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"Who in the past, and presently, provide you with your fiercest rivalry? And how have these rivalries been both good and bad for your racing?"

Pistol Pete Loncarevich was probably the guy who I had the most trouble with, he came into the pro ranks when I was on top and I watched him improve to the point where he was beating me. He brought another level to training that made me push harder than ever, I think I became a better rider because of Pete. We had some great races together and I think we pushed each other to be our best.
--Greg Hill, Greg Hill's BMX Seminars.

It was all good, no bad. There was this pro (who was full on Pyscho dude!) quick too.... Anyway every thing was fine until i got this girlfriend , which he was sorta in love with, well that started a real fierce rivalry, we would race and he would come hunting for me...anything to get me, This dude hated me , but I did not really hate the guy, I just used this guys negative attitude to drive me, he hated me beating him ,but what he did'nt realise was he was making me quicker........I won my first national number 1 pro, this was mainly all his doing,but he never knew it , ......thanks pyscho dude, for making it easier to the ultimate goal.....the best that i have in me !!
--Darren May

When I first started racing I was always afraid of the super heroes in my class until my coach made me understand that there was only one person who could really beat me, and that was myself. It may sound a little strange or for that matter a bit conceded, but when you are going to race and there is only one winner and it wasn't me; I was beaten by myself. This reality has made me push myself harder and pay much more attention to what is going on.

Keep The Rubber Side Down,
--Richie Anderson

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