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"How do you clear 8-9 feet doubles with a lip that flings you straight up in the air?"
Sent in by Waffle

To clear a set of doubles. You want to pedal all the way up to the jump. As you are starting to go up the front side of the jump. You want to push the front end of the bike, making sure that you try to catch backside of the jump.
--Charles Townsend, Troy Lee Designs.

Basically when I hit doubles 10 feet apart or so with huge lips I try and go faster as it is easier to jump when going faster, I hit the jump faster so I do not need to pull up as I go up the jump rather I use my arms and legs as suspension letting the bike come up close to me and then as I start to become airborne I extend my arms first dropping the front wheel and then my legs to keep the bike low. I want to just feel the tires touck the backside and then push out with my arms and legs to build momentum and speed. Practice makes perfect so ride as much as possible...Thanks and happy trails!!
--Greg Hill, Sinister Steering Systems / Greg Hill's BMX Seminars.

The secret to taming steep lips is keeping momentum in your torso. If you could watch someone while they're going off a steep lip from the side in slow motion, you'd see that right as they're taking off they'd throw their weight forward over the bars just a tad...Once in the air, the secret is to force your bike to level out once your body is going forward then slowly commit your front end tom nose diving a bit. Just like in the Nintendo classic, Excitebike, this will force your bike to go even further forward and less up. One good way to practice for this is to hit a very small jump you know you can clear at a speed you think you'll flat bottom off of and work to catch backside...Even is the jump has a mellow lip, this will accustom you to sucking up a lip real quick and redirecting your bike down and forward. Staying low and long is mostly a matter of quick reaction time while going off the lip.
--Jeff Dein, Dingo BMX and East Coast Pull

An 8 to 9 foot double is fairly small especially if it flings you in the air to where you will flat bottom. This is where we need to start to learn about "sucking up the lip". This is where you try to keep the jump from throwing you in the air and that you jump across instead of up. Most of the jumps for the pros we need to suck them up as we are going to fast to hit them normal. Your speed is what get you across the jump, you need to absorb the jump instead of lifting off the jump. Trying to keep the bike as low as possible without casing the landing. It is hard to explain, so you will have to give it a try on an easy jump like a table top. Remember when you jump the faster you go the less you have to lift up, the slower you go the more you will have to lift the bike to be able to make it across the jump.
--Wade Bootes, Trek BMX.

The lip is what is going to get you every time and that's what they are designed to do. At the bottom of the double pull up on your bars and move your weight forward a bit, just as your front wheel starts to clear the lip push down on your bars and move your weight back towards your rear wheel. When your butt is past your seat your back wheel should be leaving the lip. By pushing your front end down and moving your weight back, your bike will stay a lot lower over the double and you will spend a lot less time in the air. This is not easy to do and it will take some practice, but always remember, racing is easy, it's practice that's hard.

Keep The Rubber Side Down,
--Richie Anderson

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