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"It's no secret that pros would like better and harder tracks from both the sanctions. What would you like to see put into a track design to challenge the skills of today's top AA's?"

Given the opportunity to design some pro-level tracks, I'd do two things: I'd make bigger, passing-friendly berms and more difficult, multi-line rhythm. Today's tracks, particularly the ABA ones, encourage too much single file racing. As unimaginative as "W" shaped tracks are, three 180 berms allow for plenty of passing. One thing that I'd like to see is a big jump, followed by a tight, race rhythm, followed by another big jump. This would require you to hit the first jump full bore, slow it down and pick your way through the rhythm, then have to be smooth enough to blast the last one on pump alone.
--Jeff Dein, Dingo BMX.

First I think we have to start to separate from the normal Nationals which is basically a big race and having events for the pros and top amateurs only a few times a year. It is hard to accommodate a track for little tikes and fast guys. We are seeing more and more dirt jumping and extreme sports on TV and seeing that there are only pros at these types of events. This is what needs to be done with BMX racing. Have all the kids aim for a future to race the Extreme sport of BMX racing instead of just turning pro.

Tracks should be a little longer, wider with bigger jumps. Allowing us to really open up on the straightaways to show our speeds and fly over some 30-35 foot of doubles. With the track being wide enough it will make for safe and clean racing. We will still have the corners to bump and give some rough action. That's why I am hoping for this ESPN series will work out. But hopefully they make the track great to where the action will be there.

This is the only way I see the sport of BMX racing becoming as popular as Dirt jumping and freestyle.

But to answer the question, Americans need to get some tips from France. They have the nicest and most challenging tracks I have been to. The Worlds this year was the funnest track I have ridden for a long time. It was fast, big jumps, wide, technical and the track was perfectly built to where any part of one jump was the same height and same transition all the way across the track. It had everything you needed to have a blast racing your BMX bike.

Viva la France!

--Wade Bootes, Trek/VW and Double A Marketing

As far as today's tracks, I would like to see bigger and farther jumps in general. Too many of the tracks have to be geared for small kids so it is unlikely to happen but there can still be more effort put into some tracks. Sometimes you go to a race and there is no starting hill, or there is no jump longer than ten feet and it gets boring. The pros have to go to a lot of races and there are only a few that we can get excited about because the track is fun. Rhythm sections need to be made bigger instead of putting in a bunch of curbs that we have to hit going 30 mph. I think sometimes since the pros don't have a choice but to race all the races to get points, we get taken advantage of a little bit when the sanctions build tracks. We don't ask for much. Just a starting hill and at least one or two fun jumps on the track.
--Randy Stumpfhauser, Huffy and Double A Marketing

I just think that there should be a pro section at every National (both ABA and NBL). Let's make us, the pros, work for our money!! I know that there are people who say that the Pro section and the NBL grands was too hard. That's not possible. We are Pros. That means that we should be able to handle anything that comes our way. It was good to see races that didn't end at the first turn. I saw lead changes in every pro race just about. That makes for some exciting race action. The NBL Grands Pro section kept me from making my main, and yet I sit here and can say that I think every track that has a National should push the pros. Let's keep having sections that truly push the pros to run good clean laps. Not to mention racing would be WAY more exciting.
--Mike Gul, Hyper Bicycles, Dope BMX Products.

I think that the best idea for the track of the future would involve the best of both worlds. For one the starting hills should be big enough and the strait away wide enough for the entire 8 pros to ride at the same time. This would make it a lot more even and even the odds for those of us who don't get the best starts. After the 1st straight their should be a minimum of two rhythm sections on every track, one where the jumps are large ( 15-20 ft. ) and one where the section is tight so to challenge everyone's all around abilities every lap. The turns should be able to hold the speeds of today's top pros without brakes. This would make for a lot cleaner, faster and, I think a more exciting race as well.
--Kevin Tomko, Kastan

10 man gate, wide tracks (30 foot wide) Doubles 40 feet long and rhythm that is 6 feet high with lots of transfer stuff and some long fast straights to get going super fast is all a good place to start for me. Tracks today are way to dangerous for the AA's as it is hard to ride a track that is built for younger riders and over clearing stuff can get scetchy, I think it is much safer when you have a track that you can hang it all out on and use your skills, it sure would be cool to see Christophe hit a 40 foot double into a 6 foot high rhythm section....That's it, it may never happen but we can dream I guess...
--Greg Hill, Sinister Steering Systems / Greg Hill's BMX Seminars.

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