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September 29, 1999

Q: I am a 13 year old, and a beginner BMXer.... Money isn't too much of an issue, but I am looking for a freestyle bike.... One, where I can jump on dirt jumps, and just plain ride around where-ever..... The one I really like, is the Automatic Comp" Joey Garcia Signature model" by Schwinn.... Also, the Blue Falcon from Schwinn... But, I am looking for a bike like that.... but not that expensive, maybe something between $200 and $300.... Also, to me, how it looks is important.... So, I'll give you an idea of colors I like, since I gave you an idea of what style I like, to help you find bike that would be good for me... I really like Royal Blue's, or a nice white colored bike, maybe a nice green, but i don't like red, I mean not any red on the bike.. I also don't really like silver, but if there's a little silver on it, that's fine.... Also, I want a bike that can have pegs, and have the handle bars be able to do 360's..... But, if you could give me a few examples of bikes that would be good for me, I'd really appreciate it!!

A: You are a lucky person if money is not too much of an issue. Basically, if you look at all of the bikes that Schwinn makes, they are similar to some extent. So you can get a lesser-model Schwinn that is just like the Automatic Comp or a Pro Stock 3 (similar to the Blue Falcon) for a lesser price. Basically the frames and the geometry are the same, but the components on these bikes aren't as good, so they may break or bend more. But you can always upgrade. I can't recommend a specific model because we all have our own preferences. Take some test rides. And if you find a great bike that doesn't have the colors you're looking for, deal with it. Color is nothing compared to performance.

Q: Is a 99 Huffy Deliurim a good sturdy strong bmx competition bike ?

A: Sure it is! I've seen a lot of Huffy's at the track and they hold up really well. Check one out for yourself. For $289, what more can you ask for? If something breaks, big deal. It's cheap!

Q:Hey, I'm 16 and have a 1988 Mongoose M-1 mini. I love this bike and it has endured all the abuse I've dished out for about the last 10 years. I've never had to replace or fix any component except the tires, everything else has worked perfectly since my parents bought it for me. I want to upgrade some of the components instead of buying a whole new bike, but I don't know what would be worth upgrading and what wouldn't. I have already decided on getting linear-pull brakes on the front and rear since all it has right now is coaster brakes. This bike has been good to me and now I want to return the favor. Thanks,


A:Andrew, I would look into a set of 3-piece cranks, Profile are the best. Stiffer cranks means more power to the wheels! I would also look into a new wheel set, maybe BFR's on some cartrige hubs. Better rims and hubs means less resistance in the drive train and more effiency! And lastly check out those V-style brakes. V-brakes will let you go further into the turns with all the new found speed, before you have to finger them to regain control. I think that would bring your bike up to date. Those upgrades would also be transferable to a new frame and fork set when you are ready.

Hans K.

Q:I have been riding for around 5 months now. I can do 180 bunny hops and I can never seem to go any further. I tried so many times but can never do it. Can you give me any tips to successfully end this trick.

A:Spinner, I personally can not do a 360' on flat ground from a bunny hop. But, I can spin them off of a hit. I would suggest that you start by makign sure that you lead with your chin. Where your head goes your body will follow. Make sure you are looking where you want to be. I would also suggest that you try them off of a curb so that you have a little more hang time. If you are going to touch down mid spin, try and put your rear wheel down and finish the spin on your rear wheel. If you can handle that try to spin off a lip on a tabletop. I would also suggest you wear your helmet!

Hans K.

Q: How do you get to be a pro?

A: Rick, unfortunately, unless you're born with the natural talent, super strength and speed, and all-around good looks or a top AA Pro, you're never going to make it. You may want to try training really hard, riding trails every day, and work on mental focus. I think pros have done all of those things.

Q: How do the pro's get the dirt jumps to get so hard and high?

A: What do you mean? The jumps or the jumpers? I think you mean the jumps. They pack them down. Hard. They smack shovels into the faces, do rain dances on top of them, and them groom them with sick lips.


A: I know of lots of tricks! You should look into a mag or our photo pages and check some tricks out there. Or you can hit your local hang out in the shady part of town.

Q: Know any tricks?

A: I race. Tricks are for kids! I stay as low and straight as possible over the jumps. But I can do a 90-degree X-up, a little kick back, and there ain't no jump I can't case.

Q: Hi. I'm a 14 year old and I love biking. I'm currently jumping an 18 inch ramp that I can get a lot of distance off of, but not a lot of air. My question is, if I'm trying to get enough air for a good trick, how high and how long should I make my jump. Also, should it have any vert in it or should it be totally straight?
--Paul Smith

A: From what I'm guessing, your 18-inch ramp is like a piece of straight wood over a cinder block or something and you hit it at full tilt. Sure, you'll go far, but you need vert! Try building a jump 3-4 feet high with a nice lip on it. It'll send you high enough to do good tricks on.

Q: I want a BMX for street/ramp but also want to do some dirt jumping. I have £200 to spend. I am 13 Years old what do you recommend.
--Simon Bain

A: I have no idea what £200 is here in America. A lot of companies make bikes that will cross over, but you have to decide if you want a true dirt jumper or street bike. Street bikes are a lot heavier. If you go with a street bike, chances are it will last longer.

Q: Hey , do u know where I can get Jeff Dein pictures? I've seen a couple on your site but I wanna see more, I guess its tough when you're not John Purse or someone and try to get pictures on the net, but he's still my favorite racer because of who he is off the track.

A: Chris, we need to dig deeper into a bigger issue here. Jeff Dein is your favorite racer? OK, we're going to need to spend some time on this one. Let me tell you about the "off the track" Jeff Dein I know. He's a graduate of Mullet High, spends his free time at all-you-can-eat buffets, knows diddly about training, and thinks fine dining is at Waffle House. But if you really want to see more pictures of him, check the local post office or police station for their "10 Most Wanted" list.

Q: Hellllp!! Do you know where I could find or get some really good info. about bikes? magazines, web sites, or anything else that will increase my knowledge of bmxing.

A: Spend as much time at as you can.

Q: I am a hard rider and I'm looking for a new bike. Something inexpensive, good for dirt jumping, and really hard street riding, and will last me a long time! What kind of bike should I get?

A: See my answer to Simon Bain's question.

Q:I need to know what rims would be good to use for street riding and dirt jumping ?

A: Check out Sun BFRs, Alex rims or Araya rims. You will have to make your choice depending on weight, color, and cost.

Hans K.

Q: I have a fear of jumping high stairs and grinding cuz i can't jump high enough. What do you think will make me jump higher?

A:Practice will make you jump higher. Just go higher and higher each time and you'll get it. And wear protective gear. Don't worry about looking lame. Your head, knees, hands, shins, etc., will love you for it.

Q: Hi my name is Tyler. How are you? I am fine. I was just going to say could I have a stunt bike?

A: Hey Tyler, sure! What kind do you want? Name the frame and it's yours. And what about components? Go all out… Profile cranks, Chris King headset… hey, money's no option when it comes to you!! Take your time in putting together your perfect dream bike, then I'll take a mortgage out on the house, get the money, build it up to your specifications, and then send it off to you. Sound good?

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