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"What is wrong with BMX today? What is right about it?"

This is a good question. What's wrong with BMX today? First BMX need's to have both sanctioning body's work together (ABA and NBL) so that their national schedule's don't conflict one another. The second thing that need's to change in BMX is the tracks. If they (ABA and NBL) are going to have an indoor race, make sure that the dirt is the best dirt that they can get. There's nothing worse than traveling hundreds, possibly thousands, of miles to a race only to have the track be softer than the bed you sleep on. And some of the facilities that they use are horrible. When it's 30 or 40 degree's outside you have to have heat in the building. But yet, they get a building with no heat. So everyone gets to freeze. Let's make the track's more interesting. Let's make it to where people want to watch everyone race. Jump's need to be bigger and better. Take the NBL. This year they have really stepped it up! Every track has been filled with big jump's. The spectator's want to watch people attempt big jump's. And the rider's want the challenge of having to clear them. There should be a pro section at every national. Something to really make people want to watch. And if you get people to watch, you get people interested in the sport. So if you can make better track's, more and more people will want to race BMX. Another thing that need's to change is the amount of the pro purses. The sanction's make how much money at every race? A LOT. They could easily reach into their "pocket's" a little more and raise the purse's. It would make for better racing. And it's not just a pro thing either. They also need to give some kind of incentive for the amateurs. That way the amateur's aren't just racing for trophies. Give something to them. Let's raise all the stake's in BMX and see what happens. I'll tell you this, the intensity of racing would be much more if they did raise the stake's. And last, BMX is supposed to be a fun sport. Both parent's and the sanction's need to remember that. Yea, your there to try to win races, but your really there because you love the sport and because it's fun.

Now with what is right in BMX. BMX is still geared heavily toward familles. That's great. There isn't a whole lot of sport's that both the parent's and their kid's can participate in together. But in BMX you can. You can have parent's and their kid's traveling and racing together as a family. There's more and more track's opening each year. That's always a bonus. That just goes to show that more and more people are interested in learning about BMX racing. There's plenty of company's to choose from. Your not limited to only being able to pic from 3 different frame manufacture's. In BMX today there's over 50 frame manufacture's. You can find one that you like. Both sanction's are having races on the East and West coast. Their bringing the national's to everyone. And last, there's plenty of information on BMX. There's the Internet, magazines, TV, video's, and book's all on BMX racing. So BMX is getting more exposure. It's starting to become more of a recognized sport.
--Mike Gul, Hyper Bicycles, Dope BMX Products.

Wrong with bmx, Politics.....Sanctions don't work together to make the sport bigger and that hurts bmx for sure. I could go on about some of the problems BMX has but I would rather talk about the good things. BMX is not just Racing, or Jumping , or Freestyle and extreme sports like the X Games. It is all these things and more, it's when a rider comes to my house for lessons or I am giving a clinic and working with kids and we are all riding and having fun. BMX is the best sport in the world and been a part of my life for some 30 years now and I love it!! It is the best and I cannot really complain about some of the parts that are wrong with it, you take the good and leave the bad and have fun riding your bicycle..
--Greg Hill, Sinister Steering Systems / Greg Hill's BMX Seminars.

What's wrong with BMX? From a Pro's perspective, I feel that it is unreasonable to have our events officiated by volunteers. Money, titles and a brand new Corvette are on the line when we race and more often than not, calls are made by officials that are poorly trained, if trained at all. I am deeply grateful that we have so many dedicated people who volunteer their time to make the sport what it is, but I think that the sanctions need to invest the time and money into training a "reserve" of officials across the country so to ensure that at EVERY national there is consistent rule enforcement. The smoother a race runs, the more professional it will appear to both outside sponsors and potential new riders and thus it is essential that the sanctions do everything they can to ensure consistency and efficiency at the nationals.

What is right about BMX? I think that after 20-something years of existence, there is finally a core group of people involved in the sport who are looking to define a training science for BMX. Let's face it, we all love to rid but BMX is a competitive sport that must be trained for should a rider want to succeed. The old, "do some srpints and call me in the morning" routine is no longer enough to make it in the elite expert and pro ranks. The more "scientific" our top athletes become, the more legitamicy BMX will enjoy in all cycling circles.
--Jeff Dein, Dingo BMX and East Coast Pull

The only thing wrong with BMX today is things cost too much. This is a sport supported by a low to low/middle income majority who have plenty of problems just paying the bills and keeping things above water. The number of tracks could increase and the cost of sanction membership fees sure could be reduced. The cost of entrance fees for nationals are way out of line when you consider the number of people who are now attending and have you ever tried to buy a hot dog and a drink (even the simple things like water) at a nationals? Thank God for FREE Garter Aid.

The good things are the rapid increase in the interest of BMX and the corporate take-overs. The increase in interest will provide more tracks and extended racing/practice schedule. The corporate money will take advantage of the favorable exchange rate in currency providing a higher quality product for less money to the general racing public.

Keep The Rubber Side Down,
--Richie Anderson

The things that are wrong with the sport today is. There are to many races for one. At the the bigger events, there should be a better format. The days can get to long. The things that are right about the sport is, I think that it is helping keep a lot of kids from doing some pretty bad things. For the most part i think the sactioning bodies are able to run pretty smooth races. I think A.B.A has down to a science.
--Charles Townsend, Troy Lee Designs.

What is wrong with BMX today is the same thing for years past. There are to many National events to crown a National champion. We are one of the only few sports that do not have an off season. In Australia we have One weekend to crown the National champion. It is only one weekend to crown the World Champion and also the World Cup Champion. In ABA we have the 25 National races plus the grands to became a national Champion. NBL we have 14 plus the grands to became a National champion. I like how NBL has there Nationals for there Amateur and then they have a separate Pro National series on the same weekend as the amateur but there is not as many. I would like to see the sport of BMX have an off season at least 2 months December and January and that ABA and NBL not conflict with any races at Pro National Events and have 10 - 15 races per sanction a year for the Pro National series. They could have more Pro races but just not count the points for the overall National champion. They can have as many amateur races they want as well. They could televise the Pro series and make the races bigger than they already are.

Good thing with BMX today is that is it Huge right now. With all the TV coverage between BMX racing, dirt jumping and freestyle, our sport is being known to the rest of the world who did not now BMX existed.
--Wade Bootes, Trek BMX

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