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August 8, 1999

Q: I need some tips about barspins. When I spin them,they go so slow. I can do suisides and no handed variations, but not barspins. So, can you help me?
--A.D. OLL

A: The best way to learn barspins in by riding off of a curb and just giving the bars a whirl. When you first start out, be sure and guide the bar the whole way with one hand. After you can do this, take it to the trails. When you eat dirt (and you will eat dirt) get back up and do it again. It's the only way to learn! And dont forget to pinch the seat with your legs!
--Adam Mattis, Cranked Online

Q: Do any of you guys rdie street or dirt?? I've never heard of you guys??

A: I (Grant) mostly race. I ride some trails, but not competitively. Hans does just about everything, but for fun. He hates competition. And our good friend Adam (see above answer) competes in racing, dirt, and street.

Q: I am a 14 year old kid trying to learn flatland my bike is a Mongoose stylist pro and i was wandering is it better to have a light bike or a heavy one and shuld it be long or short because it is hard for me to balance corectly?
--Bradon Roberts

A: I'm no flatland expert, but I'm pretty sure flatland bikes are heavy and short. If you're having a hard time balancing, just spend more time on your bike and try balancing without the tires moving. Hop around while squeezing the brakes and stuff.

Q: I was just wondering what parts and accesories does Diamond Back have (seat, stickers, gloves, helmet) and what are some web sites that i can find the stuff and can order it over the Internet,

A: Chris, we got the main himself to answer:
Diamondback pretty much makes everything. If it is a bike part, then they make it... To find the stuff on the Internet I am not sure where to look besides at Diamondback's web site... but the site can direct to a local dealer and maybe they have a web site to order from.
--Robert MacPherson, AA Pro for Diamondback and Double A Marketing.

Q: Hi i am michael thomas of arkansas, fayetteville. i am 13. when i jump my feet come off my pedals i can neaver find them before i land. what do i do?
--Michael Thomas

A: Keep your feet on the pedals! Seriously, try curling your toes down a little bit to grip the pedals better. Also make sure your pedals and shoes are in good condition and grip well. Ride your bike more and it'll come.

Q: I'm just starting bmx racing and a couple of friends told me i should buy some 3 piece cranks. I rode my friend's Schwinn pro stock 2 and it had 3 piece cranks it didn't feel any different. Whats the difference?

A: You probably didn't feel the difference because you are new. Three-piece cranks are superior because they flex less than one-piece cranks. When metal flexes, you're losing the power that your legs are putting into the pedal spin. Plus three-piece are stronger too!

Q: How do you pull off tricks?
--Farrer High School student

A: By practicing them.

Q: I'm a newcomer to the sport of dirt jumping and I don't know how to bunnyhop. Please help. I am your biggest fan.

A: Thanks for being my biggest fan. Just do me a favor: If I crash into the woods near your house and you decide to take care of me, don't smash my ankles, OK? As for your question, please refer to last week's Q&A section. There's a good answer in there. Thanks!

Q: My name is Martin Fabry from Pennsauken NJ. I am a begining rider with no place to practice and no one to teach me how to jump ramps. I saw a picture of a ramp in an issue of BMX Plus! made out of cinder blocks and plywood. I dont get any height off of it. My front wheel just falls down. Have Any tips? Thanks.
--Martin Fabry

A: I'm from Northern New Jersey, but I do know the Pennsauken area. There are places to ride there, you just have to find them. Ask around at the local bike shops. As for the cinderblock ramp... you're probably not getting much air because there's no lip on the ramp, plus if your just riding up to it and not pulling up, you're not going anywhere. Incorporate a bunny hop while you jump, and you should get some good air.

Q: I was looking for a good bmx racing bike for under $500.Which one of these two bikes should I go with: the Diamondback Reactor or the Specialized Fatboy Hemi Team, or if you know any other good bikes for under 500$. Thanx for your time.

A: Both the Diamondback and Specialized bikes are worth the money. I can't tell you what to buy because I don't know your preferences in geometry and feel. Check out the bikes and see if you can test ride them. See which componentry you dig more and go for it.

Q: I'm 15 (almost 16) year old male from New Jersey. I have a BMX bike but I never used it. How can I learn to ride and do tricks?
--Steven Bino

A: Another NJ local! If you've never ridden a BMX bike before, just ride it around until you are completely used to it. They feel wonderful! LOL! Just take it slowly. First try wheelies and bunny hops, and then take it from there. The best thing is to ride with other people who do tricks and they will help you to learn.

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