

Y2K is just another year for BMX to grow even bigger. The bad thing is there is going to be so many more participants at the Nationals that there won't be enough time to run them properly. I do believe that it will return to the way it was in the beginning with motos 1 & 2 on Saturday and the the rest of the program on Sunday. Of course the price will go up because there will be only one entry fee instead of two, but there will be more practice time. Who know; those are just my thoughts and I could be wrong???

Keep The Rubber Side Down,
--Richie Anderson

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