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"How do you keep your momentum through a turn, pedaling out of them? You know, weight transfer and stuff like that."

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Good question, there is no specific answer for this question though. It depends on the type of turn and your position in the race, there are lot's of factors and that is why the best thing to do is practice cornering as much as possible and in all types of situations. This way you will be ready for anything that comes your way!!! Example: The quickest way through a corner is enter high and rail building massive momentum ... But, when you do this and someone goes inside and bumps you over the turn ... you get my point. It is not the fastest but smartest rider that will win!!!
--Greg Hill's BMX Seminars
If you are in the lead, pedal into the turn using the fast lane and move your weight back towards your back wheel. As soon as you get your balance, pull up and start peddling through the turn. If you are in second or third place, and on the out side of the turn, pedal in high and set your weight towards the back wheel and dive down as soon as possible. The idea is to pedal through lower section and hope the rider in the lead goes a little too high. If you're on the inside it's really hard, but it can be done by pedaling into the turn and staying low and pull up and start pedaling as soon as possible.

Keep The Rubber Side Down,
--Richie Anderson

To keep momentum you have to have pedal right into the turns, get in as many as you can, where ever possible use as much as the corner as you can without getting T-boned or passed, keep your weight low in the turns as this can help keep your position if you have contact from another rider, then as you exit the turn put the power on using as much of the berm as necessary .. When practising turns , try different entrys and exits until you find the right combinations that best suit your needs.
--Darren May

The best way to approach a turn, in my mind, is to practice it A LOT before hand. First, find which route is the best. Usually railing the turn and pedalling out. This is good to know if you're in the lead. Also, practice going high/low and low/high, so that if you need to try a pass in the race, it's automatic. No thinking involved.
--Grant Hansen, BMXtreme Webmaster

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